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  1. I felt bad for neglecting the forums this jam so I wanted to throw up a quick devlog and bring over everything I've written in my itch devlog. First, a quick background on my game. It is a 2 player (local same mouse) board game in which each team starts with 6 units, and they take turns rolling to destroy the other player. Once a player has destroyed at least 3 of the opposing player's units they can attack the Titan. The player who defeats the Titan wins the game. Two 6D dice are rolled to calculate whether an attack is effective or not, and if a player rolls doubles they are given a 15 for their roll. As it stands the game is pretty basic, and the art is incomplete. There also isn't any sound, Part of me is tempted to just over time replace units in the game with models I have done in previous jams, so it could just be a progressive thing. I think that's it for a setup. Now the copy and pasted posts from the Itch devlogs!
  2. [Release] The Power of 45 Brains

    Hello, My friend and I worked on a small puzzle game for this jam, taking inspiration from the title "The Power of 45 Brains". **UPDATE** - The game now has 70% extra content and 200% extra features! Try playing it now and forget what you knew about the first version! Based on our shoddy at best understanding of the concept of neural network, the goal of the game is performing computational operations on an input, in order to produce a specific output. You do that by creating a network between "brains". The input is introduced as signals, that are generated one after the other. The signals move along the network in "ticks", and at the end of each tick, every brain processes all the signals that have reached it, and produces a new signal, according to some basic rule. The basic brain type, for example, produces a signal of the type (color) of the signals that have entered it, given that they all share the same color. Otherwise (if no signals have reached it, or if a set of signals that contains more than one color reaches it), it doesn't produce any signal. As the game progresses new types of "brains" are introduced, and new types of puzzles as well. We plan on updating the game over the coming weeks (to make it more stream friendly and so on), and would love to hear some feedback about it!
  3. Hello everyone! I didn't do a dev log this jam, but I figured I should at least announce the release of my game, 'The President's Dog'. It is based on the episode of the 'Something True' podcast about president Warren G. Harding's dog, Laddie boy. In reality, Harding wrote letters to newspapers and magazines under Laddie Boy's name. But in this fictional universe, Laddie Boy himself types them out, with your help on timing. This is a very short rhythm game with only two different inputs. I was trying for something similar to the Rhythm Heaven series of games. I didn't have as much time to spend on it as last time, so it came out a lot less polished than my wizard jam 4 game. I had to work fast to finish all the graphics. All of Laddie Boy's sprites are traced, and I just used an existing image for Harding's portrait. I also had to omit a proper tutorial. Still, I managed to finish it in time, so I guess it's been a good exercise in cutting corners to meet a deadline. Next time, I'll try to plan better. Looking over the other entries, I'm seeing a lot of great stuff. I look forward to playing other peoples' games and leaving some feedback during the showcase next weekend. Here's the game:
  4. Cooper's Dreams is live on the App Store. Play Twin peaks on your fucking telephone! ======== ORIGINAL POST ======== Hi, This is maybe a bit late to start a dev log so I suppose this is going to be as much a retrospective as a dev log. This is also my first post here and my first Wizard Jam, so sorry if this is totally uncool. Anyway, the game I made is called Cooper's Dreams based on the episode of Twin Peaks Rewatch with the same name. In the game you play dream Cooper in the red room and are tasked with using the mic to dictate messages for Dianne. The catch is that you have to speak the words in reverse so you get that creepy backwards-talking effect like in the show. For example, if the word is "spoon" you have to try and pronounce "noops" or somethign to that effect. It's way harder than it sounds as most words don't reverse as tidily as "spoons". At the end of the game I run all your backwards talking through speech recognition and you get graded based on how much the computer believed you were talking english. The core game actually came together pretty quickly. I made a rough prototype that just recorded what you said and spat it back at you in reverse. I played this version with a bunch of friends and co-workers and was already having a good time. It was fun to figure out the word correctly but I found it was probably even more fun (or at least funny) when you got it wrong and the game spits to total nonsense back at you. I decided to lean into this failure-as-fun style and play up the nonsense elements of the game. I added a quote generator that mangles real twin peaks quotes by swapping in