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  1. I wasn't going to jam this time around, but I couldn't stay away. I decided to do something small as I knew I had limited time, and if posting a dev log after the submission date doesn't give it away I am not done yet. So, I am going to post some of the assets I've done so far, as I continue to refactor my code over and over in an effort to make the most flexible, and scaleable thing I can. (Because apparently I think that's necessary right now) The main point is I want to build a random item generator, similar to the system popularized by Diablo. Here is my sprite sheet thus far. I've been restricting my color palette to 16 colors, and recreating some of the more interesting item types in Diablo. The Hair one was necessary so I could actually roll an item called "Plaited Haircut of the Whale". Mullets are funny, but perhaps I should actually make it plaited. Hmm.
  2. The Thumbs Project [Devlog?]

    This is a cool idea. I am always a supporter of setting goals that commit you to a certain cadence. will all your stories have their own universe or will it all be tied together somehow?
  3. [Released] From Earth to Pluto

    I forgot to post here that I have submitted my game! It doesn't have any sound, and I didn't get to dig into shaders as much as I had hoped, but those are things I can add later. I spent a lot of time getting a physics model working with different clubs which have different power and angle outputs, as well as planet gravity. I had a tough time getting the trajectory and lines to look right, so there's some room to improve there, but overall I'm happy with how my first real physics intensive game turned out. Hot tip, you can hit the ball while it's moving through space!
  4. [Released] The Rooster's Stupid Secret

    Please tell me you walk in a room and they are all playing poker! The sprites are looking great and the addition of color in the text is a nice touch.
  5. [Released] Awkwardness and Harmony

    I love games that model very complex interactions between objects, because the concepts become clear very quickly and leave room for exploration. I will second @Zirrrus above. A lot of smart people are hanging out in #wizardjam slack and have helped me with countless programming dilemmas.
  6. [Dev Log] SHADOW of SOMETHING

    I'm enjoying the journey through community asset land. Pulling all that stuff together sounds like a nightmare.
  7. [Dev Log] Doctor DNA

    I This is looking great down to the fall timing of pills. One of my favorite games from childhood.
  8. [Released!] Get Hoisted

    The level of detail here is fantastic.
  9. [Release] This is Celebrity Explainer

    Ha ha, YES! Who can make the best monster!?
  10. [Dev Log] The First Great Brand War

    Please don't give up! I'm loving this on every level thus far!
  11. ICE Wave

    Proper Design Meeting!!! Woah! I'm excited!
  12. This game is looking super satisfying to play, and I love the aesthetic.
  13. Game is available here: Overall I'm happy with where the physics model ended up in the limited time I had over the holidays to tweak it. I would still like to get some audio in, and work with the lines I'm drawing and the shaders more. Enjoy! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wizard Jam time!!! Okay, so basically I want to make a golf game, because this is the year of golf games( Golf Story, Everybody's Golf, maybe more) and I found an episode that provided an aesthetic; Idle Thumbs 238: From Earth to Pluto. The general idea is this. I will model an exaggerated solar system in which you tee off on Earth, and must jump between planets and potentially other cosmic entities to reach the hole on Pluto. The physics in general are going to be strange in that you are playing space golf across mass distances, and gravity is all messed up, so I'm just going to model a familiar trajectory, but now that I think of it having things like black holes would give me some other game play options. New game development things I'm going to focus on: Scriptable Objects Materials/Shaders Here is what I have so far. I have basically gotten the power bar working, but there isn't an aim offset yet so that's coming next. Next items:(mostly for my benefit) Accuracy Offset Predicted distance/path before shot is taken UI to select different clubs Forces at play ie. solar winds, black holes, comets... All the art Menus and other UI Other game state stuff
  14. How to start making a game?

    I personally couldn't echo the advice above enough! I am very good at researching a topic, hoping that I will be completely prepared for whatever situation may come up. I will do this for days/weeks/months... for fear of messing something up when I finally decide to do it if at all. I do this still in regards to many other things in life, but once you realize nobody knows all the pitfalls of a game project they are undertaking, and it's a learning process for people of all levels it becomes much easier to just jump in and see what happens. There are some things you can only learn by doing it, and no level of planning will make it easier or better after a certain point.
  15. [Released] The Titan Falls

    I recently uploaded version 1.6 of my game and I'm more or less done with it. I wanted to share the nightmare of my camera transitions triggers in Unity and the solution I finally came to. So I made heavy use of triggers to push the camera from animation state to animation state. However, it became a major pain to manage triggers that sometimes reset themselves, and sometimes didn't. At first I was resetting triggers a couple states after they were used to make sure they were ready the next time the game looped around. This was a mess. Then I tried just resetting them all at certain points, but it always messed up the current state the camera was in and it would skip. So I came to this! private List<string> cameraParameters; void Start() { foreach(AnimatorControllerParameter param in MainCam.CamAnim.parameters) { cameraParameters.Add(; } } private void resetCameraAnimTriggers(params string[] triggers) { bool match = false; foreach(string param in cameraParameters) { foreach(string trigger in triggers) { if( trigger == param) { match = true; } } if (!match) { MainCam.CamAnim.ResetTrigger(param); Debug.Log(param + " reset."); } else match = false; } } This way I could pass in the current trigger that was active to keep my state machine functioning. Here is my state machine by the way. I'm not going to say this was the best way to make this game, but hey. I feel like I learned a lot of stuff.