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  2. I disagree that Moo1 is simply "civilization in space", the game's systems are so far removed from civ's that they don't really have a lot in common. Its sequel on the other hand, Moo2, certainly was a step from Moo1 into a direction more like civilization particularly in the way tech is researched and planets are managed. I loved Moo1 and only played Moo2 much later, but like some of the comments above, I really bounced off it. Planetary management, gaming pacing and fleet battles were all major steps down for me. I remain baffled as to why of the two games, Moo2 is the more popular and the more influential. I can only assume it is because the game and its successors are more civ-like in their execution.
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  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    Has anyone seen Dirty Computer, the "Emotion Picture" by Janelle Monáe? I just watched it and it's visually amazing. Kind of a cross between movie and music video, I guess in the same way as Beyoncé's Lemonade, which I haven't seen. It reminds me a lot of Claire Boucher's (Grimes') videos and it's really just perfectly shot. I don't know if it should be called movie? But then again I'm not sure if calling it an "emotion picture" is a bit pretentious, as if something completely new had been invented. Anyway, it's worth a watch, but most of it is just her music videos + some more stuff in between to tie some kind of basic boring story together.
  5. Free Music Resource - Over 1500 Tracks

    You're very welcome! :-) Hi Folks, This week's new free tracks are: On my Events/Travel 2 page: "Trekkin' on Foot" (Looping) On my Funny/Quirky/Weird page: "Inept '70s Crooks" (Looping) On my Quiet/ Peaceful / Mellow page: "Cruising Back in Time" (Looping) "Valley Sunrise" (Looping) And on my Nature / Science 3 page: "Crossing the Tundra_v001" (Looping) I hope everyone's having a good week. :-)
  6. Another Red Redemption, Dead

    So I finished the game and am currently I am kinda mixed on the game. I obviously liked it enough to finish it. As a technical achievement, graphically, animation, lighting is incredible. It's got a good story, which fits in well with RDR1, I grew to quite like Arthur as a character. I enjoyed alot of the characters, their interactions with each other. But there are problems... bad controls (movement and aiming) I find this with pretty much all Rockstar games. I just could never get to it feel good for me no matter what I tried. Dated game mechanics .. it does feel like a game from 5-10 years ago in many aspects. Mark Brown from Game Makers Toolkit wrote a good piece about this: The game is going for this "realistic" open world feeling but the amount of time things take gets really annoying. Long animations, long travel time etc. It's a video game, and sometimes I would like it to respect my time. There's been a few times were i've thought "one more mission before work" and its taking my over 45 minutes to finish one mission! Not saying I want fast travel everywhere to spoil the exploration but there should be a balance. Having to search a room and going to 5-10 crates and slowly searching each one is silly. The camp made no difference, I stopped donating money and resources after a while and nothing happened. No one else bothers in your camp anyway. Most missions ended up being, slowly going to a place, things kicking off then by magic hordes of enemies appearing out from the trees while you try and ride away. It feels dated like games from years ago. There were plenty of annoyances like spawning after a mission miles away from any town or my horse, the game constantly ignoring my ammo type choice and reverting back to standard ammo, exiting cut scenes into a gun fight where the game un-equips my gun, failing missions because a team mate died, or i went off back to my horse to get a new weapon so I failed for not sticking with people. There is just alot of small details that really add up to retract from the overall experience. It's good, but not the 98% game of the generation for me at all. Looking forward to when multiplayer comes out soon so I can play with my friends. And will polish up some of the side missions and stranger missions in my own time after finishing the main story.
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  8. anime

    Yeah, I'm not saying that the end result came as a particular surprise for me. I was already cynical about how big production companies, Production IG in particular, have made it a policy of consolidating legacy properties and giving them to young writers and directors in order to help them get their sea legs with a product that basically can't fail. In the abstract, I even approve somewhat, given that the first generation of anime creatives has begun to pass away and the second generation is looking to retire. I just wish they'd had something more to say with it? As it stands, the two sequels feel like a business decision rather than a passion project... which I know they were, but still. I guess anime's catching the fever for obligatory sequels, same as every other creative industry, and I guess that it's good that it's just as much to train the next generation as to make scads of money. I just want more, especially from something as storied as FLCL, and not for it to serve merely as a loose thematic framework for coming-of-age stories. At least, after making a dog's breakfast of Ghost in the Shell with the awful ARISE OVAs and The New Movie, it looks like Kenji Kamiyama's coming back to the franchise, hopefully to direct a third season of Stand-Alone Complex rather than to continue the over-grim, over-dramatic world of ARISE.
  9. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Ha ha, all gold!
  10. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Additional Nick Moments(TM): The Pizza Backstory Nick hates many things
  11. anime

