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  1. I've come to a decision: I won't submit my game to the jam. It's neither fun, nor interesting, nor bad in a funny way. It's just plain boring, infinite bowls of oatmeal. The tool which generates the stuff is pretty neat, and I'm happy with what I created there. But that then gets turned into something pretty lame and not anywhere near interesting enough to spend a few minutes with. With a bunch of decorations and better(and more noticeable) variation, as well as a goal, it might be okay, but I have neither the time nor drive to make those adjustments. Before the next jam I need to figure out what I'm good at and what like to make. I'm noticing a strong trend towards failure by lack of motivation/momentum in my game projects and that I start losing interest as soon as the basic systems and data structures are done and I have to work on gameplay and content. If you want to check it out regardless visit: https://zirrrus.itch.io/wauca The password is wj9
  2. Great art I love those little details, often much more fun to work on than core gameplay/features.
  3. [Release] Descending

    This was a neat experience! The sound was especially weird and interesting.
  4. Chamfering corners was a lot more tricky than I had though, but it works now: And I made it generate windows(plus one door for every face of a building): The weird blocks are placeholder decorative items, and the self-intersecting buildings are absolutely normal, if a bit avant-garde. Problem is: I don't really feel like working on this anymore. The most interesting challenges are solved, apart from dynamically generating new parts of the city - which seems like it'll be a pain. It's hot outside, I'm lazy and have very low energy. I'll try to get it to a "playable" state and upload it. It was really fun working on this though, maybe it's just my mood atm. Thank you for the encouragement, everyone!
  5. With the outline and the art this is looking very good! I found the green holey blocks pretty off-putting(it sort of triggered my trypophobia), the new sprites are very nice, super crisp.
  6. [Released] It's Not Easy Being Pentametron

    Really neat idea, and stunning pixel art!
  7. Polygons were mistakenly identifying themselves as their neighbors, causing a whole bunch of issues. Merging triangles works now, only issue I'm aware right now is edges being offset in the wrong direction. That happens because edges use their polygon's center to determine the direction for the offset. While it's not optimal it actually causes interesting features like cul-de-sacs, so it'll stay this way for now. Tomorrow I want to get some beveling on on the very pointy bits of the polygons, and then instantiate placeholder doors and windows on the buildings. After that it's art, art, art. And maybe I'll add some gameplay?
  8. This is really cool. The idea is super neat and it's actually pretty fun, even when you keep failing.
  9. Got polygons working...mostly. Insetting works most of the time. But when forming clusters of triangles and then merging them into polygons it occasionally fails. Especially the part where it tries to "walk along" the edges of the polygon to make sure it actually is a closed shape. Well, progress is slow but maybe I'll crack that nut tomorrow.
  10. The version where building get created inside the triangles is done. For now they are just made up of planes. And triangular. I've looked into merging them together, but polygons are a lot more difficult to handle since they can have all sorts of weird shapes. Maybe tomorrow. Then I created a simple FPS controller and went in there... Because of the strange angles the city has a rather alien feel to it at the moment. But I'm happy with the result so far.
  11. [Release] Heely Kids

    That seems to be coming along very nicely!
  12. Ah, cool, I was hoping you'd keep going with this. Looks even better now!
  13. That is a very cool selection of abilities, especially love the steam hover/cleaning shoes. What do the piano shoes do? Also, the detail of the ears bending back during movement is just too cute.
  14. Today I managed to finally solve the remaining issues with the script. First I spent some time writing myself a library for 2D geometry functions and such though. That was fun, if not necessary for advancing the game. Now I can generate a point set and properly triangulate it, like this: The plan is to maybe randomly remove some edges and then create walkable streets along the lines in the diagram(adding some curviness). So every vertex in the diagram is an intersection. That will most likely lead to many Flatiron-type buildings, but I'm not going for realism. Another way would be to generate the buildings offset inside the triangles, that would automatically create the streets in between. Adding curves to them would be difficult though...but should be overall a lot easier. I'm still figuring out what data structures would be good to keep track of everything, once I have that squared away I can start generating the streets along the edges. The next challenge after that is properly connecting streets at intersections. And then comes some art, making a variety of doors, windows and other features for the buildings.
  15. I spent most of the day writing and then debugging the triangulation. It's still wrong and broken but until half an hour ago was doing just nothing. Good thing it doesn't have to be very efficient because I implemented(well, tried to) the Bowyer-Watson algorithm, which is very naive and pretty much brute-forces the triangulation by just going over everything over and over. Hopefully I can finish this up tomorrow because it's a fairly small part of the project.