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  1. [Dev Log] The Wizard

    Lovely idea! Might be worth looking at Lucas' Dev log he goes into quite a lot of detail on how he did the dithering from what I can remember.
  2. Mailbag for a Tattered Nation

    Playable here: I had a bit of trouble getting the music in but it's fully working now. Currently there's only the one main illustration, I started this as motivation to get me drawing more but I think it was too much at once and I got distracted with other muses. But I'm planning to go back to this as and when I'm motivated to illustrate a scene since it's a lot easier to draw now that I know what I'm drawing. I'll update as I got with the new drawings.
  3. [Released] Palpable Dreams

    @Nappi once again your use of colour is just amazing! Gameplay too, I've done boids and swarm stuff at uni but never anything spherical like that it's crazy!
  4. [Released] To Me, To Me, To Me

    Man, I love how you've brought so much attention and detail across to this pixelly style and that gameplay is really smooth well done, so far!
  5. [RELEASED!] War of the Broses

    Hey @phill! You're not too late yet! Especially with such a strong idea! I can't remember but are there enemies in katamari? Might be better to copy what they have as a base for time.
  6. Mailbag for a Tattered Nation

    I'm working on the second illustration and writing now but here's a speed paint of the first in the meantime! Music: Life Uhh Finds a Way (Rough Mix) also by Jordan Hartley!
  7. Hi folks! I'm going to be writing and illustrating an interactive story for this wizard jam. Took a little bit to find myself again after finishing uni but now I'm working as an artist/illustrator and loving it. I'm teaming up with Jordan Hartley on this, he's composing a lovely score to go along with the story! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mailbag for a Tattered Nation, an interactive short story This nation is torn, tattered, and bereft. Resources are scarce; hope, long forgotten. This is it, all there is. You find three letters in an old mailbag on the street. You haven't been warm in weeks, this is your chance. Which letter do you want to burn? Whose unfinished story is it time for the world to move on from and forget?
  8. [Dev Log] Mystery of the Ravens

    @zerofiftyone Me too! Hopefully it will get even cooler as we go! @fabian I'm thinking we should give one raven a blue eye, the other a purple eye and leaving the gold for when one of them is selected. @Nappi Thanks! Been meaning to post this for a couple of days, but life... got in the way. Here's a timelapse of me creating the raven!
  9. [Dev Log] Everything I Never Told You

    I really like that map effect! Only got a little way into KR0, but the sense of mystery is palpable right from the go, it's a wonderful thing to aspired to!
  10. Ooh this looks very nice as usual! I've played quite a bit of super crate box and I'm pretty interested in a successor to that genre. What sort of combat, if any, are you thinking of?
  11. Hello! So this wizard jam me and @Synnah have decided to team up and work on an Unreal game together. Unreal both in terms of the engine we're using and our idea's basis in Norse mythology. We've been inspired by the recent God of War game as well as the prevalence of Marvel films which both draw heavily from Norse myth. Specifically there is a mechanic in the new God of War where you have ten seconds to move a *thing* between different nodes, which node the thing is currently in then has a specific effect on the level. For example opening a specific door. Which then closes again once the *thing* is removed. Here's a video if you've either played/watched GoW or don't care about spoilers. Our plan is to use this as a basis for a 2.5D platform puzzle game. We'll post more once we getting going but for now here's a wip logo.
  12. [dev log] A Wish Upon A Star

    This looks lovely so far, reminds me a lot of the simplistic art style of Tokyo 42 (which also had a flip-able camera)! Regarding dynamic nav meshes you can fake it with obstacles pretty well you might be able to just stick a big invisible object over the platforms that the player can't reach (not really sure on how you're want to do movement mind). Here's quick video on the subject, and the next one covers linking nav meshes which can be used for jumping between them, if that's in anyway helpful for what you want to do.
  13. WIZARD JAM 7 // Welcome Thread

    @Salacious Snake ah well if you need any unity help, let me know! There's also the #game-dev channel in the thumbs slack for quick responses to game dev related issues.
  14. WIZARD JAM 7 // Welcome Thread

    haha @atte that is amazing, dot gobbler almost looks wistful without the eyebrows like that!
  15. Text based game - Virus Universal

    Hi there! I'd certainly be happy to help test, we do have a playtest mailing list here - Sign-up Form: and Spreadsheet: I'd say it's definitely worth making a text-based game as a learning project and I'd like to think it's still commercially viable provided you have a good presentation beyond say just black text on a white background. Best of luck and keep at it.