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  1. Download link: https://taucesauce.itch.io/kill-the-last-alien Can't believe this thing made it all the way. Really looking forward to the showcase, remember to grab some friends for this one!
  2. [Dev Log] I'll Kill The Last Alien

    Getting close to the finished product, Score UI is in now, just need a winner screen at the end of a game with the option to replay.
  3. The sun attaching to the camera is genius.
  4. [Dev Log] I'll Kill The Last Alien

    Menu screen! Spent some time making it a little more flavorful today. Need to hook up the instructions screen then finally start on better in-game UI and scoring! So close to finishing, it looks like we're just going to make it to submission
  5. [Dev Log] I'll Kill The Last Alien

    Yay! Finally had time to sit down and iron out some major chunks tonight. The mochi are dancing, players can grab them, and the "round" logic is in place. Next on the list is much-needed UI to keep track of score and display user's successes/failures when reaching for the mochi.
  6. [Dev Log] I'll Kill The Last Alien

    At the expense of updating this post, I managed to make slow but steady progress over a very busy weekend. Sans gif, I did add the mochi-grabbing goodness during the rounds and a constant time to mochi (or CTTM) when the round starts regardless of the hands being used. I'm hoping to make more headway tomorrow night after work, and I will post nice gifs then too. Happy final week!
  7. [Dev Log] I'll Kill The Last Alien

    Another busy night for us! No code changes but James got our mochis looking spritely as ever!
  8. [Dev Log] I'll Kill The Last Alien

    Sat down to work on this tonight around 11:30 and found out my progress from Monday was lost! So, I spent my dev time tonight getting back to where I was at. Luckily, I managed to speed through the repeat work and got the arms bouncing backwards tonight as a little bonus. In addition to the tweaks I wanted to make earlier in the week, I'd like to adjust the arm speeds to all reach their mochi at the same time since the game isn't accounting for which arm makes it there first on screen and only relies on how fast the player can lock in their decision at the beginning of the round. Hopefully tomorrow yields more progress! For now, it's time to push to Git instead of relying on my local computer to maintain my codebase
  9. I'll Kill The Last Alien

    I feel this hard, I got home tonight around 11:30 with the intention of developing more features and found out my 3 hours of work from Monday were lost! So I spent my time tonight redoing all of it, which wasn't ideal. Silver lining: The code was much easier to write the second time around You got this!
  10. [Released ] The Wizard

    That clock is wonderful, diegetic UI is my jam.
  11. My Nickth sense was tingling
  12. [Dev Log] I'll Kill The Last Alien

    Wasn't able to write any more logic for the game today but James cranked out some Menu screens! Splash screen for the initial load and a quick guide on how to select mochis in game:
  13. [RELEASE] Transmission Lost

    What problems are you currently running into?
  14. [Release] Order Order

    Oh wow! The unit switching and pathfinding look really tight. Nice work so far!