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  2. [Dev Log] Unmasking the Brain Burglar

    The designs look so sweet! I love the concept and the kind-of-escape-room mechanics of it. Best of luck with all the animations/interactions!
  3. I agree with others that this is nice change of pace. I found interesting that these two films were kind of paired together and they do make for some notable contrasts. Although Zulu is considered as a classic film, especially in the war genre and is pretty much a national treasure in the UK. Black Hawk Down has never really achieved this status although a notable film of the early 2000's and the timing to come out so close to 9.11 is an important factor. You guys take on Black Hawk down I think in some ways might be best described by Norm "Hoot" Hooten played by Eric Bana, when he says at the end "They won't understand". That is kind how it feels from your description of the film. Not saying someone has to have served in the military or in combat to understand, but maybe it would help somewhat. The film is clearly about the bond among warriors, they have no say in the politics, but as war is an extension of politics they are the ones who have to actually physical execute that extension. When the soldiers are constantly wanting to return to the fight, that is not Hollywood bravado but that is how they are, even if it means a high chance they will not make it out like in the case with the Shugiart and Gordon. Even though the mission did not go as planned when the Black Hawk was shot down,. the dedication to duty and each other saw them through. Still in the end the mission was a success, which even the film really does not really make note of, perhaps in part because the mission was not really important to the story as much as the actions of the men that day was. The opening quote in the film from Plato that only the dead escape war really sets the tone of this film. I think only because it came out so close to 9.11 that it became to be viewed differently. I can see your point that the film does go over the top in the amount of scenes of combat that are depicted. Being a Jerry Brukheimer film who never saw an explosion he did not like, it seems of the 1000 or so Somalis killed all are shown in the film. That being said, I don't see a white washing of that day as was mentioned. Certainly details that were expressed in the book all could not have made it into a 2 hour so film. They show the failure of the plan to deal with the exposure of the black hawks at low altitude, which threw the mission off the rails to begin with. Then the other key factors like navigating the convoy through the city, and the fact that they did not have armor vehicles of their own, that if they had, certainly would have made a difference. Instead the film does show how needing to after the fact coordinate with the Pakistan UN forces delayed things even further. I am not sure if one could watch the film and think that did not demonstrate that things did not go as planned. Still as in real life, the men in the film on the ground are depicted doing their best of the situation. As for Zulu, it actually was meant to be kind of a British "cowboys and Indians" film. That is how Cy Endfield even described it. The Zulu extras were shown western films to help demonstrate how they wanted them to act. Zulu is an enjoyable film, and one that was certainly design to play on the hearts of British nationalism. By adding the Zulu salute at the end of the film, which is great for the story telling, but also helps distract the viewer that the British at the time were invading Zulu land. Where as Black Hawk Down, several times makes the point that the US military are the foreigners there. That even if they kill or capture Aideed nothing would change. The real life event at Rourke's Drift had little military impact on the conflict. However, the heroic actions of the deffenders allowed the British government to play that up after the disaster at Isandlwanda. , Lastly, the film The Searchers was definitely a film if not speaking out against racism trying to expose it. I think sometimes if the protagonist of a film is depicted as racist the film can be mistaken as racist. A film I think of kind of as a pair with Black Hawk Down, in part because they were both released around the same time was We Were Soldiers. That film does try to add flesh to characters, especially in the early part of the film before they are deployed to Vietnam. Also the North Vietnamese troops are not as faceless as the Somalis are in Black Hawk Down. The film seems to go more out of the way to show respect to the enemy in the film and overall is in some ways at least in style more closer to Zulu in that regard.
  4. [Dev Log] Super Expert Pro: The Fable of Love

    Finally had some time this weekend to make some good visible progress
  5. Yesterday
  6. Episode 457: A Look Back at 2018

