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  2. I too had the experience of suddenly getting a ton of robocalls. Fortunately, they have massively declined since downloading the Mr. Number app. I highly recommend getting it or a similar spam-call blocker. There was also some time between me finding out these calls were likely the scams Kyir posted about and me getting the app, so for some time I would always pick up the phone without saying anything until I knew it was safe. Even now, I typically only say "Hello" for unknown numbers until they identify themselves.
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    Inis is my favourite game of last year, and probably of the last several years. So good. And absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.
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  6. @kyir thanks for the link, that's exactly what I was talking about.

    Yeah, I enjoyed all of the terminal non-sense in this game.
  8. Designer Notes 35: Manveer Heir

    Thank you.
  9. Pre-Discussion: NW

    Hello!! We have been terrible and not updated anyone on the status of the podcast. But fear not, we've just recorded our episode on NW and it will be released soon in what we've retroactively decided to call "Season 3" of the Idle Book Club. For those of you who have still stuck around during the long delay (again, sorry) our next episode will be on The Odyssey, specifically the new Emily Wilson translation.
  10. I've gotten fake robocalls that claim to be from the FBI and IRS before that are very clearly just PII scams. The "hey pick me up" calls are probably more related to this sort of thing: With Chris getting called three times from the same number, it may be that some other robocall service (or related scam) is spoofing your phone number to call other people. I've gotten calls from other people that seemed to be suggesting that I had called them all the time, and that's the only explanation I can think of for that kind of thing.
  11. Had to chime in on this one. on fake news and lies: When Princess Diana died I was a senior in high school and for some reason I started telling people that mayim bialik (Blossom) had died the same day but was overshadowed by the Princess. I started to believe my own lie, meanwhile mayim bialik had bowed out of public life to get a phd. I would tell this story from time to time, the fictive gloss rubbing off each time, until someone told me no, she's on that shitty show the big bang theory. self-hoist? on those robo calls: Again late 90s or early 2000s, and having trouble tracking this down, but there was a penny stock that blew up and people investigated. It was a phone service (the actual service I can't remember) but they got people to sign up by cold calling and speaking very lowly "would you like to sign up for the service" and trying to get keep to answer in the affirmative. Then you would get a small surcharge on your phone bill that you likely woudn't notice, like under a dollar. This is something like a 7 year old would try (in a whisper) "mom, can i have a cookie?" Ever since I try to never use affirmative words when talking to telemarketers.
  12. Haven't listened to the episode yet (won't be able to until tomorrow), but I'll take any excuse to link to this: (And if anyone's jonesing for some more Pavement, these are their two best songs in my opinion: "Unseen Power of the Picket Fence" and "Grounded." So god damn good--perfect tunes to relax to at work going into the weekend. Thanks for the reminder!)
  13. Recently completed video games

    Currently £2.99 on Humble Store, will check it out!
  14. Designer Notes 35: Manveer Heir

    it might be because he's always calling out to his wife Debra. I can see the comparison.
  15. Hah! Well if this scam is similar but with different goals, maybe they'll do a follow up episode. It sounds like a somewhat different scam but it seems to have a similar thing where an automated system tries to keep you on the line for some reason. It's a good episode though, I recommend it.
  16. Wow ok haha. In a desperate hope of ever learning what it was I tweeted a link to this week’s episode to the hosts of Reply All. Crazy (if unsurprising) that they may have already come across it.
  17. Hah, thanks so much! Yeah it was a fun conversation and yeah I ruin people's language, unfortunately. Nina is not on the Idle Thumbs forums as far as I'm aware, but pinging her on twitter would be the way to go! Thanks for listenin
  18. I was going to say the weird phone thing you mentioned sounds like this, but I thought they said it had to be a toll free number. So, training an AI must be it. It's an episode of the podcast "Reply All", describing a scam that sounds very similar. Someone calls toll free numbers and tries to keep them on the line as long as possible, by being weird and appealing to curiosity, and there's some way they get money through the toll free system. Could be they use regular numbers to train their AI or recordings to make the calls longer.
  19. Landis should be a host of this podcast.
  20. Based on how I've seen you react to other things, this is probably correct. The Orville is definitely not for everyone, I mainly wanted to point out that there's more to the show than "Seth Macfarlane in space".
  21. Designer Notes 35: Manveer Heir

