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  2. Oh man, just had a great round, including a 475m 1-shot K98 headshot - I literally said "oh baby" out loud to an empty room when I hit that. However most of this was the M4, which (as much as I know it is OP and needs a nerf) I am going to miss. The spray pattern with all the attachments is really satisfying to control, and a small part of me is sad that I will spend most of my time playing with guns that don't feel as good to handle now (save crate drops). It's the right thing for the overall game, but damn that gun feels good pre-nerf.
  3. Agreed on all counts. I am excited to see some more details on the balance changes, as the patch notes paint with a pretty broad brush ("increased AR recoil" etc). I am especially interested in how they've differentiated within weapon classes (e.g. how is the SCAR different from the M4 now), as they seem to imply in the patch notes. Devs are killing it recently. Great start to 2018 for PUBG Corp.
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  5. BIIIIIIIIIIIG game update! Almost all weapons are being re-balanced, they are adding 3 new grips and 2 new scopes, adding a new weapon, adding a new vehicle, and once again, tweaking the Miramar map. There's also a bunch of changes to other elements of the game, so this one's gonna be a big difference. I think it will feel as big a jump going from early access to 1.0. I welcome basically all of these changes though. I just want those circle speed changes to come back and I'll be very happy with the state of the game.
  6. Jeff Goldblum

    Sounds like this is the wrong thread for you.
  7. Era Of Brutality

    Cheers, working on some more content atm, hoping to have a more workable demo in the next few months! I will be updating the main facebook and website pages with videos and pictures as and when I can atm we are crying out for another python programmer to join the team to help out
  8. I’ve done a bit of the dungeon run stuff, but the drop rate of interesting stuff in packs isn’t high enough to keep me interested in the main game. I refuse to pay money, and they refuse to give me enough free things.
  9. Jeff Goldblum

    Jeff Goldblum used to be one of my favorite character actors and I feel like the past couple years of Goldblum memes have made me never really want to see him in movies again. Being so nakedly over-exposed to his thing makes it feel way less spontaneous and endearing.
  10. Jeff Goldblum

  11. Gonna do some salesmanship for Golf Story, which I think is a kinda-average game that I happened to really love. Golf Story pefectly fits a niche for the Switch that, now that I've finished the game, I'm clamoring to fill again: a light-hearted and low-stakes (yet engaging) game that's perfectly playable and enjoyable in time increments as small as 30 seconds. I suppose any turn-based (or not-real-time) RPG would fit that bill, mostly, except turn-based RPG combat systems are a hard sell for me and I'm easily bored by the ultra-high-stakes fantasy/sci-fi plots in those games. The writing in Golf Story is often entertaining, but the actual golf story is mercifully simplistic. Anyway, the Switch (and handhelds in general) are where these sorts of games thrive. The ability to play a single hole of golf or chat up a few NPCs while, for example, I'm waiting for bread to toast, is invaluable. I'm very excited for the Switch port of West of Loathing as I suspect it will be the ideal replacement game to fill this niche. Addendum: If you ever played and enjoyed the Camelot Mario sports games for Game Boy, just get Golf Story already. IDK if those Camelot games hold up, but Golf Story is like your rose-tinted memory of them.
  12. Anybody still playing? I've been getting to rank 5 each season and then just playing arena with the gold from quests. The meta seems to have changed a lot since the expansion from Cubelock and aggro Paladi...---- Oh oops. I think this might be the most similar meta I have ever seen in Hearthstone. There's ridiculous stats showing 5-6 viable Paladin decks which are all at the top of the meta.
  13. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Human Fall Flat is a good time in singleplayer if you like physicsy platformers and puzzle solving. But where it really shines is in co-op. On Switch you'll probably want two controllers to play co-op tho. Apparently it's a bit too complex to be played comfortably with a single joycon.
  14. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I sank many a day into Stardew Valley on the PC a while a go so I'm gonna avoid it so it doesn't happen again. I've also already played Overcooked. I think I'll give Human Fall Flat a try. What do you like about it?
  15. Jeff Goldblum

  16. Era Of Brutality

    Those sound like some interesting mechanics. Best of luck!
  17. Last week
  18. Twin Peaks Rewatch 4: Rest in Pain

    Spoilers relate to the return! It’s kind of interesting to see how much of an ass Albert is but also how much he retains the “i ain’t taking no nonsense” (see his interactions in the return even if it also mellows with time. I think i had a weird feeling when cooper mentioned the dream- did he actually see Lucy in his dream? It felt like he started describing something completely different. Also coop teasing audrey is still bad. I wonder if bobby announcing he was gonna do stuff at the funeral was a good idea or not (it increases tension - hitchcocks bomb- but spreads out his rage across a long time). Im glad Shelley got in on the gag about Lelands coffin adventure. I got a really weird feeling towards the end. Coop and hawk take Leland home, the assumption is that this is his safety space but it’s clearly not a great place Sarah and Leland create a toxic mix - it’s more about shuffling him off outside our vision. I like how the bookhouse boys still have to do their sign even if they are sitting near each other talking about the bookhouse boys. It’s odd that the law man buys into the vigilante crew so easily (probably because it has the veneer of a conspiracy theory) also I find the ed and nadine stuff awkward. It feels like ed is supposed to be seen as sympathetic. But the way ed treats nadine is pretty objectively gross.
  19. I've come to realize that Valve employees are, in fact, responsible for humankind's original sin, as well as all subsequent sinning. Not Divinity: Original Sin though. I know that's from another publisher.
  20. Recently completed video games

    I took a break just like that when I played and I think it was a good idea. The expansions are as good as if not better than the main game, but the burnout can be very real. I just finished the WiiU classic Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, a Shin Megami Tensei/Fire Emblem crossover JRPG where you lead a squad of Japanese idols to save everyone from evil forces that feed off of people's artistic essences. This game was very silly but its heart is in the right place and the writing is very good and fun. Like this is a game where one of the characters at one point has a tv role as Sneeze Detective, a detective who has multiple personalities that change when she sneezes and there's random chances for characters to break into songs or whatever and do adorable super attacks mid combat. My main complaints would probably be that the dungeons are kinda lame and that Tsubasa's boobs are absurd.
  21. [WIP] Strategy Gniarf

    Thanks Travis, i saw your message earlier and I had nothing else to say than "oh ! oh ! Thanks ! A lot !" and in the excitment I forgot to actually post haha ! I'd like to show you something, I wanted a better vizualisation of Gniarf moving, I did that : Gniarfs flying to the tiles they are taking, any feedbacks ? Thanks for reading me !
  22. Designer Notes 38: Brian Reynolds - Part 1

    Looks like Nightdive ported Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender to Windows.
  23. Free Music Resource

    More new free tracks are ready for your projects: On the Action 3 page, we have: "Wild West Coast Racing 2" (looping) On the Funny 5 page: "Quirky Countdown" (looping) And for aerial videos (or perhaps other things) we have: "Rendezvous with Ice Crystals" on my Nature/Science 2 page Enjoy...and have a good week!
  24. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Oh, please do put your thoughts about Labo here, Miffy! Otherwise it's just my own super early impressions and I'd like to see multiple opinions here.
  25. Is Steam (Valve) Good? If not, what then?

    I have to take it all back what I took back. Valve is the most evil entity on the planet. They're single handedly responsible for everything that's wrong with PC games today. Their employees stink and they're hiding the pee tape.
  26. Tone Control 24: Bennett Foddy

    I adored this. Wonderful talk.
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