random other Twin Peaks related verbs / nouns. I also removed the ability to retry words and instead forced the player to stick with their mistakes. Finally I tweaked the scoring so instead of just a pass/fail the speech recognition will take a stab at what it thinks you said and read it's own nonsense interpretation of your nonsense back to you. Having a game that was playing pretty well so early I was sure I'd be finished with heaps of time to spare. Turns out I totally underestimated just quite what a rubbish artist I am. Progress with the art was super slow as I gradually iterated on my pixel art. In the end I'm pretty pleased with where I ended up but I'm still not entirely sure things resemble their show counterpart. Oh well, it was good fun learning to do something a bit different. I realised I've hung on to the last 5 iterations of Cooper so I made a little before after gif. Really not sure why I though cooper was that wide before. Another thing I'm not really sure about is whether this game will ever see the light of day. It's an iPhone only game (it's tied pretty closely to their audio/Siri APIs) so it's really at the mercy of Apple whether they let the app through review. I've submitted the application to Apple so now I've just got to pray whoever reviews the game at Apple is either unfamiliar with Twin Peaks or has a generous perception of "fair use". I will post an update here when Apple makes a verdict. Anyway, sorry for the wall of text, but I felt like I had to share something incase I'm not able to share the game itself.
  5. Hi! This is my second time participating in a game jam and my first Wizard Jam! I got carried away a little fiddling around and trying new stuff but now I think I can put together something playable. You control a robotic fish and make 'friends' with real fish. Here's the article that inspired the title of this pod (episode 210):
  6. EDIT: it's an itchio! With only a few days left of the jam, some people from the Team Seeking/Recruiting threads have gathered together to make a small game. "The Robot's Lips" will be (subject to any further design changes!) a single-screen platformer where you play as a robot convincing wary humans to love you, with the power of kisses. Possible robophobe cameos include the Idle Thumbs and Will Smith from I, Robot. The team: Atlantic (music) Driadon (coding) DyslexiaKills (coding) ValorianEndymion (art) Vehementa (art) We're all pitching in on design.
  7. Welp, i guess this is my devlog now. hi. I've chosen "The Power of 45 Brains" as my jam title idea doodad. I've also decided to use my in-house(of-one-person) rendering engine with no name. It uses GPU accelerated ray tracing to render geometry. Ray tracing is a simple form of light simulation that has the main benefit of being able to do perfect: hard shadows, reflections, and refractions. This of course comes with manyyy drawbacks, the biggest of which being the reconstruction of geometry which takes some fraction of a second-to a few seconds for a reasonable amount of low poly assets. 30 seconds to a minute for high detail scenes. I hope to implement a better acceleration structure and reconstruction method before next jam so this wont be as much of an issue. But that does mean that for this jam, objects in the game world that need to move will be sparsely updated every so often, so even if the game renders smoothly the game objects with teleport around. Im going to embrace this and try to design the enemies in the game around this. Heres an interesting gfy of my renderer in action Now, with the prefacing out of the way, on to the dev part! Day one: I spent most of day one goofing off rendering @root's low poly nick breckon head in my renderer... But some good things came of this and i fixed a few rendering bugs and added in skinned mesh support to my renderer. dont know if ill even need that but its good to have. So, heres a few images of weird stuff i did on the first day Day two: I need lasers in my game so I started day 2 by writing in laser support to my renderer's volumetric fog algorithm. Which ended up looking something like this: Surpisingly the laser implementation i did worked more or less on the first try, but a few bugs cropped up that needed to be squashed later and they were indeed. Next up i needed a first person laser control mechanism so i did it. (ive fixed the laser lagging behind a bit, it need to be in FixedUpdate) This is trickier than it may look, because the stretched cube placeholder here isnt being rendered by my thing, because, if you recall the game objects in my renderer only update so often which would make for a gun that would be lagging behind, so, its being rendering by another camera onto a renderTexture thats composited onto my renderers output. i think it works quite well! The downside of this is that somewhat ironically in a game with a rendering engine capable of perfect reflections, you wont be able to see yourself. Ill probably have to come up with a reason for this later or maybe not who knows,,, I did some other stuff that cant be shown yet but its coming along nicely i think. sorry if i typed way too much and it was a lot to read.
