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  1. Released! “A brilliant, joyous, clever and generous experience.” 4.5/5 – ThumbSticks “This is a gag delivery device with a seriously good hit rate” 83% – PC Gamer “Great mash-up of indie platforming and classic adventuring.” 8/10 – TheSixthAxis
  2. Announcing another latest Dan And Ben game: Devil's Kiss. It's $2 or bundled FREE with Lair Of The Clockwork God, it's a visual novel prequel about Dan and Ben meeting in high school, and it's great fun. Please feel free to wishlist (wishlisting Lair Of The Clockwork God is more important, but you can do both)!
  3. Lego Movies

    Got round to seeing Part 2. I didn't think much of it until the last section where the metaphors and twists come out in full force and it reveals itself as an anti-MRA, anti-toxic-masculinity, pro-genderqueer movie, and it all works really well. Also, the song over the credits is Beck in a more modern Midnite Vultures mode with The Lonely Island rapping about credits, and it's fantastic.
  4. WIZARD JAM X - Welcome Thread

    Part 2: Nick is planning to do another stream same time next week where he catches up on some unplayed Jam games of the past and revisits old favourites. So, any requests, let him know!
  5. WIZARD JAM X - Welcome Thread

    In case anyone missed it, Nick streamed some of the games last week: He'll be streaming more (perhaps all the rest?) in about 5 hours from now!
  6. [Release] TresPunker

    This looks and sounds great, and it definitely captures the jank of Trespasser! I managed to kill a few dinos and then succumbed to the jank. Is this original VO or did you rip it from the original game?
  7. [Release] Do You Believe in Dot Gobbler?

    This is really cute! Not much gameplay, of course, but it's still satisfying to watch DG get bigger and eventually gobble up entire buildings. The ending was a really funny idea too!
  8. [Dev Log] The Wizard

    A funny, good-looking little game. I liked the low-poly black and white aesthetic, and the dramatic presentation!
  9. [Released] Piercing the Fourth Dimension

    This looks and feels great - I love the visual style, especially when it gets extra trippy, and it's very satisfying when you get into the flow. I did sometimes feel like I was just fluking my way through rather than having an 'ah ha' moment and figuring out a tactic, but I made it to the end without using invincibility!
  10. [Release] Eight Seconds: Manipulated Through Time

    This is really stylish, and a very cool puzzle conceit. I wasn't able to figure out the exact rules and parameters so I only ever managed to get through the first roof door, but I'd definitely be interested in playing this with more Valve style tutorialisation!
  11. Idle Thumbs Readers Slack & Discord

    @Roderick I just asked it to send you an email invite, hopefully it worked!
  12. I get it on Prime UK. There's some very clunky writing - the first ep papered over the cracks with good pacing, action and acting. The second ep was mostly serialisation busywork so it didn't fare as well. I suspect ep 3 will be good.
  13. [Release] Alpha Magus

    It's an itchio! I believe I speak for the whole team when I say we're very proud of what we managed to make in our spare time over these past weeks!
  14. We've announced the release date: 21st February 2020. Also, main trailer is up: Three weeks away! Very excited! Again, if everyone could wish-list it, that would be really lovely and helpful:
  15. [Release] Alpha Magus

    This is coming on leaps and bounds, but we're probably going to take advantage of Wizard Jam's legendary flexibility, and not release until Showcase Weekend. Even though we were mindful of scope in the initial design stages, we still ended up taking on a pretty big project!