    Well, that was, in a way, wholly to be expected. Whenever you dig up an old success, chances are you won't be able to repeat the magic.
  12. anime

    I finally got around to watching FLCL Alternative yesterday. While it was much better than FLCL Progressive, which leaned way too hard into the "pseudo-scientific lore" and "deliberately exotic and ambiguous imagery" axes of the original OVA series, it still felt just as weirdly lightweight in its themes and their presentation. It's like Motohiro Katsuyuki (best known for Psycho-Pass), Uemura Yutaka (best known for Saga of Tanya the Evil), and Iwai Hideto (best known for... nothing? He's written for and acted in some live-action horror movies, I guess) had a great idea for the first episode of FLCL Alternative (which is really, truly wonderful, the best thing to come out of this revival) and a good idea for the last episode (which has its charms, sure), and they just had to kill time for the middle four episodes because it has to have six episodes to be FLCL. The aimlessness is really reflected in the adult characters, especially prime minister and the head of the agency, who come off like they're waiting around for the finale from the first episode. Even Haruko's just kind of... there, like she's a permanent fixture of the FLCL world now rather than an agent of chaos in it. Still, the shift in focus from age 12 to 17 and from a single alienated boy to a group of anxious girls was welcome, albeit shifting from well-trodden ground to even more well-trodden ground, and I didn't finish the last episode regretting my time in their world like I did with FLCL Progressive's stupid dueling Harukos and magical Transformer headphones. Overall, the two new versions of FLCL aren't as bad as I was worried that they'd be, but they're still amateurish efforts to copy a work that's unrepeatable, not just because of the level of creative talent that went into it but because the landscape of anime has changed enough to make a trippy mecha adventure as coming-of-age allegory feel... well, rote. It doesn't help that Production IG seems determined to grab these landmark properties like Ghost in the Shell and FLCL and then hand them off to neophyte teams that struggle to make their own voices heard in them. Much better to let them make their own names with new adaptations, like Nomura Kazuya (who made the execrable Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie) is doing with Run with the Wind.
  13. Netflix Originals

    To All the Boys I've Loved Before is excellent, don't sleep on it. I personally really loathe this era of juggling subscriptions. Netflix kind of snuck in under my wife's purview but that's it. Still such a dumb situation compared to just getting a couple of TV channels and being able to forget about it. Oh well, old person.
  14. Artifact - The Dota Card Game

    The tournament this weekend was very fun to watch, I thought. I hope they take a queue from Magic Arena and add more cool little bespoke animations. They already have a ton of cute voice lines and effects, so I'm expecting some good stuff.
  15. Bloozzard

    Yeah a friend of mine used to run a guild back in vanilla through Wrath and it was basically a second job. He eventually had to stop because it was too damn stressful.
  16. It picks up where The Defenders ended, but aside from that it's very self-contained. The other Defenders are barely even mentioned. It also feels much more like a sequel to Daredevil S1 than S2.
  17. Netflix Originals

    I'd blissfully forgotten about Mute, only made it about a half hour into it before I turned it off. I liked The Get Down's first season, but couldn't be bothered with the second after a couple episodes. Ok I gotta add this to my list. The rom-com setup isn't enticing me, but I've heard enough hype that it warrants a look. The Outlaw King came out on Friday. It's about the Scottish war for independence and the story picks up where Braveheart ended. Starts off strong with a one-take opening scene that really immerses you in the setting, but after that it tapers off a bit. Feels realistically un-glamourous for the most part. There's some decent war scenes and one super-gory part. It's ok. Also watched the first half hour of Orson Welles' The Other Side Of The Wind. It's, uh, kinda all over the place and not really doing anything for me. :|
  18. Building a Library of Images for Everyone