  8. After making a procedurally-generated pipe photography game for Wizard Jam 4, I'm back for more! I hope ya'll are ready to get hoisted, because LORD HOISTMAS is coming to town. In ancient times, man created a weapon known as the petard. This fearsome explosive was created to destroy walls and doors. But another spicy use was soon discovered: hoisting. 1000 years later, the immortal god-king LORD HOISTMAS rules over the humans. Hoisting has become a professional sport. Every year, we hold the Bagblast tournament, and only the greatest hoister will have the honor of challenging our LORD in the final match. Lord Hoistmas With Bagblast! An explosive bocce-like dystopian pro sports sim with arcade hexagon elements. Play it here: Diversifiers used: Hoisted: You can literally hoist yourself by your own petard. Limited Vocabulary: Your only verb is "throw". "You Just Played Yourself 🔑": Every round begins with your placement of the petard. While you are technically competing against an opponent, the real challenge is to throw your balls close to your original throw. A poor petard placement can make this task very difficult. Texture Thrift: Almost every texture in the game is re-used and re-colored at least once.
  9. Released: === Idle Thumbs 296: It's going to be a small, chill walking simulator. You'd think the name would warrant something over the top ridiculous, but I had some very calm images come to mind as I was thinking about that title. Using this as an opportunity to learn super basic 3D modelling. Really hoping to finish something despite a full time job and lack of gamedev skills.
  10. For our WJ game, we decided to pick a game that we could finish with our very limited game dev chops. In Kill the Last Alien, four players find themselves at a dinner table towards the end of a delicious cooked alien mochi meal. With three aliens left on the plate, the four players compete to fill their stomachs. The game takes place over a series of rounds, with points being awarded to those quick enough to get the mochi. For now, here's a picture of the mochi!
  11. All the glorious cyberpunk technobabble that Jake hates.
  12. The game is now available on! ===================== Original post: Hey there, this will be the dev log for my wiz jam game called "Transmission Lost" (named after this episode)! I decided to try something that goes more into the direction of a walking simulator with a small, interesting world to explore and not too much gameplay. This is directly linked to my inability to code (my skills there peak at "using google and copy what other people made") and my ability to do some hopefully nice 3D art. I'll be also using some assets from the asset store that will help me to not only have a functionless level with that standard Unity FPS character and to have some basic "game things". I hope I will figure this all out, as this is the biggest concern I have - getting this all to work together. My plan is to write a short story outline over the first weekend and then do a very basic blockout of the world very early and try to implement the mechanics there. My hope is that I can use the second half of the jam to mass produce art assets and replace the blockout world while maintaining functionality. I do have two weeks off from work starting tomorrow, so in theory I have plenty of time.. But will it work? We'll see! BTW this is my first game jam and also my first game. I do make game art as a hobby, but nothing coming close to a complete game yet (though I'm working on pre production for one with two friends for a couple of months now). So it's not impossible that I'm in tears and despair after a couple of days. If that happens, I hope I can count on your help! I'm also excited to see all the stuff everyone makes! So, let's do this!
