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  1. [Release] TresPunker

    Thanks! I found an archive online of just about all the sounds from the original game, and then proceeded to have too much fun implementing as many as I reasonably could.
  2. [Release] TresPunker

    Suppose I should post this here. A bit late to the jam but what are ya gonna do. Tres-Punker An inexplicably cyberpunk take on Jurassic Park: Trespasser Inspired from the fun time when Nick stream Trespasser
  3. [RELEASE] Transmission Lost

    What zirrrus said, this art seems way above jam quality
  4. The Power of 45 Brains

    Day three: So i started day 3 by animating the laser fire which in slow motion looks a little something like this And then i goofed around some more an in box of mirrors (Please ignore the broken placeholder gun) Then i spent most of the rest of the time making this prototype menu This menu is such that even though its an intense game, anyone will be able to easily choose what resolution to run it at and hopefully get some good performance still. If you can run the main menu demo scene at an acceptable framerate, then youll be able to play the game fine. Thats about it, doesnt feel like i have much to show for it but i was doing lots of stuff i swear. I also built the game out and let some people test it to confirm it runs at all and it seems to work as long as your hardware can run dx11 ok!
  5. [Released] Get Hoisted!

    Dang, this is looking pretty quality, nice character with a funny face all rigged and animated and some good explosion effects. Keep up the good work!
  6. Welp, i guess this is my devlog now. hi. I've chosen "The Power of 45 Brains" as my jam title idea doodad. I've also decided to use my in-house(of-one-person) rendering engine with no name. It uses GPU accelerated ray tracing to render geometry. Ray tracing is a simple form of light simulation that has the main benefit of being able to do perfect: hard shadows, reflections, and refractions. This of course comes with manyyy drawbacks, the biggest of which being the reconstruction of geometry which takes some fraction of a second-to a few seconds for a reasonable amount of low poly assets. 30 seconds to a minute for high detail scenes. I hope to implement a better acceleration structure and reconstruction method before next jam so this wont be as much of an issue. But that does mean that for this jam, objects in the game world that need to move will be sparsely updated every so often, so even if the game renders smoothly the game objects with teleport around. Im going to embrace this and try to design the enemies in the game around this. Heres an interesting gfy of my renderer in action Now, with the prefacing out of the way, on to the dev part! Day one: I spent most of day one goofing off rendering @root's low poly nick breckon head in my renderer... But some good things came of this and i fixed a few rendering bugs and added in skinned mesh support to my renderer. dont know if ill even need that but its good to have. So, heres a few images of weird stuff i did on the first day Day two: I need lasers in my game so I started day 2 by writing in laser support to my renderer's volumetric fog algorithm. Which ended up looking something like this: Surpisingly the laser implementation i did worked more or less on the first try, but a few bugs cropped up that needed to be squashed later and they were indeed. Next up i needed a first person laser control mechanism so i did it. (ive fixed the laser lagging behind a bit, it need to be in FixedUpdate) This is trickier than it may look, because the stretched cube placeholder here isnt being rendered by my thing, because, if you recall the game objects in my renderer only update so often which would make for a gun that would be lagging behind, so, its being rendering by another camera onto a renderTexture thats composited onto my renderers output. i think it works quite well! The downside of this is that somewhat ironically in a game with a rendering engine capable of perfect reflections, you wont be able to see yourself. Ill probably have to come up with a reason for this later or maybe not who knows,,, I did some other stuff that cant be shown yet but its coming along nicely i think. sorry if i typed way too much and it was a lot to read.
  7. [Released ] The Wizard

    I really like the style of all this stuff, looks of good faces and expressions