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  2. I don't know if I'm the biggest fan of the art style but I'm such a huge fan of the original Alone in the Dark that I'll probably end up getting it anyway unless the reviews are really bad. I like how the gameplay sounds. I'm really hoping it's not another roguelike though.
  3. Was this thread a prediction of the Oscar's giving the award to the wrong fucking movie?
  4. I have yet to do any highlighting of any sort because i don't know what to do. Weeee! I think that looks pretty good! The shield looks a bit splotchy maybe, but I like the armor. O:
  5. I think the only real way this joke plays is if you host a screening.
  6. The chat about the possibility that Murder She Wrote might once have been filmed on the set of the Jaws ride reminded me of the movie Escape From Tomorrow, which is an independently-made feature film that was shot covertly in Disneyworld without permission from the big D. I don't think you guys have discussed this before but given the frequency with which Disney parks are mentioned I think it might be relevant to your interests? It's not a great movie, though it's weird and silly in a kind of sub-Lynchian way. But I'm sure it will be super interesting to any fan of the parks, and it's really remarkable what the filmmakers achieved with consumer-grade cameras and actors pretending to be tourists. I have no idea how it got made on a technical level, and it's amazing that Disney's reaction has basically been 'eh, whatever'. Though to be fair, it did kind of make me want to go to Disneyworld...
  7. I also tried it offline with some people, with similar results.
  8. Nice! here is my latest - I have a real problem with highlights, I never seem to go far enough.
  9. Sadly it's call is not baboo bubo2mono.wav bubomono.wav
  10. The Tea Party showed pretty demonstrably that you can completely reshape a party without it losing its name.
  11. I agree with you, but It's hard to do that without guranteeing Republicans control for the forseeable future.
  12. The Democratic party doesn't actually serve any general constituency. They keep seeing the public make loud, clear requests and they keep saying no. It's time for a new party, please.
  13. I'm in a similar position, but have different sensitivities. The torture in Pan's Labryinthe was too much for me and I just can't handle an hour of being incredibly tense. I'd say Black Swan is the upper limit of what I'm willing to watch.
  14. devlog

    I have a working game and don't honestly know where to go from here. The game is a relaxed real time strategy game. No conquering armies or bloodthirsty soldiers. You are the CEO of a drug company and must expand. What makes the game unique, I hope, is that you play with your mobile phone on your computer. You can have multiplayer with one screen, as long as everybody has a phone. It can be cooperative or competitive, or both. The game is working as I stated, but it needs a hell lot of testing and tweeking, and everything (I am thinking about remaking it from scratch, so for the DEVLOG). I am interested in first impressions and advices. You can visit my website to know more. Thank you.
  15. In re: ads: I forgot I had the Patreon stream and was very confused when some offhand comment was made about reading ads and then the conversation just started again. I was trying to figure out for a good 10 minutes or so what product this was about to transition into before I remembered I had swapped out the feeds in my 'cast app.
  16. There is a comic strip where, I think, Ms. Marvel complains about having accidentally rented The Room instead of Room. This happened to me recently when my partner borrowed The Room from the internet instead of Room.
  17. Ghostbusters: The Video Game Picked this up for like £1 during the Steam winter sale. Never played it on PS3/ Xbox 360 originally. I thought it was okay, the best thing about it was all the original games starring and working on the game. I found the random character you played as had nothing interesting about him what-so-ever. I guess they had to do that? You couldn't play as one of the four GBs so instead just some voiceless, emotionless dude.
  18. Looking great bigjko! Puffinw as definitely one of the stand out games as far as visual impact went. I couldn't believe how good it looked when I played through it! Really pumped that you're going to put some substance into the game, I think it has legs!
  19. Another point on the graph: Mystery jazz theme plus shitty early 90's drum loops equals
  20. How scary is it? What kind of scary is it? I'm really bad with certain sorts of horror movies but I really want to watch this. For reference, Black Swan was too spooky for me, and The Ring fucked me up so badly that I was effectively broken for a couple weeks, but "horror" movies like Alien, Slither, etc. don't even scare me. I'm not really sure why things that scare me scare me or why things that don't scare me don't scare me, but I think jump scares are probably the worst and gore/body horror aren't scary at all. Can I see this movie?
  21. Strongly agree. There is a lot of movie here. Here are some spoiler-filled questions!
  22. The links: Steel Panthers World at War Steel Panthers World War 2 Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank
  23. Three Moves Ahead 386: Steel Panthers Fun fact: Did you know that if you search for "Steel Panthers" on Google Images you will find both A) screenshots of the Steel Panthers series and B) photographs of an active glam rock band named Steel Panther? Go ahead, look for yourself. I'll wait. Did you check? Pretty crazy that people are still into that. In any case, our Patreon supporters voted and decided that this month Rob and Troy "It's all about penetration and angles" Goodfellow talk about Steel Panthers the video game. Not the band. Steel Panthers, Steel Panthers 2, The Operational Art of War, Command Ops Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  24. I'm only about halfway through this thread but this has some extremely good content. My god
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