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Found 73 results

  1. UPDATE: This game is done and you can play it here: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here we go again. For Wizard Jam 4, I'm going to be making The Hypersonic Effect. For day one, I picked out a title and, while figuring out what type of game it would be, made a menu for it. I still have no idea what the game will be, but It'll probably end up looking like this. I'm going to spend the next day or so figuring what the game will be and hopefully come up with something that I like that is also not overscoped. I have less time for this jam than I had last time, so I'm going to have to be conscious of that.
  2. Play it here: Probably final version. Features 7 different pipe worlds, 5 different weather conditions, and 7 photo critics (including Dot Gobbler)! I finished everything I wanted to get done. The critics probably aren't particularly "balanced", but I really like how the aesthetic turned out, and the photos look awesome! After the end of the jam, I did a little bit more work on it: bugfixes, added ambient noise, sound effects for the photo critics, and transitions effects between the scenes. I'm tempted to go back and add a developer commentary... but I think I'll take a break from the project for at least a couple days. There's Windows, Mac, and Linux versions on the page, although the Mac and Linux are completely untested! I might also try building a WebGL version later. All the photos that you take should get automatically saved in a "screenshots" folder, so post your favorite photos in this thread! Original idea: You fly around in first-person through a weird mess of random pipes. Kinda inspired by Strangethink, Proun, NaissanceE, Manifold Garden, Mirrormoon EP, No Man's Sky, and LSD: Dream Emulator. Colorful, semi-abstract flavors. Gameplay would be basically an abstract version of Pokemon Snap. The game says "take pictures of red pipes" or "take a picture with lots of colors" or "take pictures using the rule of thirds". You snap 3 or 4 photos, and then the game evaluates them. I also wanted to add some kind of Twitter photo sharing. Github:
  3. Update: This project is abandoned for now, I keep having to do more important things this week, I probably won't be able to finish anything this time around. ----------------------------- Hey wizard jams! After throwing out several hopelessly overambitious ideas I've decided to make another surreal walking-simulator/vignette thing. (I made Zombie Train last jam, the 3D one.) The title is derived from the episode "Cool Blob Future" and the recurring robot-news discussions of the podcast. I've been exploring this idea of robots with a big screen for a face that I can display things on: Diversifiers: Wizard Jam Shared Cinematic Universe Building A Legacy (There will be Dot Gobbler) Box art Nice Segue
  4. Version 1.2 is now live! Original Post: You're not a business guy. Not at all. But your clients are. They absolutely are; you can tell by the immaculate lines of their suits, their pristine timepieces counting down each second, their air of impatience at the thought that any of those seconds might be wasted, because time is money! You, you're a pilot, and your job (it's not a business, you understand) is to get them to their destination in time for the big meeting! The business guys come to you because you fly a bi-plane, and who has time for airport security, for waiting for a plane to be fully boarded, for putting on a seatbelt, when there are business deals to close? Why wait, when you can just hop on the wings and take off? Time is Money! Time may not be money for me, but it is somewhat short this Wizard Jam. When I made Dot Gobbler I was able to work on it full-time, but now I have a day job and I'm going to be away from the 30th of November, so I'm going to have to submit on the 29th. As such I've had to find something quite a bit smaller in scale. A game where you fly a bi-plane with business guys balanced on the wings seems like something I can probably get working in that amount of time. We'll see! The lovely 5 of 6 has agreed to supply the music again, so that's good.
  5. A diplome-a-like for five players. Comrade Stalin is dead. Only you can protect the glorious motherland from her enemies. Enemies that are plotting to take the power that is rightfully yours. Each player takes on the role of a member of the Politburo. They must negotiate the support of other players to gain power - but they can never know whether they will be betrayed. Each turn, all players negotiate with each other for support, lock in their decisions, then resolve them. First, players can move some of their followers between the seven committees of the Supreme Soviet. Then, players play cards. Finally, players vote on the agenda of each committee. The number of followers determines the number of votes. Usually, the players vote for which player should get the card assigned to that committee that turn, which either has a continuing effect, or can be played once later on. Sometimes there will be a yes-or-no vote which changes the rules of the game in some way. The game lasts seven turns. Each player has a secret agenda which determines their scoring at the end of the game. Every card that can be gained from each committee each turn is visible from the start of the game, so players can plan their strategy in advance, although your colleagues will of course be plotting to throw a wrench in your plans. The game can be played in real-time or asynchronously, online or face-to-face. Played real-time, it should take around 80 minutes.
