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  1. This game was easy to get into and the different concepts for each minigame all worked well without being too similar to each other. I liked the sound bites after each segment. 'Shoot the glass' was still the most difficult minigame to me, so good thing it got toned down if it was even harder before .
  2. [Released] Palpable Dreams

    Searching for a 'hole' is a great gameplay concept to utilize particle flocking concept. The subsequent challenges also do a good job of introducing the game concepts gradually. When it moves into 3D the effect is kind of breathtaking. I felt the music really helped to keep it from being frustrating when I couldn't easily figure out what to do. Great work. Cosmic sugar VR is kind of like this, if I remember correctly.
  3. [Released] A Thousand Dormant Machines

    I managed to beat the first challenge also, though I didn't try for the advanced ones. The controls looked kind of intimidating from the description, but with the tutorial it was actually pretty intuitive. As far as UI goes, it might be easier to select different parts to build from a grid instead of cycling through one at a time.
  4. [RELEASED!] War of the Broses

    The mechanic of lifting things to lift bigger things is very intuitive. I also like the 'too easy' prompt which makes it clear you can move on to bigger things.
  5. [Released] The Fresno Experiment - again

    The mosquito sounds and music combine to make a good, scary atmosphere. I also liked the look of the swarm effect when the mosquitos exit the car.
  6. [Released on] Alexa, Destroy Me

    This is well written. The feeling of contempt really comes through. I like that basically anything you do results in new prompts and dialogue, so you aren't going in circles trying to find one specific key or something like that. From what I played there seem to be a lot of different branches. Alexa even had a reaction for the order in which I went into different rooms.
  7. [Release] The Shitty Wizards RETURNS!

    It's a good-looking skeleton. I like how the legs move one after the other. It's a bit hard to aim with the dinosaur moving around while you shoot, but you can spray so many projectiles that it ultimately doesn't matter.
  8. Mailbag for a Tattered Nation

    I liked that the descriptions both for the scene and the letters were not too extensive. If there is a lot of descriptive text in interactive fiction of this kind I sometimes end up skipping through the later bits. The music is nice, I feel it sets a comptemplative mood.
  9. [Released] Meet the Kerfluffles

    It IS fun to chase humans around . The cuteness of the kerfluffles nicely offsets the gruesome action. The swarming behavior also looks good.
  10. [Released] They Came Through the Floor

    When I read the description I wondered why a visual novel would use gamemaker instead of a more specialized engine like Ren'py, but the minigames made that clear soon. I can't really judge the story since it's basically just the setup for now, but it's neat having some simple games in there.
  11. [RELEASED] Eventually Your Breathing Will Stop

    It was a good idea to have a summary up front for each witness, because I expect I'd have a lot of difficulty getting a sense of their personality from their statements and keeping them mentally separated over like 8 different interviews. Having important topics in italics also really helped to know what information was important. I also really liked the sounds used to set the mood (the rain, sounds of passerby, knocking on the door, etc.). Since I'm not really sure if I got the investigation part of the game right, I'll just write down a few impressions (this contains spoilers for the different endings). I also noticed a few bugs, which I'll list here. I don't think any of them make the game unplayable or anything, so it may not be worth the trouble to fix them. The first is that there are some tokens showing up in dialogue. This isn't really a problem. Maybe it is because I am playing on windows or hardware-related. The second is that when time ran out, I got an error message and then a blank screen. I just restarted the game to proceed, so this also wasn't a problem in terms of being able to finish. Lastly, I noticed that bringing up a topic to a potential witness that I heard from another witness seemed to switch the conversation to that witness. For instance, bringing up 'schemes' resulted in a response from Arthur Kelly, even though I was talking to someone else at the time.
  12. [RELEASED] Eventually Your Breathing Will Stop

    It seems that the current upload only has a macOS build. Are you planning to also upload any other versions? Unity should be able to build linux and windows versions, too.
  13. [Dev Log] Unmasking the Brain Burglar

    It's done! You can play the game here: And here is the jam entry page: Overall I am pretty happy with it. In retrospect I do think it was a mistake to use the dialogue subsystem and characters from a previous jam entry. It just didn't feel as fresh while I was working on it. I would've liked to get one more disguise in, but I just didn't have the time. The puzzles also ended up being simpler than I would've liked, but I hope everything around it will still make it enjoyable. The following contains some stuff about the final phase, so I'll put it in a spoiler: I haven't been very active in keeping track and commenting on other people's projects, but I look forward to making up for that in the coming week and during the showcase weekend.
  14. [Dev Log] Unmasking the Brain Burglar

    Progress has been a bit slow. I think I underestimated how much work it would be to get all the animations and interactions in. I have finished the first head and added two more, but not all the interactions are there yet. I hope I can finish those this weekend, and then I'll have next week to make the last face and get all the menus and other odds and ends in there. The dialogues are now editable and reorderable in the unity editor, which makes them a bit easier to manage. In my previous game I had them all in separate script files. I did this with this script by t0chas: Maybe someone else will also find this useful.
  15. UPDATE: The game is finished and playable here: And here is the jam entry page: _________________________________________________________________ Time for another wizard jam! What I want to do this time is create a sort of puzzle game where the puzzle is the Brain Burglar's mask. You'll basically be pulling and prodding different parts of the face to reveal new parts and interactions and finally find the zipper to tear off the mask and move on to the next disguise. It is sort of inspired by the interrogations in the Ace Attorney game series and the game GNOG (though I am basing that on just the trailer, since I haven't yet had a chance to play it). I included limited facial animations with separate features in some of my previous games and I hope I can go a lot further with that here. So far I have ideas for four different phases/faces and at least three should hopefully make it in, with more if time allows. I will be reusing and extending the dialogue system I made for my wizard jam 6 game, The Rooster's Stupid Secret. I am also planning to reuse some of the detective characters from that game so I can quickly set up the premise, so it will be sort of a sequel. I hope to have the first two faces with all interactions and script more or less done by next weekend. Here is a gif of the first face I'm working on. The interactions are pretty basic right now, but hopefully I'll be able to include some real puzzles in later faces. I am using Unity again. It would probably work in 2D, but I am working in 3D with an orthographic camera since that's what I am used to.