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  1. This was a great experience. Thank you @atte!
  2. Barbie's Trashed Dreamhouse

    Thanks for the feedback @atte! My partner has been telling me I should put a dumpster outside or something for people to throw stuff into. I have also been considering a mechanic where you would be able to spawn and throw items to a certain degree. I hope I can get that in before showcase weekend. @Henke Haha! I never tried doing that!
  3. Barbie's Trashed Dreamhouse

    I just got my entry submitted to Itch. I still want to iron out some physics stuff, and add a bunch more props. I would also like to get some more sound, particularity sounds that the toy made, and some better materials in there. Other than that it has the basics for what I wanted to get in there. I ended up doing a combination of a physics spring and some Force.Impulse stuff. When the spring is created the length of it is confined to the distance that the objects are apart. I didn't want to be too strict on pickup distances on objects so when an object is too far away, I push it towards me, and then once it hits a certain threshold it is held through the physics spring. This worked well to give a grabbing feeling for things like doors and drawers, and also let you pull things off of a counter/table/floor. If anyone has feedback on it let me know!
  4. [Released] It's Not Easy Being Pentametron

    The presentation is so so good. Great work on this so far!
  5. [Release] Heely Kids

    Looking good keibo and welcome back!
  6. [Dev Log] Dot Gobbler in Sock Justice

    So so pretty! The colors and animation are so satisfying to watch. It has that "blue sky" happy feeling that they always talk about when referencing things like Sonic.
  7. There is some sorcery at work here and the results are cray good. I'm curious about your level generation overall. Once you generate an area is it saved off somewhere so it looks the same when you return, or is it generated and then dumped? I can't tell which one would be easier to implement.
  8. I still don't understand the magic of 3D in GameMaker, but your color palette and lighting here are so good.
  9. I just love your pixel art style and all the little details you have showed off so far. Looking great!
  10. [Release] Shoehorned

    This looks super fun to work on. I imagine you will discover all sorts of crazy techniques as you build out the level with those movement mechanics.
  11. [ON INDEFINITE HOLD] Pub Crawler

    This is giving me some real hard Ultima nostalgia! I think the arrows are a good add and yes, tank controls are the way to go. Looking great!
  12. Barbie's Trashed Dreamhouse

    As we near the end of the first week of the jam, I've been working on some logic for the game. This included things like physics objects, and the elevator to take you between the different floors. This isn't the most fire safe way to traverse the dream house, but it's as @Travis said "it is as architect Barbie intended". I have decided to push off polishing the way the elevator works right now as it's functional. I am basically moving the elevator collider at a pace that the player controller still recognizes it as a step so it brings her upstairs. It's a smoother ride on the way down, but going up is a jarring experience. I have had a lot of good recommendations via Slack for handing this in Unity: @Travis "You could use rigidbody.MovePosition() to move the stuff while holding it, but when it had a collision, set it free." @Dinosaursssssss "... for a jam, making it kinematic and setting its position is probably the way to go" @Zirrrus "The way I've seen it done is attaching the rigidbody to a point fixed relative to you via a physics spring. That way you get nice springiness while carrying it(conveying an object's weight) and it can interact with other physics stuff." @Synnah "I would do this by setting a flag whenever the player is on the platform (you could do collision checks to test this, or set up a volume), and then whenever the platform moves, also apply that same movement to the player." I hope I captured everyone's advice. This weekend I am going to focus on content content CONTENT! This means building lots of props to populate the house and I might delve into plastic shaders! Thanks again everyone for your advice and I wish a good jamming weekend upon you all!
  13. Barbie's Trashed Dreamhouse

    I'm just about finished with the house model. I'm cleaning up some railings and windows yet, which require some alpha mask stuff. Also the proportions of Barbie are surprisingly difficult to replicate with a first person controller, but I think I got her moving through doorways and such appropriately now. I think I am going to tackle some logic before I get deep into props production as I think I am going to want a system that is easy for just dropping new props into before I have a bunch of them to work with.
  14. What a great gift! I haven't messed with Construct before so I'm interested in seeing your process.
  15. Hey all! With the new endorsements theme I have decided to go with Jake's endorsement of the Barbie Trashes Her Dreamhouse gallery by artist Carrie M. Becker. It's really an incredible group of exhibits and I urge you to check it out. As far as a game goes, I have decided to do a first person exploration type game where you roam around Barbie's Dreamhouse and navigate the hordes of trash. I want to try to capture the clutter, and claustrophobia of a real Barbie horde of junk. With the time allotted I have decided to keep it in it's clean plastic mint as unwrapping and texturing all that stuff would be tough. I would like to add some physics to the whole thing as well, but we will see how that plays out. Hopefully in hilarious and dramatic failure. I am away all weekend so I have been working on the dreamhouse over the last few nights. Here is where I'm at so far. Good luck to everyone this weekend, and I'll see you later!