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  1. Another great episode! I don't have much to say, but I was wondering whether you think that editing a very recent movie would be more or less successful for a movie trailer reel than doing something more showy like making a trailer with modern sensibilities for a movie from the 30s or changing a movie's genre (like the well-known 'Shining as romcom' or 'Mrs Doubtfire as horror' ones). Are they about the same, and are there trends in reels? Feel free to answer this on a 'cast rather than here, but I felt it maybe covered too similar ground to this episode for me to email it in!
  2. At the last minute, I've decided to take part in Wiz Jam 9! I've just realised that my sister's birthday is right near the end of it, so I'm taking this opportunity to make her a little game as a present. She loves her cocker spaniel so my immediate thought is a simple platformer with her dog as the player character, and the endorsement 'interacting with humans' will hopefully give me some ideas for mechanics. I'll probably use Construct 2, as it's free and hopefully quite easy to learn the basics of. I'll probably also change the name at some point, so my thread title is placeholder. Depending on how things go, I might put a call out for help with art and sound..!
  3. Stranger Things

    Yeah, definitely a lot more goopy. I'm enjoying it too. It took maybe an episode longer than it should have to get going but it's still very entertaining.
  4. Marvel movies

    Did you type spoiled instead of spoiler on purpose there, @Roderick?
  5. Movie/TV recommendations

    Interesting, thanks!
  6. Movie/TV recommendations

    Can you tell us (with spoiler tags if necessary!) why?
  7. Sorry for the pimp-bump, but The Swindle is currently 60% off on the Switch (edit: this may not be in the US), which I believe is quite a rare, high discount: It's also 80% off on Steam right now, which puts it down to a bonkers £2.39 (around three bucks):
  8. SGDQ 2019

    There's a list of twitch times for the runs here: I guess they'll all be put up on YouTube by the official channel at some point. I watched 4 and got a mixed bag: Split/Second and Last Action Hero were obnoxious, Quake seemed to this layperson like 17 minutes of someone missing strats, and the Super Mario World blind relay race was incredibly impressive and nail-bitingly tense.
  9. Toy Story 4 (and other toy stories)

    For discussion of the first two Toy Story films, check out our Pixar re-watch thread! (We didn't make it to Toy Story 3 because a general reluctance to watch Cars killed the whole endeavour.)
  10. SGDQ 2019

    SUMMER GAMES DONE QUICK 2019 June 23rd - 30th Courtesy of @SecretAsianMan, a brief description: Games Done Quick is a series of charity video game marathons with events in the winter and summer. Speedrunners from all over come together in one place and stream a nonstop barrage of high-level gameplay. This summer's event benefits Doctors without Borders. Tune in to see some games getting completely taken apart. The runs will eventually be archived if you can't see it live. Schedule Twitch YouTube
  11. Well, I just got a different Hobbs & Shaw theatrical trailer made up of completely different scenes, so I guess the lesson here is to avoid either all internet trailers or all theatrical trailers!
  12. The model definitely looks better immediately, and the compositing is impressive. Shame they didn't properly animate the face, though - it feels very rigid. I just listened to the second episode - all great stuff! Regarding spoilers in general, just a quick note as someone who is rather spoiler-averse - it's a common argument that if a whole film can be ruined by a spoiler then the film can't be that good. But this is, I think, a strawman. The Averse don't think a spoiler will ruin the entire film, just the moment it refers to. That still sucks - I want that moment to be conveyed to me by the film, not someone on Facebook. Even films with bigger twists that flip your understanding of the entire thing - Planet Of The Apes, Fight Club, Sixth Sense - aren't wholly ruined if that twist is spoiled, but they're designed to be watched without that knowledge. It's inconsiderate to take that experience away from people. I knew the POTA twist and loved the film anyway, but I also loved watching those other two movies not knowing the twist (or even that there was one). I'd rather have the filmmakers decide what I should know going in, not people on social media or in my office (or indeed the people in charge of which trailer edit to put out!). Regarding trailers specifically, I find the 'you showed the entire movie!' issue more prevalent than the 'you spoiled this twist or plot development!' one. It's interesting to hear that it comes from focus groups - I can't help but think that they may not be formatted in a helpful way. If you asked me after I saw the Hobbs & Shaw trailer "does that movie look fun"? I'd say yes. If you asked me "does that trailer make you want to watch that movie?" I'd say no, because I feel like it showed every single cool moment from the film - I doubt there's much left there to surprise me. I often close my eyes partway through a trailer because it's sold me on the movie 30-60 seconds in and I don't want to see any more stuff. It's probably impractical, but if the focus groups could get that granular perhaps it would lead to different decisions. The multiple trailer versions thing is definitely an issue too. I try to avoid subsequent trailers if one version has sold me on a movie already. In the case of Detective Pikachu, the one I saw on the internet was perfect - gave me a tiny amount of story set-up, some humour and atmosphere. Unfortunately, I then went to the cinema and saw a second trailer for it which gave me loads more story, more locations, creatures etc. It even gave me a different version of the mime scene, so I likely had that entire scene composited in my head by that point. It made me feel less enthusiastic about seeing it at the cinema, and more likely to wait for it to arrive on a streaming service.
  13. On the topic of game trailers and experimentation, here's a blog post from Dan about why he decided to go for an all-gameplay announcement trailer on our upcoming game. And here's a recent video (which quotes Derek) on how to make indie game trailers:
  14. Game of Thrones (TV show)

    Yeah, this final season especially really suffered from the sudden rush the series found itself in. This is a popular image that's been going around, and I agree except for the fact that it's too generous to season 5:
  15. This is a great idea for a 'cast, I look forward to working my way through these! Hopefully I can steal some talking points for when I'm whinging online about the latest show-everything trailer, too. That Ultraviolet trailer is great, in a kind of music video way - I'm not sure I could handle a whole movie at that visual intensity..! The things I thought brought it down a bit were the introduction of Voiceover Guy partway through and that thudding conversation with the British guy.