  13. It's an itchio! The game is released, but I'll keep polishing it up during this week. The game page: The WJ entry page: Original post with lots of outdated information below: Let the Jams begin! It's a tower defense game with enemies based on all of your favourite jelly-related things! jelly enemies Not too sure about these yet, especially the locomotion. One idea is that the basic jellies and jellyfish are pushing the other objects like siege equipment. This can lead to problems where all the pushing jellies get killed and the other things just sit there. Upping the HP of the pushers over time might be able to solve that. basic jelly/jelly(jello) mold - "slimes", move but have no abilities, different kinds/sizes with varying HP toast with jelly - the toast absorbs some of the damage jelly-filled donut - has a little bit of armor before its HP are reduced jar of jelly - has lots of armor and reflects a bit of damage(to your towers or other jellies nearby), turns into regular jelly once armor is gone jellyfish - is faster(?), has an ink-related ability(disable tower temporarily? cloak nearby jellies?) royal jelly - sends out bees when damaged? could be some sort of boss petroleum jelly - damaging(or just killing?) it causes the surrounding jellies to heal slightly towers All the towers are shooting pieces of *********(Ananas comosus), kiwi, mango and other fruit that prevent gelatin from setting. These will probably be upgradable(if there is time). Not sure yet if these can be damaged by the jellies. simple pea shooter - does low amount of damage per second to a single target machine gun turret - does a high amount of damage for a short time, then has to reload mortar - slow firing speed, single shots of high damage against a target with some splash damage to nearby enemies splash - short range, does a very low amount of damage per second to all jellies in range map Tile-based. For now it'll just be a linear meandering path with no branching. If I have the time I'll first add some random generation and then try to maybe implement multiple paths. I still need to decide if the tower's range and their splash damage will be based on an actual spherical radius or a certain number of tiles around them. help If you want to help out, at this point I could use some suggestions for jelly-related things. And at some point I'll need a fun, wobbly piece of music for the game.
  14. The game is finally finished! Download on! Original Post: Welcome to "Veggie" Panino's deli! You're the new kitchen hand and it's your first day on the job. But don't worry! Veggie's here to give you pointers and explain how to assemble the perfect "paninis". And if things get a weird, well, try not to worry about it too much. Just keep making "paninis"! This title triggered an idea for a game almost immediately, and I thought it would be too dumb to flesh out into a full game until I thought about it some more, and got really excited about it. Basically it's a 3D block puzzle, where you must fit a selection of vegetables together on a panini base without gaps, and as you progress things will get weirder and weirder. I have hard time communicating exactly how it will play, but hopefully it will make sense once I've got a basic prototype running. I'm going to break from my tradition of spending the first week of the jam entirely on modelling and rigging, and start with the game systems. The biggest problems I'm going to have to solve are: Figuring out where to place things; you'll click on the vegetable you want to place, and then when you move the mouse over the panini a ghost image will show you where the vegetable will end up. I'm going to need to do screen-space raycasts to find the spot on the panini that is currently underneath the mouse, and then work out where on a grid that maps to. I imagine this will be straighforward enough when it's just the panini base, but it gets more complicated when there are vegetables on there. Making a system for triggering various weird effects, and causing these to trigger at specific points in the levels. I think this should be easy enough, and I've got ideas for how to solve it already.
  15. Hello everyone! There will be another Wizard Jam in June. If you're new to the community, Wizard Jam is the community-run game jam we host twice a year. Wizard Jam is not a contest; the main emphasis is to celebrate the Thumbs community through sharing and collaboration over the course of a fortnight. We write devlogs and post GIFs. We offer support and volunteer music, sounds and other assets. We play each other's games and stream them. It's a lot of fun. The other thing we try to emphasise is encouraging people to try making something new and unfamiliar; or to try game development for the first time entirely (quite a few of the entries we've had in the past are from complete first-timers to gamedev!). We run the jam over the course of two weeks to give people the room to try something weird and see how it turns out. Wizard Jam - Friday 2nd June to Sunday 18th June Showcase Weekend - Saturday 24th June to Sunday 25th June Choose an episode title from any show on the Idle Thumbs podcast network and use it as a theme prompt for your game. Use this site to browse through show titles: (Thanks to Broxxar, Panzorfork & matt.ishii for providing the site) The diversifiers are an optional challenge for the jam. They're creative prompts, designed to help you design a game around a specific limitation (or set of limitations). You can choose as many (or as few) as you like and incorporate them into your game. "2D's company, 3D's a crowd" - Make a 3D game using only 2D graphics. Limited Vocabulary - Limit your player's verbs (run, jump, punch) to just one! Make a game that explores that verb to its fullest. "You Just Played Yourself 🔑" - Make a game where you play against yourself, or a game where your past movements or actions are important