    Played ITB a bit more, I warmed up to it after I realized I could unlock other squads and that they were not achievement dependent. I think the game's limitations really show when you're using the same squad all the time and continued enjoyment is heavily dependent upon taking different combinations of mechs, pilots & add-ons. But after taking about 12 tries to win with the first set of mechs, I won the game first time every time with all the other squads save Zenith which took two goes. This is on normal with four islands. Apparently paying to upgrade mechs, not buy expensive non-class items, is the way to do it. Didn't bother with the secret squad. That said, the game is enjoyable in the sense that you can do a battle quickly, and a campaign is fairly short. But it does still feel quite simple and when your whole squad gets webbed up it's really frustrating. Also as a minor quibble, I don't get why I can't judo throw a bug into another bug, you'd think that would be an obvious tactic.
  7. Building a Library of Images for Everyone

    I can’t believe we’re so far into January already…where does the time go?? Anyhow, brand new realistic seamless textures are waiting for you here: TXR – CONCRETE / PAVEMENT TXR - GROUND TXR – ROCK/STONE 2 TXR – VEGETATION TXR – WOOD New music is on its way as well…I’ll be posting a list on Wednesday. See you then! :-)
  8. [Dev Log] Palpable Dreams

    Today I worked on scene transitions. The first level after the title and "tutorial" screens is still very much work in progress, but the idea is to find an anomaly by guiding the swarm with your mouse. Please, try to ignore the Youtube compression. I sure can't. :/
  9. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I've considered my strategy: I'll create two strike teams of apostles and gurus, backed up by missionaries for the actual conversion. Before attacking, I'll try to drain some of the Aztec's inquisitors by converting a satellite city they have on a faraway island and hope the AI will fall for the ruse. Then I'll convert the requisite handful of preselected cities I need to secure the religious victory. It'll take some twenty turns to prepare, but I'm going to gamble on nothing dramatically shifting during that time. I'm playing on Prince, so it's not all that hard and the AI is barely aggressive.
  10. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    I like all of this. Also, to add I threw in about 260 dollars on the original kickstarter, but wasn't a patreaon supporter due to not having a regualr job/income at that time. If the Thumbs did come back, and I get the job I am hoping for - I will definitely be backing them, even if it is only 5 dollars.
  11. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Civ 6 Switch update: Played some more, still digging it. After looking up some youtube playthroughs, I discovered so many little details about playing this game that I never would've known otherwise... it's brought my religious victory a lot closer. I was butting heads with two other civs going for religion (or "missionary style" as I'd like to call it), without going anywhere. My main opponent (Aztec) kept spamming inquisitors to undo any push in their territory. Fortunately, I hadn't yet tried to proselytise England, so just today I was able to catch them off-guard. I surrounded their cities with missionaries and one battle-ready pack of appostles backed by gurus. Within three turns I'd simultaneously converted their entire civ, presumably blocking off their ability to pump out any more apostles or inquisitors of their faith. With that out of the way, I'll turn my attention to the Aztec now, the last remaining non-shinto civ... and a tough foe to beat. Their lands are swarming with zealots. I've tried to get other civs to stamp them out of existence twice, but these wars didn't lead to anything. My best bet will be to do the same as I did with England: swarm them with missionaries until I have <50% of their cities, possibly donating some of my own cities to tip the balance. It'll be tricky, but it's my only shot.
  12. Life

    Hhahah - I only saw this now, you never replied to my message so I figured you did your own thing. Khao San road is weird because it has always been a mess but now it is becoming popular with young, rich Thais as a place to slum it with crusty foreigners. I hate it there and only go if I am looking to get shit-faced or hook-up (and even then, at 38 years old it is an awkward thing to meet people on Khao San) China Town is really nice and I am glad you found a good place to sit and drink. I love Bangkok a lot and wish I could stay here forever, but I am already looking at jobs in Toronto, Edinburgh, London and Brighton.
  13. Psychonauts 2

    So, the T-Shirts were supposed to get delivered to my old place of work but never showed up. The company in charge is doing a bang up job of trying to redirect them. Also, this Starbreeze stuff is a little worrying
  14. AGDQ 2019

    The Super Metroid run this year was reverse boss order and it's really intense. A big chunk of the run is done without having the needed suits so Samus is constantly taking damage just from the environment. There are multiple points in the route where the runner uses the crystal flash technique to restore his health, all of which are intended.
  15. Last week
  16. [Dev Log] Unmasking the Brain Burglar

