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  1. The Swindle comes out on Switch tomorrow. It still has a discount on currently, which may or may not disappear on release. (Disclaimer: though I've probably mentioned it in this thread already and most people here are aware, I'm best mates with the dev and have co-designed a couple of games with him.)
  2. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    Sorry! Hmmm, I did just get Shadow Warrior 2 free on gog...
  3. The Good Place

    Started watching season 3, still great. It really is impressive how this show continually changes up the situation and dynamics but never loses its grip on the storytelling or humour.
  4. Ooh, you need to watch Datalore for this:
  5. Chain Of Command was the episode that leapt immediately to mind, so all I can advise is to reconsider that omission!
  6. Filmmaking

    Interesting. That's US$? Have you found a public domain alternative for a year down the line?
  7. Filmmaking

    How much did you spend on the music track, if you don't mind me asking?
  8. The Weekly X Files Rewatch Thread

    Just watched first episode of season 11 and it was atrocious. 40 minutes of people in rooms spouting painfully clumsy exposition at each other, David Duchovny with an increasingly unconvincing lack of a single grey hair (appropriately, given Mulder's futile hunt for greys) and an unbelievable cop-out from the previous season's cliffhangers:
  9. Is Daybreakers the one with Ethan Hawke aaaand... Sam Neill? I quite enjoyed it, iirc - it felt like a good world-builder that could have led to some great sequels. I'm with you on the MCU though - Iron Man and Ragnarok are the only ones I unreservedly loved.
  10. The Big VR Thread

    Oh yeah, I hadn't thought about the ducking and sidestepping; that seems like it could be a big component if a beatmap creator decides to emphasise them.
  11. The Big VR Thread

    Holy shit, that looks amazing and also incredibly difficult! So with the mod you upload a song and create the pattern of target blocks? Or just the pattern and the player has to own the track? Also, does the VR aspect add much to this? Seems like it could be a pretty similar experience with just the controllers and a big telly or monitor...
  12. Movie/TV recommendations

    Excellent, thanks SAM and Gorm and SAM's friend! Erkki, give it another one or two eps at least! One thing I really enjoy about it is getting a look at Japanese culture and social etiquette.
  13. Movie/TV recommendations

    And the first season is 52 episodes long, right? That's all I have access to on Netflix anyway (plus they have them in the incorrect order), so maybe I'll check out the final ten episodes or something and see how I feel if further seasons come up. Be aware @Erkki that Terrace House is chill-out tv - it doesn't engineer any drama, so it moves pretty slowly and it takes a while to warm to the house-mates/commentors. But it's totally addictive once you're fully into it after a few episodes.
  14. Movie/TV recommendations

    I love The Expanse, but it took me at least half the first season (including a read of the Wikipedia episode summaries) to fully grok all the background and storylines they throw at you. I'd say it's worth a re-watch at an early enough time that you're unlikely to fall asleep, @Erkki! I'll +1 Terrace House, it's great. A reality show that avoids all the grossness of the genre. I recommend watching the different series in order, though - Boys & Girls In The City, then Aloha State, then Opening New Doors. (Apparently there's at least one earlier season that only got broadcast in Japan, but it only has fan-created English subtitles which don't last to the end of the season.) In cartoons, I finally rewatched Adventure Time seasons 1 and 2 and am now moving onto stuff I haven't seen. This show is great, it's like a family-friendly Rick And Morty. I also tried Steven Universe, but after ten or so episodes I found it mildly irritating - I've skipped forward to around episode 20 as apparently that's where the serialisation kicks in and it starts to pick up.