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  2. Xcom might work but my Surface 3 can't run it well enough, if you have a more tricked out one than me it could work
  3. Galaxy is the best Mario game ever made. 3D World is far less creative and interesting. Also: it's way too easy. D:
  4. One Finger Death Punch was awesome.
  5. Medium is free and you can link it to your Twitter or Facebook account and you are rolling - it would also allow me to follow you and get notifications when you update. Just think of it as doing the same that you are doing on the forum (still post a link or copy/paste here) but it is easier to find for non-forum locals. Any and all talk about Armoured Core fascinates me. I've been a die hard fan of From Software since Otogi and Metal Wolf Chaos, so hearing more about their products is welcome as far as I am concerned.
  6. Y'see, I would be really into this aspect of the game, but there's quite a lot of people and I don't find them visually distinctive enough to be able to remember who is who, and where they live etc. There are some obvious exceptions, of course. I have started to notice a couple of patterns with certain folk regarding where they're likely to be or what they're going to talk about. I think I'm only about 8 hours into the game myself (just started Summer) so more will be revealed over time, but yeah, not completely in love with that aspect right now. Also, I can't wait to get a mega watering can, 'cos watering the crops is tedious, even with my fairly modest starter garden. I find myself looking forward to rain days, so I just forget about watering stuff and go do some fishing. Man, I love fishing!
  7. I was thinking on the early side...I think we did 5ish last time? So probably around then?
  8. This seemed familiar, but I couldn't tell why. "Nioh was first shown off in a trailer at the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo, where it was announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive." Holy development hell batman.
  9. You guys are so wrong about 3D World. It is hands down the best Mario game ever made. It's even better than Sunshine. It does so many clever things with its mechanics and perspective, is packed with so many surprises, and has some of the most challenging stuff to be found in a Mario game. I could write a super long post extolling the virtues of 3D World but the greatness of that game should speak for itself.
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  11. Vorlonesque, that looks gorgeous. What GPU are you using and what resolution are those screenshots in?
  12. I enjoyed Chris's disgust at the new Mario so much.
  13. Frozen Synapse? I have no idea, but it seems like it would work well.
  14. Oh oh, yes that reminds me: Talisman is one I've played on tablet and it works great.
  15. There are also games that while they don't directly support touch screen will work well. If you own any turn based games give them a shot, I can't remember which ones, but some video game versions of board games work quite well.
  16. good call on the Civ games. I have a couple of them... but have never played them. And yeah, controller stuff is good. My wife actually got me a new Xbox One S (bluetooth) controller for Christmas that works great. But for the purposes of this thread, I'm just trying to come up with Windows stuff that works good with just the touch screen. Hearthstone and Duelyst are both constant fixtures of my tablet for instance. I also recently picked up Donsol from after seeing it plugged on RPS which seems well suited. It's a digital card game (like standard deck of cards) that is kind of a dungeon crawler thing. It's interesting.
  17. please send your friends to the website via the url the only url better is
  18. I was gifted this over Christmas and finally got around to playing it over the weekend. I wound up playing for about 9 hours yesterday, it's incredibly difficult to stop. There's always a reason to just play the next day, a crop will be ready, I'll have the money for a barn, oh there's a festival on! I've just started my first winter and wow it looks harsh out there, glad I invested in animals and filled my silo! My farm is still tiny compared to the space that I have so I can see myself losing a lot of time to it. It's not perfect and there's a pile of tiny quirks that get to me(planting seeds, watering, hoe-ing can all be very bizarre with the square you do the action on) and the game generally does a bad job of explaining anything to you. Had myself and my flatmate not played the Harvest Moon games over the years I'd be very lost at times. I'm glad that I seem to be able to get by just fine without interacting with the village much, that was never something that interested me in the Harvest Moon games and this is the same. I just want to build a nice farm! I'm really happy that the game is easy going with how you play and the pace at which you play.
  19. I went through 3D World irritated it wasn't Galaxy, but it grew on me. I second Yarn Yoshi as secret best Wii U game. I played the 3DS demo and if anything it feels even better. Perhaps it's a lag thing, but everything felt a tiny bit tighter. Great game.
  20. Strange to see my observations from over 12 years ago in those threads! Also, I'd forgotten about the 'saberrealisticcombat' cheat mode that Eurogamer mentions - that should really have been a proper menu option. Without wishing to jump the gun on this thread, last week I dipped into Jedi Academy for the first time, prompted by all this. I'm struggling to get into it, but this may be partly because I've set the difficulty level high - which doesn't make it that difficult, just quite tedious (even Tusken Raiders and Stormtroopers take several lightsaber swipes to take down, which doesn't feel like Star Wars).
  21. Nice!
  22. I may at some point. There's a PS3 here which doesn't belong to me, but the roommate who it does belong to hasn't been back to the house in more than a year now for... whatever reason. I should pick up one of the relatively newer Armored Cores and Demon Souls when I get a chance
  23. NEW FEATURE on the homepage: We actually list all of the content on the Idle Thumbs Network on the Idle Thumbs Network homepage. Tell your friends. Rate us on iTunes. Thanks Chris for sniffing around and changing this page that we built five years ago.
  24. No idea if these overlap with others', but here are my clips. Please credit as Gerretic DS1: ("Press R1 to Talk") (falling in Anor Londo rafters) (O&S: A Narrow Escape) ("I just like, pay, like, a modicum of attention when things are happening in the game.") ("This whole time I had never realized what the point of this was; I was just doing it because that was the next step.") DS2: (Nick falls down; unexciting on its own but could be part of a falling down supercut)
  25. Three Moves Ahead 383: Distant Worlds and Aurora The title of the patron backer poll was: "What two (2) inscrutable games do Rob and Troy have to explain to each other?" We found the most incrutabl-iest games we could for our list and the backers voted: Distant Worlds and Aurora would be the games to play. Unfortunately, Troy's head exploded during his valiant effort so this week Rob and Michael will talk about these two behemoths of space strategy. They won't cover everything and won't get everything right, but maybe - just maybe - they'll sell you on what makes these challenging games worth your time. Or not. Probably not. Distant Worlds: Universe, Aurora Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  26. You're very welcome...I hope some of my tracks are helpful! I want to send out a great big heartfelt thank you to everyone who has personally reached out to me about my film "Then Meditative Coast." I'm glad that you're enjoying it and hope that it helps to lower your blood pressure in these stressful times that we live in. Please feel free to share the film with anyone who might find it helpful. In that spirit, here are this week's new free tracks: "Still of Morning"_Looping "Thumbing Across Alaska"_Looping "Serenity in the Sky"_Looping "Tranquility at 30,000 Feet"_Looping "Where the River Begins"_Looping Have a good week, Eric
  27. Is that easy and free? I suppose I could do that if you really think people would be interested in reading this stuff. Ah, I think we had this conversation on Slack a while back. Have you considered revisiting the latter games now that some time has passed? I can see the new controls being a very jarring change at the time for some: At this point though, I imagine the near universal proliferation of that control scheme must have caused it to seep into your brain almost by osmosis if nothing else. Assuming you've managed to avoid console shooters entirely, even just playing Dark Souls has probably gotten you a lot more acclimated to the scheme than you were before.
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