    Progress has been a bit slow. I think I underestimated how much work it would be to get all the animations and interactions in. I have finished the first head and added two more, but not all the interactions are there yet. I hope I can finish those this weekend, and then I'll have next week to make the last face and get all the menus and other odds and ends in there. The dialogues are now editable and reorderable in the unity editor, which makes them a bit easier to manage. In my previous game I had them all in separate script files. I did this with this script by t0chas: Maybe someone else will also find this useful.
  17. [Dev Log] Palpable Dreams

    Tutorial screen. I will get to the gameplay at some point, probably.
  18. [Dev Log] Tactical Gamer Chair

    So I'm making progress with this, but not a lot of progress. Work's been busy and I'm not feeling particularly energetic. However, here's where I'm at at the moment: I put some placeholder buildings on the sides of the road to make it clear that you're sliding down a hill. I also modelled and rigged the gamer; I didn't feel like spending ages painting vertex weights, so I just made it an abstract dummy. Setting up the physics asset in UE4, while it's now possible, is still flaky, so it took longer than I'd have liked. Also, sitting a character on top of the chair meant that it would no longer slide downhill, so I abandoned the entirely physics-driven movement. What I've got at the moment is super simple; it just moves the chair forward along whatever surface is underneath it, so it can (sort of) deal with the ramps, until it goes over the end of them and the chair just snaps down to the road, causing the physics to freak out. I need to write some basic collision handling (You can just pass through the buildings at the moment), and then deal with ramps properly. I'm thinking I'll do something like set a flag whenever you're on a ramp, and whenever you're no longer on a ramp give you an arc based on how fast you were moving. Oh, that's another thing, there's no acceleration at the moment. Need to add that.
  19. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    Recently replayed this, and then played the expansions for the first time. I really, really loved Hearts of Stone despite it still being in Velen. Really liked how focused the story was and gaunter o'dimm was really interesting. Blood and Wine had a cool locale but I mostly didn't care about the story. The expansions also felt like the first time where I really had to focus up on what bombs to use and stuff because some of the those fights were tough as hell.
  20. AGDQ 2019

    The run for Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion (my favourite game of 2018) was really good, but the runner was a bit, uhh, I dunno, put me off a bit. His couch were three women who he forgot to introduce and then barely interacted with, which is a shame because I would have loved to hear them talk way more than he did. At one point he got up during a 5 minute cutscene and started doing the floss dance (poorly) for the whole duration. At least it got a lot of donations.
  21. AGDQ 2019

    I've started watching the VODs. I admit my enthusiasm for this event has waned over the years but its still fun to watch. So far the Dead Cells race is a highlight. It's really confusing if you aren't familiar with the game and probably still is even if you are but it's fast paced and very energetic.
  22. [Dev Log] Esophagus Sarcophagus

    Eww, I like it. Gameplay looks
  23. Mailbag for a Tattered Nation

    Looking very good already and that concept is very intriguing.
  24. [Dev Log] A Thousand Dormant Machines

    As you can see here, implementing line error codes. This is what a material collision currently looks like. Hilarious, but probably need to change it.
  25. [Dev Log] A Thousand Dormant Machines

    Added some "crawling ants" type effect so you can see which conveyors are working, and what the material is that they are carrying! *squeee*
  26. [Dev Log ] To Me, To Me, To Me

    I like that your weapon appears to be a bouncing ball. Those robots will never expect that! Check out Alwa's Awakening for an NES styled platformer that really nailed it!
  27. [Dev Log ] To Me, To Me, To Me

    Thanks everyone! I'm kind of more nervous about making these kind of nes style graphics than those hires monster illustrations in my previous game. Even though 8bittish retro platformer is a super common genre I feel like I rarely see new games that capture that style that games like Ducktales had. Of course there's a heavy dose of nostalgia with these things but I think there is this beautiful balance of abstraction and detail here that I'm still interested in seeing and making. Well I've been tinkering with gameplay stuff and not made much new art anyway.
  28. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Sounds pretty reasonable. Sunshine somewhere this summer (perfect game for it), Galaxy 1 + 2 next year to tide us over, maybe Mario Maker in between, then Odyssey 2 near the end of the switch life cycle, possibly overlapping with Switch2U.
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