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  1. Hooray, new episode! I think I've used the Watchmen trailer as an example a couple of times on this board, will be cool to hear your thoughts on it.
  2. Well, as we're bumping the thread (thanks Cordeos!), I may as well link all the sales. The Steam one ends this weekend, and it's really good value! Get on it!
  3. Thanks! Have you played Ben There, Dan That!? That comes before TGP and should be bundled with it. While I'm here, I may as well let everyone know that LOTCG is 70% off on Steam, 65% off on Switch and 45%/55% off on PS right now, and the soundtrack is 75% off on Steam too. Incredibly bargainous prices for a game that just won an Aggie Award for best comedy writing!
  4. Marvel movies

    You should definitely doubt yourself with regards to that Ragnarok rating.
  5. Netflix Originals

    Agreed on Enola Holmes and Eurovision. I didn't think much of The Old Guard, but the other 3 (plus Mank) are on my watchlist!
  6. The threat of Big Dog

    That yellow one is unnervingly nimble.
  7. In what might be the final update for this thread, I'm happy to announce that LOTCG is now available on PS4. According to Greg Rice, it also works on PS5! To justify the thread bump a little more, here's a joke mock-up video I made of a 'CD special edition' version of LOTCG with a couple of animations I made for Artober bunged in:
  8. Thanks! I saw someone tweeting at Dan about this, was that you? If not, please email support at ant-workshop dot com with details and, if possible, reproduction steps! Hopefully in the meantime restarting from your last autosave will fix it...
  9. As threatened: LOTCG will be out on Switch and XBox One on September 4th! Pre-order now and get 15% off! (Not all regions have it up on the webstore yet, so you might have to go via your console.) Nintendo Switch XBox One
  10. Movie Marathons

    I haven't seen Captain Corelli, but isn't he nice in that? And he's a goody in National Treasure, obviously. I wonder whether your girlfriend gets an asshole vibe off him even when he's playing ostensibly nice characters!
  11. Movie Marathons

    Hmmm, what about Peggy Sue Got Married? This is a good opportunity to troll her, though - keep telling her you think you've found the one movie where he plays a non-asshole, then put on Vampire's Kiss or Wicker Man or Bad Lieutenant...
  12. Filmmaking

    Well done for (almost) finishing! Yeah, I guess it's probably smart to deprioritise festivals right now, considering COVID.
  13. Building a home theater...

    Saw this and thought of @Erkki's thread!