    Hey guys, Brand new seamless images are ready for your projects here: TXR - GROUND - Cartoon Here's a brand new page of distressed cartoon-style paper images. They might be useful for maps and things: TXR - PAPER- Cartoon As always, more music is coming on Wednesday...see you then!
  19. Bloozzard

    Haha, are people going to restart 40 man raiding guilds? Are they going to find old versions of Discursive? We used to have to hold like BUSINESS MEETINGS to maintain our schedules and roster.
  20. Bloozzard

    A lot of vanilla's charm for me was how much was unknown about everything (mostly due to a lack of tools and dataminers.) There's a certain sensation with making discoveries (small and large) that you just don't really get with modern WoW, both because of Blizzard's decisions and the prevalence of outside tools. It's also something you can't exactly recreate now.
  21. Bloozzard

    I can't imagine going to back to WoW Vanilla (stopped playing after Cat(we we're at the farming legendary staves part)), unless you could promise all the friends I used to play with were also going to become as crazy about it again? Like, are they relaunching it so my warlock can get stunlocked to death by some random rogue and death coil is back to its 10 minute cooldown, and doesn't even have the fear? The Naxx event is probably my #1 favorite MMO memory, because our server was the only PvP server in the mix, and we finished 2nd. We would have finished 1st, but a bunch of hardcore open world people were like "we don't need you guys getting better gear to make it easier to kill us" and tried to sabotage the opening, and the ensuing war repeatedly crashed the server during the unique bosses, and especially while Zakhur was trying to ring the bell. Also, because it looked like we might take it a lot of people made alts and marched them to the gates. Hmm. though I just checked the wiki and it looks like we did it 5 days later than Medivh, but my recollection was much closer. weird.
  22. Bloozzard

    All the reviews of Vanilla I have seen, usually from people who played it back in the day, is that its boring and that losing all the improvements of modern WoW is bad. That being said I was interested when they said they would be redoing the big patch events. I have fond memories of when Naxx was released, I logged in right after the patch and stormwind had been taken over by the undead. Spent an enjoyable hour or so retaking the city. That being said I am quickly falling off WoW. Coming back to it was fun for a while but none of the end game content is enjoyable to me anymore.
  23. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    Man, Gaynor era IT is/was one of my absolute favorite media things in this world, and it breaks my heart a little that it's gone-ish. Though. I also felt pretty sad as they lost interest in games generally, mostly through the lens of being an older person who has not experienced that. Haha. It's a bummer that nothing came together for the 10 year anniversary, given the history of one offs and goofs Random memory I always come back to for a laff: 1) Chris saying I'mnickbreckon in a really gruff voice in the early episodes, and the one two-part XMAS spectacular where the recap was just them saying scoops and a fart noise or whatever.
  24. Bloozzard

    My theory is that people confuse vanilla wow being good with being 15 and playing a game with all your friends and having no responsibilities or obligations to do anything but play wow
  25. Hard to say how legitimate the player count is, but it's not that unusual compared to the kind of promo stuff they do regularly.
  26. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    She's having some ups and downs lately. I won't get into detail since it's not my place to discuss her personal life but I've been trying to help her out as much as I can.
  27. THE FORUMS ARE SAVED, we still have spambots!
  28. Bloozzard

    I quit WoW a long time ago (after I was done with Wrath of the Lich King), so I have no idea how the game has evolved. One thing I did notice at the time was how much easier it became to traverse the world. You got quest markers and other convenient tools, and the lure of that was so strong that even I started to skip the quest texts. Vanilla WoW, of which I have good memories, will at least force you to slow down and actually read it and figure out where things are. Sometimes it'll be frustrating, but in the end I think it'll make for a more interesting experience. Not necessarily a smoother one! But way more memorable, since you'll get lost and everything is more opaque. However, I have no idea if I, or anyone else, will think this is all that palatable after being spoiled (in more ways than one) with the convenience of modern day WoW. It reminds me of returning to Morrowind, which doesn't have the conveniences of Oblivion or Skyrim. You really have to adjust to the slower pace and having to follow directions instead of just a dumb arrow on a compass.
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