in some way. Hoisted - The game conspires to destroy the player in some way; or the game allows the player to be the cause of their own undoing. Texture Thrift - Use the same art/prop asset as many times as possible in your game, whilst obscuring the fact you are doing this. Frug Froctions - Include another, entirely separate game inside your game. This jam is not a competition, and there is no minimum level of game development experience needed to join. People from all backgrounds are welcome to participate. If you're new to gamedev, let us know! Join us on the forums and on Slack; where you'll find help, advice and encouragement from the community. Entries containing any form of harassment or hate-speech are not permitted. Anything crossing into this territory will be removed. Use this subforum to make development log threads, recruit folks, and chat about development related stuff! There's also the game development subforum and the #wizardjam slack channel. If you aren't a already a member of the slack group and would like an invite, send me a private message at @zerofiftyone and I will make sure you get access. For Wizard Jam 5, we're trying something new! After the jam finishes, we'll be hosting a Showcase Weekend; an opportunity for everybody to step back from the game making process and look at what everyone else has made; with an emphasis on giving feedback and comments to fellow creators. It's covered in the schedule below, and there'll be more details to follow. HERE'S THE PAGE WHERE YOU CAN SUBMIT YOUR GAME : [] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Browse Past Wizard Jams: Wizard Jam (Apr 2015) Subforum Link Link Winter Wizard Jam (Nov/Dec 2015) Subforum Link Link Wizard Jam 2016 (May 2016) Subforum Link Link Wizard Jam 4 (Nov/Dec 2016) Subforum Link Link
  16. UPDATE: This game is done and you can play it here: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here we go again. For Wizard Jam 4, I'm going to be making The Hypersonic Effect. For day one, I picked out a title and, while figuring out what type of game it would be, made a menu for it. I still have no idea what the game will be, but It'll probably end up looking like this. I'm going to spend the next day or so figuring what the game will be and hopefully come up with something that I like that is also not overscoped. I have less time for this jam than I had last time, so I'm going to have to be conscious of that.
  17. Play it here: Probably final version. Features 7 different pipe worlds, 5 different weather conditions, and 7 photo critics (including Dot Gobbler)! I finished everything I wanted to get done. The critics probably aren't particularly "balanced", but I really like how the aesthetic turned out, and the photos look awesome! After the end of the jam, I did a little bit more work on it: bugfixes, added ambient noise, sound effects for the photo critics, and transitions effects between the scenes. I'm tempted to go back and add a developer commentary... but I think I'll take a break from the project for at least a couple days. There's Windows, Mac, and Linux versions on the page, although the Mac and Linux are completely untested! I might also try building a WebGL version later. All the photos that you take should get automatically saved in a "screenshots" folder, so post your favorite photos in this thread! Original idea: You fly around in first-person through a weird mess of random pipes. Kinda inspired by Strangethink, Proun, NaissanceE, Manifold Garden, Mirrormoon EP, No Man's Sky, and LSD: Dream Emulator. Colorful, semi-abstract flavors. Gameplay would be basically an abstract version of Pokemon Snap. The game says "take pictures of red pipes" or "take a picture with lots of colors" or "take pictures using the rule of thirds". You snap 3 or 4 photos, and then the game evaluates them. I also wanted to add some kind of Twitter photo sharing. Github:
  18. Update: This project is abandoned for now, I keep having to do more important things this week, I probably won't be able to finish anything this time around. ----------------------------- Hey wizard jams! After throwing out several hopelessly overambitious ideas I've decided to make another surreal walking-simulator/vignette thing. (I made Zombie Train last jam, the 3D one.) The title is derived from the episode "Cool Blob Future" and the recurring robot-news discussions of the podcast. I've been exploring this idea of robots with a big screen for a face that I can display things on: Diversifiers: Wizard Jam Shared Cinematic Universe Building A Legacy (There will be Dot Gobbler) Box art Nice Segue
  19. Version 1.2 is now live! Original Post: You're not a business guy. Not at all. But your clients are. They absolutely are; you can tell by the immaculate lines of their suits, their pristine timepieces counting down each second, their air of impatience at the thought that any of those seconds might be wasted, because time is money! You, you're a pilot, and your job (it's not a business, you understand) is to get them to their destination in time for the big meeting! The business guys come to you because you fly a bi-plane, and who has time for airport security, for waiting for a plane to be fully boarded, for putting on a seatbelt, when there are business deals to close? Why wait, when you can just hop on the wings and take off? Time is Money! Time may not be money for me, but it is somewhat short this Wizard Jam. When I made Dot Gobbler I was able to work on it full-time, but now I have a day job and I'm going to be away from the 30th of November, so I'm going to have to submit on the 29th. As such I've had to find something quite a bit smaller in scale. A game where you fly a bi-plane with business guys balanced on the wings seems like something I can probably get working in that amount of time. We'll see! The lovely 5 of 6 has agreed to supply the music again, so that's good.
