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  1. Very cool, I love the graphics!
  2. [Release] Pro Fish Smart Fish

    First of all, apologies for not logging any dev in this Dev Log, I was pretty short on time and ran into a couple of issues that took me a while to fix. There are three levels, you will have to collect an increasing number of fish and lead them to the end of the level, avoiding spiky balls. Anyway, here its is: 'Pro Fish Smart Fish' or if I would have to come up with a name: 'Ecco's Echoes'. .zip and .exe links: Hope you' ll enjoy!
  3. Hi! This is my second time participating in a game jam and my first Wizard Jam! I got carried away a little fiddling around and trying new stuff but now I think I can put together something playable. You control a robotic fish and make 'friends' with real fish. Here's the article that inspired the title of this pod (episode 210):