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  1. The first version had a cool atmosphere, excited where you take it this time
  2. [Released] A Thousand Dormant Machines

    +1 for candy factory!
  3. [Released] Meet the Kerfluffles

    That looks very cute already. The animations are
  4. Mailbag for a Tattered Nation

    That's an interesting concept and the illustration already looks cool! The scope sounds reasonable, too
  5. [RELEASED] Tactical Gamer Chair

    This looks fantastic! I Imagine a little gamer-dot-gobbler sitting in that chair....
  6. [dev log] A Wish Upon A Star

    Well, you were reeeeally close to beating this level when you reached this point here: Thanks for playing and streaming!
  7. [dev log] A Wish Upon A Star

    @SharedControl @eRonin @Nappi @brendonsmall @pdotjpg Thank you for playing and giving feedback! A lot of good thoughts there, and none of it too critical! Looking back I agree that some levels could be much smaller / focussed on specific things. They became quite big pretty soon because it's tempting to use all your mechanics at once I guess. I tried to introduce each one separately but one thing I really didn't expect was that people find the game too hard. During the jam, I constantly was afraid of everything being too simple, so I added and added and added stuff to the levels to make them harder or more complicated - and probably overdid it sometimes. I forgot that as a game creator you are automatically an expert at your game and everybody else isn't, at least at launch. It is also correct that it is rather click-heavy. I wanted to add "hold to raise/lower", but an early implementation of that broke other stuff so I decided to use what's already working and finish the game. I might come back to this later because when it worked it felt so much better than clicking each time you want to move something. I also want to go over each level and fix some cases where blocks are really hard to reach or where they can disappear behind others, forcing you into a reload. Fortunately, everything is set up so that this is pretty easy to do, it's just tedious and time-consuming. Regarding the perspective, I think it's preference. I like the isometric view and I'm not really bothered by being tricked into thinking a path exists when it doesn't. It's probably like you said, you have to leave that Monument Valley mindset behind, though I see how that's quite hard, given how influential MV is (also to this game, obviously!). @brendonsmall thanks for pointing that out. As this is the only level with these blown out highlights and the other views reveal the arrows, I think it's ok as it is. Also, I spent a good amount of time during development hovering on the main menu buttons, you can actually make simple melodies! @pdotjpg Yeah, I made the music. A few posts earlier I posted some of the loops as a Soundcloud playlist. Glad you like it! Thanks again for playing! Getting awesome feedback like this is really encouraging!
  8. [dev log] A Wish Upon A Star

    Thank you! Also, thanks for the bug report, will fix asap! I expect there to be more things like this in the game, so if anyone finds more please report here or on itch
  9. The art (visuals and audio) is extremely good! I also like the movement of the drone, but I'm horribly bad at games like this so I didn't get the rules of the game until I watched your gameplay videos. I think more variation between the rooms could help to make each one feel more different from each other (ok ok, I just want to see more rooms with more art ). Are you going to continue this?
  10. [Released] Our Weird Monstrosity

    I don't know what I made, but I sure as hell enjoyed the process of creating it! I
  11. [Released] häx_processer

    I agree with everyone who said this is good. I like especially small details like this: I haven't processed all häxes yet, so I will likely return to it soon!
  12. [Released-ish] The Fresno Experiment

    Just played it, nice atmosphere, but could use some scary swamp sounds maybe Are you going to continue working on this?
  13. [Released] Stream Frasier Online Free

    One should probably have watched Frasier at least once in their life to get it, right? Since I have never seen an episode, this was quite weird - maybe I should go watch Frasier now?
  14. [Released] George Fan

    What @infamous space turtle says
  15. [Released] Buried Treasure

    Enjoyed this as well and I agree with @FartSatchel about the music and a Life is Strange vibe, very nice! Good that you have controller support, because the mouse kept going off the game view when I looked around, which is kind of annoying when you have multiple monitors. I think you'd need to lock and hide the cursor during normal gameplay to fix this. But controller worked just fine and for me it is a better way to play a relaxing experience like this anyway! I didn't expect that ending but Good work!