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Favorite Games

Found 2 results

  1. Update: This project is abandoned for now, I keep having to do more important things this week, I probably won't be able to finish anything this time around. ----------------------------- Hey wizard jams! After throwing out several hopelessly overambitious ideas I've decided to make another surreal walking-simulator/vignette thing. (I made Zombie Train last jam, the 3D one.) The title is derived from the episode "Cool Blob Future" and the recurring robot-news discussions of the podcast. I've been exploring this idea of robots with a big screen for a face that I can display things on: Diversifiers: Wizard Jam Shared Cinematic Universe Building A Legacy (There will be Dot Gobbler) Box art Nice Segue
  2. It's an itch io! Clone-Ridden Fields!!! Lot's of stuff didn't make it, but it's mostly functional at this point. Hello Wiz Jammers! This is my second Wizard Jam, and coincidentally my second game jam! My first game is The Three Antidotes. For this jam I wanted to do something a bit more focused, and not as system and content heavy as an action platformer. The idea behind Clone-Ridden Fields is that you are in an Elysian Field farming simulator. You walk around the field searching for souls to aid in the harvest of the field. The souls(clones) will chop up the wheat field, and you will need to gather it to complete the game. The aesthetic is very grim, high contrast, and low resolution, while the actual field will be pleasant and comforting. Think Diablo/Diablo II. As far as mechanics go, the player must TEAR the wheat from the ground, sacrificing the yield, to search for a clone to help them out. The more clones, the faster the field can be harvested, but you don't want to sacrifice too much of the yield. You then must gather the yield. The game will be scored based on amount of yield and time it took to harvest. If time permits I would like to create some type of leaderboard, local... maybe global? <- I have no idea how difficult that is but GAME JAM! Things I want to focus on/learn: A* pathfinding 3D pipeline for unity (models, materials, animation) Unity particles Leaderboard? Aesthetic, I really want to focus on the style of this game, and I want to push the production values as much as I can. @JoelWmusic has already provided a fantastic track to set the tone of the world. I plan to put it up here once I get the art style more established so STAY TUNED!