  20. A diplome-a-like for five players. Comrade Stalin is dead. Only you can protect the glorious motherland from her enemies. Enemies that are plotting to take the power that is rightfully yours. Each player takes on the role of a member of the Politburo. They must negotiate the support of other players to gain power - but they can never know whether they will be betrayed. Each turn, all players negotiate with each other for support, lock in their decisions, then resolve them. First, players can move some of their followers between the seven committees of the Supreme Soviet. Then, players play cards. Finally, players vote on the agenda of each committee. The number of followers determines the number of votes. Usually, the players vote for which player should get the card assigned to that committee that turn, which either has a continuing effect, or can be played once later on. Sometimes there will be a yes-or-no vote which changes the rules of the game in some way. The game lasts seven turns. Each player has a secret agenda which determines their scoring at the end of the game. Every card that can be gained from each committee each turn is visible from the start of the game, so players can plan their strategy in advance, although your colleagues will of course be plotting to throw a wrench in your plans. The game can be played in real-time or asynchronously, online or face-to-face. Played real-time, it should take around 80 minutes.
  21. It's an itch io! Clone-Ridden Fields!!! Lot's of stuff didn't make it, but it's mostly functional at this point. Hello Wiz Jammers! This is my second Wizard Jam, and coincidentally my second game jam! My first game is The Three Antidotes. For this jam I wanted to do something a bit more focused, and not as system and content heavy as an action platformer. The idea behind Clone-Ridden Fields is that you are in an Elysian Field farming simulator. You walk around the field searching for souls to aid in the harvest of the field. The souls(clones) will chop up the wheat field, and you will need to gather it to complete the game. The aesthetic is very grim, high contrast, and low resolution, while the actual field will be pleasant and comforting. Think Diablo/Diablo II. As far as mechanics go, the player must TEAR the wheat from the ground, sacrificing the yield, to search for a clone to help them out. The more clones, the faster the field can be harvested, but you don't want to sacrifice too much of the yield. You then must gather the yield. The game will be scored based on amount of yield and time it took to harvest. If time permits I would like to create some type of leaderboard, local... maybe global? <- I have no idea how difficult that is but GAME JAM! Things I want to focus on/learn: A* pathfinding 3D pipeline for unity (models, materials, animation) Unity particles Leaderboard? Aesthetic, I really want to focus on the style of this game, and I want to push the production values as much as I can. @JoelWmusic has already provided a fantastic track to set the tone of the world. I plan to put it up here once I get the art style more established so STAY TUNED!
  22. WJ4 Team Builder

    New wizard tech this year with a shnazzy Google Form to help make finding jam teammates easier! Please note that you doing a pitch is optional. If you just want to put what you can do and how much time you have, that should be just fine. And you can peruse results for potential collaborators here. Of course, feel free to use this thread however you like. Shout about your idea, someone else's idea, whatever. Just please let us know when you form a team so we can edit the status on the spreadsheet. Lastly, make sure to check out what ideas folks are having on that second link. It's important to reach out and let people know if you like their stuff (even if you don't know them at all!)
