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  • Location
    Helsinki, Finland
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    Video games, Rugby, Writing, Podcasts, Travel
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  1. I encountered a map bug last night trying to go to my second world. I can't get out of the map now nor is anything else loading. Though I can get to the menus. So I quit the game. Haven't restarted. Has anyone else experience this yet? Right now this may be the thing that gets me to quit this game entirely and return to finish The Witcher 3. The story so far hasn't grabbed me and instead leaves me with lots of thoughts... but never in the insightful or interesting manner. It really just leaves me questioning why am I playing this.
  2. I've taken this beyond books and quit all sorts of media that doesn't do it for me. More often than not what "doesn't do it for me" means poor plotting, stupid or unredeemable main characters or just a bad overall writing. It's in part why I've stopped reviewing books. Then I felt like I had to finish something I really didn't want to read. Now I don't continue things I don't like because I've come to realize there are thousands of other things out there to read that are better and more worth my time and if I'm reading this crap then I'll never get to them. But that doesn't stop me from reading some truly atrocious stuff for the sheer indulgent pleasure of it. As for the unredeemable main characters, I am fine with them but there has to be something about them to like. This isn't an example of a book, but it's the most recent one that comes to mind. I tried watching Girlboss on Netflix and the main character does nothing for anyone else. She may be entertaining and witty but that isn't enough to make me care. It's everyone else around her who's more rounded, and so I stopped watching after three episodes. Whereas I tried Feed the Beast and the chef main character is very similar in his attitude to that of the main character from Girlboss. But the simple fact that he stopped and made a meal for his partner's kid showed he cared for something beyond just himself. Are there any books or other media you've experienced where characters are really similar but with a single act made one more reasonable and thus worth continuing with?
  3. I created my first game the other week and am always looking for feedback. I'm not sure if I'll go through and add any more content. The game is available on at: or on the Interactive Fiction Database at: In the Integration Game you'll experience the first interactions any immigrant goes through with the Finnish government. So find out if you qualify for integration courses! Or maybe you're already integrated! Just don't piss off the bureaucrat otherwise you'll have your benefits revoked. And don't ask to learn Swedish, Finland's other national language. EU Migrants, students, refugees, asylum seekers and those coming to Finland to join their partners all experience the integration process to some degree. Few receive support, some don't. This game is not a 100% accurate depiction of the process or the factors determining who gets to take an integration course, merely a demonstration of what immigrants experience. This game was created for 1-bit Clicker Jam by an actual immigrant, in Finland. For more information about what it's like to integrate in Finland check out the podcast I produced for Kommunförbundet on SoundCloud.
  4. Hey All, I'm SvenNomadsson on Xbox Live. As I'm GMT +2 I tend to play at really awkward hours for the US. But if you're looking for someone for Destiny, Halo, Titanfall or really anything else drop me a line.
  5. Hi All, I'm Greg aka Greg in Helsinki. Occasionally one of my questions is answered on the various podcasts. I'm a new dad and having to come to terms with what that means for my gaming these days. Beyond that I play games, when I get the opportunity to, on the Xbox but also play rugby. And I love to write. My stuff including attempts at games, podcasts and various thoughts can be found at Looking forward to getting to know you all more and talking about them there video games... since my kid has nothing to contribute on the matter.