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  1. Mailbag for a Tattered Nation

    I found the writing and music very effective at setting the mood. It's great how much you managed to convey without being verbose.
  2. [Dev Log] Unmasking the Brain Burglar

    I love the (by now)series of Inspector Fetchem games! The art is just brilliant and perfectly fits with the writing and simple but fun gameplay.
  3. [Released] The Fresno Experiment - again

    https://zirrrus.itch.io/tfe-wj8 This was a thing...I did not achieve most of my goals and once again mostly cobbled something together. Other stuff encroaching on my jam time and also just still being a distraction when I did have time was mostly to blame. As always I also overscoped quite a bit. Going for cutscenes without any prior experience wasn't smart either. At first I was using Unity's CharacterController which just completely refused to have its camera controlled. So I made my own, much simpler but still fairly stubborn. And I didn't want to actually use any proper animations and instead just used lerping between positions/values. It shows, it's all clunky, but ended up at least working. The scripts that coordinate everything are just the worst though. Because the new sequence is so linear I included the old scene so you can also just walk around for a bit and enjoy the creepy music by Joel.
  4. [Released] The Fresno Experiment - again

    Oof. It could have gone a bit better. This week was absolutely terrible and I didn't get very much done. The car chase is there in structure, now it needs to be bedazzled with graphics and sound effects. I won't get any more than that done this weekend, so my entry will be a 1 minute cutscene with a little bit of interaction. During the week before the showcase I'll probably do some more work on it, but who knows what could happen next? The last two Wizard Jams have been harbingers of doom for me. JoelWmusic in Slack has made some really cool atmospheric music for me, it really improves the atmosphere a lot when just walking through the fog. Oh, and #wizardjam gave me the town you are coming from: Too bad you have pressing business in Fresno...
  5. [Dev Log] Esophagus Sarcophagus

    Eww, I like it. Gameplay looks
  6. Mailbag for a Tattered Nation

    Looking very good already and that concept is very intriguing.
  7. [Dev Log] In The Shade of the Puffin

    Oooooh, gorgeous gecko!
  8. [Released] They Came Through the Floor

    Top notch mech designs. I dig the pixellated line aesthetic.
  9. [Released] The Fresno Experiment - again

    Things are still going very slowly, lots of annoying and distracting stuff happening. Making cutscenes is completely new territory to me, so I'm not sure how to quite approach it. Currently all the timing is simply hard-coded in a script but it makes tweaking a bit cumbersome. But it mostly works, so I'll stick with it for the duration of this jam, i think. The car approaches: https://i.imgur.com/jglXaev.gifv This weekend I'll focus on making some plants, they will play a very important part in constructing the environment, and I'm still unsure how to best do it. I also need to cut the scope wayyy down. For now I'll focus on getting the intro sequence on the street done and maybe try to build the radio tower location.
  10. [Released] The Fresno Experiment - again

    Thanks, everyone! I need these words of encouragement, things have not been going well in the last days. After work I'm often simply not in a state to really do any productive jamming, something I had not really expected. So thing have been going slow as is. But just now I also discovered that the camera control system I have built is actually broken. And then i fixed it. Complaining in Slack has once again worked wonders. Update: With that stuff seemingly working i was able to create the intro 'cutscene': http://i.imgur.com/a5WfzDX.gifv I want to use those 'cinematic' bars to show the player when they don't have control. Pretty happy that I made some progress today, despite that rocky start.
  11. The Power of 45 Brains

    I found this for the brains: https://github.com/45brains/45brains.data The actual website appears to be gone but the brains are listed in the .json files.
  12. [Released] The Fresno Experiment - again

    So far I've done only programming, so there's nothing to show. Got the subtitle system to a state that only breaks sometimes in pretty specific circumstances, I'll leave it at that for now. Also had to make a character controller from scratch, the Unity one was too convoluted and I need to take control of the camera for the cutscenes. It's still very basic but now I can rotate the player's view without weirdly snapping to a position. With these things done, i can start working on the intro sequence. Not sure how to best coordinate it but Unity's timeline feature seems made for it. Time to learn how that works.
  13. [Released] A Thousand Dormant Machines

    That physical prototyping is
  14. [Released] The Convergence Compulsion

    Oh, this sounds neat! The idea description reminds me of that one music game where you have to redirect streams of music bits or whatever...can't remember the name.
  15. Rollin' With The Pope

    This already looks very, very good.