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Favorite Games

Found 2 results

  1. Version 1.2 is now live! Original Post: You're not a business guy. Not at all. But your clients are. They absolutely are; you can tell by the immaculate lines of their suits, their pristine timepieces counting down each second, their air of impatience at the thought that any of those seconds might be wasted, because time is money! You, you're a pilot, and your job (it's not a business, you understand) is to get them to their destination in time for the big meeting! The business guys come to you because you fly a bi-plane, and who has time for airport security, for waiting for a plane to be fully boarded, for putting on a seatbelt, when there are business deals to close? Why wait, when you can just hop on the wings and take off? Time is Money! Time may not be money for me, but it is somewhat short this Wizard Jam. When I made Dot Gobbler I was able to work on it full-time, but now I have a day job and I'm going to be away from the 30th of November, so I'm going to have to submit on the 29th. As such I've had to find something quite a bit smaller in scale. A game where you fly a bi-plane with business guys balanced on the wings seems like something I can probably get working in that amount of time. We'll see! The lovely 5 of 6 has agreed to supply the music again, so that's good.
  2. Hi all! Me and a bunch of friends including Zerofiftyone* are making Frozen Fracas, a homage to the ice level gamemode from Crash Bash. For those of you unfamiliar with Crash Bash at all, the basic premise of this game is: you are a seal. four players. stay on the ice. push your opponents off the ice. We're planning to add various power-ups, and an AI Orca that swims underneath the ice, occasionally tipping it / bashing into it etc. Movement code is going well: * you might notice he is doing two games this jam, because he's daft.