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  1. Augh, you're right! Delete my entire existence.
  2. I wonder if Justin has ever read the Homestuck... EDIT: I just realised that before I posted this I had 420 posts, and now I've ruined that.

    This is really great! It has just the right mix of difficult controls and rapid game loop that means that learning how to play well is something you can really feel happening. Lots of really clever design touches (Like the coloured glow that lets you know exactly which enemy is going to spawn where), and it just looks and sound great! I managed 34th on the leaderboards, with 3,955! Pleased with that.
  4. [Release] Order Order

    I'm really into the style of this! The visual design is really strong. It's a fun, interesting concept too!
  5. [Release] Prepare for the Jelly

    I had a lot of fun with this! It's a very slick tower defence game, and I love the visuals and the music. I enjoyed it more when I made my own level, which turned out to be quite a challenge (Because the enemy spawning is the same for every level, shorter levels tend to be a lot more difficult), and it actually forced me to figure out the best places to put the towers, and when to upgrade them. Like you say, there's no real balance at the moment, but you can kind of make your own balance, with the level editor.
  6. Yeah, I liked this a lot! Things I enjoyed: - The visuals. - Immediately solving the 'frog door' puzzle as soon as I realised where the samples were from. - Having the sudden realisation that the music was a cover of The Wizard. - The description of Gob Island on the sign. - That skeleton animation at the end!
  7. Sorry you got stuck on that level! Did you realise that the onion fits on top of the mushroom? I feel like it's a little fiddly to get the game to place it on top correctly, so it might be easy to think it's not possible and give up. Thanks for playing! EDIT: Oh I think I know where you might have got stuck; That's the first level where some of the vegetables remain in the basket; if you click on it, it'll move them to the chopping board so that you can use them. I figured that might be a problem, so my quick'n'cheap solution was to make the last vegetable to spawn a large one, so that you can see it through the holes in the basket! It make not have been enough.
  8. Hey! I'd hadn't forgotten about this. On the contrary, I've been working pretty hard on it in the month since the jam ended! I'll probably follow up with a post about why it's taken me so long, but for now, here is the game! Download on! I never really got to implement the horror stuff that I wanted; hopefully Veggie himself is horrifying enough. There are a couple of bugs I hope to fix over the next week or so.
  9. I completely failed at getting the game into a playable state this weekend, and rather than submit something half-broken, I figure I'll hold off for the time being. I'd really like to have something ready for next weekend, but I'm going to be away from Friday, and I've got a bunch of other work that I need to do, so I'm not super-confident. I'll leave you with this, though:
  10. Okay, let's see how Unreal's automated physics asset looks...
  11. 'It's me, "Veggie" Panino! Welcome to my kitchen.'
  12. [Release] Classic Dogs & Demons

    This looks great! I love the sprites and tiles, and the mechanics look like fun!
  13. I'm continuing to spend far too long on modelling, as a means of putting off going back to trying to get my placement code working. On the plus side, I've got these: I'm really happy with this style. I haven't even started on "Veggie" himself, though. I've still got three vegetables left, which I'll get finished tomorrow, and then I can make a start on modelling, rigging and animating. The chances of getting all of that done before the end of Friday are really slim, but assuming I do then I've got Saturday and Sunday to cram the rest of the game in there. Yeah, I don't have a chance. Fingers crossed for the weekend after!
  14. I thought the rest of my vegetable-placement code would be a cinch, but I've been stuck on it for several days now; I took a break today and made some models, but I'm going to have to go back to it at some point. Snapping vegetables to a grid on the panini, and then placing them, was straightforward. However, determining where to place vegetables when you move the mouse over vegetables that are already on the panini was way more complicated than I was expecting. I'm pretty close to getting it working as intended, but there are just a few things that are going wrong, and trying to fix them was giving me a headache. So I made these: Food preparation table! Chopping board! Panini! I spent a particularly long time assembling this texture out of photos of bread, and then I scaled it down to 128x128, so I could have been a lot less precise about it. I like it though! Going to make a start on some of the vegetables now, and maybe go back to the placement code after that.
  15. The Power of 45 Brains

    I really like the mirror box GIFs! It's a really cool visual effect, but also really cool how well your raytracer handles all of the calculations involved.