    I loved this interview, but I have to say Manveer sounds suspiciously like Ray Romano.
  22. Important If True 46: Cut Your Hair This week we discover that no matter how far flung life's questions may seem, there may be a universal key that unlocks them all. For instance: How do you completely collapse the degrees of separation between you and viral HQ winners? Do you actually remember anything that happened on the childhood television shows you hold so dear? What do the multiple robocall personalities who continue to call you at home, make demands of you, get noticeably bored and then hang up on you, actually want? The answer to all of them is, inexplicably, that you should cut your hair. At least, that's what we've been led to believe. Discussed: "If You're Going to San Francisco (to Return to Your Old Barber But Want to Really Act Up the Fact That You Were In Canada) (Put Flowers In Your Hair)", unconventional Canadian sex/hair desires, HQtie of the year flipping out after winning $11.30 in HQ Trivia, The Elephant Show, Sesame Street, Nick Breckon wax housing Landis the hairdresser, the long arm of "Wax House, Baby", horror film podcast The Rants Macabre, pointlessly but insidiously altering the apparent history of short-lived children's cartoon Street Sharks, the mutual idiocy that is information aggregation on the internet, Street Sharks vandal copycat killer, ruining our own stupid childhoods, inexplicable robocalls, getting good advice over the phone, getting hung up on by a robot, those gross fungus toe ads for mortgage refinancing and stuff, the marketing matrix, The Marketing Matrix, I literally can't even explain the dumb internet shit we made up on this part of the podcast, Mellotron keyboard but instead of violin samples it has a bro telling you to cut your hair, Being John Malkovich but instead of being John Malkovich it has a bro telling you to cut your hair, "laff box" for creating televised laugh tracks live, our fractal gaslight reality, inappropriate diluting and genericizing of the phrase "Wax House, Baby" Send us your questions at If you enjoyed this and would like to subscribe to an ad-free feed, please consider supporting Idle Thumbs by backing our Patreon. Jake's Endorsement: The Director's Cut podcast from the Director's Guild of America Chris' Endorsement: Collecting all your paper-based ephemera and, amidst a nostalgia explosion, organizing it (for instance, into a file box like this with file folders like this) Nick's Endorsement: Reverse-searing your cheeseburger Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  23. Far Cry 2 now Backwards Compatible on Xbox One

    I use it all the time. I've been replaying Child of Eden, Rage, Frontlines: Fuel of War, EDF 2017 and Driver: San Francisco. I can't find my copy of Far Cry 2 though.
  24. They really went to a place there!
  25. Star Wars Episode 8

    Yeah, this was super distracting.
  26. I loved this. Thanks so much guys. It's hilarious how much vocabulary you share, like the 'owned' thing -- I've not used people used it so Steveishly before. The rain came up slowly at such a perfect time I thought at first you had edited it in. Extremely relaxing, I love that sound. Is Nina on these forums as well? Or should I '@' her on the tweets?
  27. Far Cry 2 now Backwards Compatible on Xbox One

    What would that be? I think it would need a jif. Waluigi, wearing MeUndies and riding a big dog, jumps over a Casper mattress, vomits a meme to the tune of The Nutcracker, looks at the camera - "Stay spicy, 20XX" - then gallops away before a grenade rolls down a hill and destroys them. "Threat a-neutralized!" Edit. Ok, that whole image of someone riding a big dog is giving me deja-vu. Did they talk about this or something similar on the podcast? On topic, is anybody using the backwards compatibility? I'm hoping to pick up a second-hand One S this year as 4K bluray player and I'm glad I'll be able to use it as a 360 too (sold mine years ago but kept the games.) It'll be nice having the ability to play Nuts & Bolts again, but does anybody actually use it?
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