  23. Welcome Idle Thumbs community to your beautiful... Dates: Saturday, November 19, 12:00PST/15:00EST/20:00GMT - Sunday, December 4, 21:00PST/24:00EST/28:00GMT Theme: There is no theme! Rules: We don't need no stinking rules! Just make anything and submit on the jam page. You are more than welcome to base your game around a podcast title (this will be a guaranteed diversifier) but that is not a requirement for this jam. Traditionally, people make games in Unity/Unreal/Gamemaker/Twine/etc. but we are open to any and all contributions as long as they belong to the community and attempt at least one diversifier. Video game, analog game, playground game. Hell, make a sweater! The Wizard Jam crowd is a good and accepting crowd. Diversifiers: Small prompts to help shape your design, mix and match what you like instead of following a traditional theme. Check em out! If you'd like to join a team or seek team members for your own idea, check out the Team Builder thread & survey form Resources Wizard Jam Admin Emeriti - zerofifityone, Dinosaursssssss, Spenny - these folks are nice and helpful if you can't get ahold of me here or on the Slack Official Idle Thumbs Readers Slack chatroom w/ helpful #gamedev and #wizardjam channels Hashtag WizardJam Idle Thumbs Random Episode Selector Games Are For Everyone - nervous about making something? this should help ease your fears Helpful threads from the GameDev forum Long standing free music thread How to back up your game projects with GIT Unity newcomer? Study up with a few short Wizard Academy tutorials Past Jams Wizard Jam 1 Wizard Jam 2 - Winter Wizard Jam (RIP) Wizard Jam 3
  24. Hello! You might remember this as my entry into Wizard Jam last year. Back then it looked a bit like this: I spent a couple of months working on it recently, and now it looks more like this: This is much closer to what I originally wanted the game to look like, and I'm generally happy with the visual side of it. The reason I ended up going back to the game a year later was because I'd submitted it to EGX Rezzed, and it was accepted, so I needed to get it into a much more playable shape. Watching people playing the game at the show gave me a lot of really useful feedback regarding what I was doing wrong; it's a difficult balancing act in a game that's supposed to be confusing and alienating, but I realised that there was a lot more that I could be doing to help people understand the rules without spelling them out completely. Another thing that came out of showing the game to people was that a lot of them just expected it to be on Steam. I'm not crazy about this mentality, but I understand why it exists, and it made me think that maybe putting the game on Greenlight is a good idea. So that's basically my current aim; I want to get a trailer together to show the game off so I can put it on Greenlight, with an aim to releasing it for maybe £1.50. I'd like a bit of feedback on the game as it stands, though! Basically, do you think it's worth paying for, and if not, what do you think would make it worth the cost? You can play the game as it currently stands here: (Download v0.91) A few things I definitely need to add/change: Music in the main menu. Improve the menus in general; those buttons look cheap as hell, and I'm not crazy about the static title screen. An options menu, for graphic detail levels, volume levels and resolution. A bit of story dialogue at the start of the game, and in between waves; the transitions between waves need to be more like progressing from one level to the next, rather than just spawning a bunch of new enemies. Aside from that, I had a few more nebulous ideas for improving the game: Variation in the arenas; currently it's always square. I spawn buildings in different places every time you play, but this doesn't really add that much variation, and there's not really anywhere to go. I noticed that a lot of people that played the game at Rezzed tried to fly over the mountains, and were surprised when they hit an invisible wall. Actual arms that shoot out and grab the sliders and press the buttons. I feel like it would be difficult to make this look good, though, and I definitely don't want to sacrifice responsiveness for it. More buttons and lights on the console. It still feels a bit too empty. I'd love to hear any ideas you might have; and please, be as honest as you need to be! I want to know if people think my weird thing is worth paying for.
  25. Rogue robotic ninjas from a rival company are trying to steal the data on your company's mainframe. You are the mainframe's automated defence system, and its last hope... I had my last exam for the year on Monday and after that I didn't really feel like continuing with my first wizard jam game. However, after seeing the title for yesterday's Idle Thumbs, I had this idea and now I can't stop thinking about it so I'm going to see what I can get done. In the game you play as a turret fighting off robotic ninjas armed with cloaking devices, which renders them completely invisible, so you have to use an EMP to disable them in order to reveal their locations. I started development yesterday, so far I've got the turret in along with bullets and the EMP wave, next I'm going to work on the enemies.