  6. It's an itch io! Clone-Ridden Fields!!! Lot's of stuff didn't make it, but it's mostly functional at this point. Hello Wiz Jammers! This is my second Wizard Jam, and coincidentally my second game jam! My first game is The Three Antidotes. For this jam I wanted to do something a bit more focused, and not as system and content heavy as an action platformer. The idea behind Clone-Ridden Fields is that you are in an Elysian Field farming simulator. You walk around the field searching for souls to aid in the harvest of the field. The souls(clones) will chop up the wheat field, and you will need to gather it to complete the game. The aesthetic is very grim, high contrast, and low resolution, while the actual field will be pleasant and comforting. Think Diablo/Diablo II. As far as mechanics go, the player must TEAR the wheat from the ground, sacrificing the yield, to search for a clone to help them out. The more clones, the faster the field can be harvested, but you don't want to sacrifice too much of the yield. You then must gather the yield. The game will be scored based on amount of yield and time it took to harvest. If time permits I would like to create some type of leaderboard, local... maybe global? <- I have no idea how difficult that is but GAME JAM! Things I want to focus on/learn: A* pathfinding 3D pipeline for unity (models, materials, animation) Unity particles Leaderboard? Aesthetic, I really want to focus on the style of this game, and I want to push the production values as much as I can. @JoelWmusic has already provided a fantastic track to set the tone of the world. I plan to put it up here once I get the art style more established so STAY TUNED!
  7. WJ4 Team Builder

    New wizard tech this year with a shnazzy Google Form to help make finding jam teammates easier! Please note that you doing a pitch is optional. If you just want to put what you can do and how much time you have, that should be just fine. And you can peruse results for potential collaborators here. Of course, feel free to use this thread however you like. Shout about your idea, someone else's idea, whatever. Just please let us know when you form a team so we can edit the status on the spreadsheet. Lastly, make sure to check out what ideas folks are having on that second link. It's important to reach out and let people know if you like their stuff (even if you don't know them at all!)
  8. Welcome Idle Thumbs community to your beautiful... Dates: Saturday, November 19, 12:00PST/15:00EST/20:00GMT - Sunday, December 4, 21:00PST/24:00EST/28:00GMT Theme: There is no theme! Rules: We don't need no stinking rules! Just make anything and submit on the jam page. You are more than welcome to base your game around a podcast title (this will be a guaranteed diversifier) but that is not a requirement for this jam. Traditionally, people make games in Unity/Unreal/Gamemaker/Twine/etc. but we are open to any and all contributions as long as they belong to the community and attempt at least one diversifier. Video game, analog game, playground game. Hell, make a sweater! The Wizard Jam crowd is a good and accepting crowd. Diversifiers: Small prompts to help shape your design, mix and match what you like instead of following a traditional theme. Check em out! If you'd like to join a team or seek team members for your own idea, check out the Team Builder thread & survey form Resources Wizard Jam Admin Emeriti - zerofifityone, Dinosaursssssss, Spenny - these folks are nice and helpful if you can't get ahold of me here or on the Slack Official Idle Thumbs Readers Slack chatroom w/ helpful #gamedev and #wizardjam channels Hashtag WizardJam Idle Thumbs Random Episode Selector Games Are For Everyone - nervous about making something? this should help ease your fears Helpful threads from the GameDev forum Long standing free music thread How to back up your game projects with GIT Unity newcomer? Study up with a few short Wizard Academy tutorials Past Jams Wizard Jam 1 Wizard Jam 2 - Winter Wizard Jam (RIP) Wizard Jam 3
  9. Hello! You might remember this as my entry into Wizard Jam last year. Back then it looked a bit like this: I spent a couple of months working on it recently, and now it looks more like this: This is much closer to what I originally wanted the game to look like, and I'm generally happy with the visual side of it. The reason I ended up going back to the game a year later was because I'd submitted it to EGX Rezzed, and it was accepted, so I needed to get it into a much more playable shape. Watching people playing the game at the show gave me a lot of really useful feedback regarding what I was doing wrong; it's a difficult balancing act in a game that's supposed to be confusing and alienating, but I realised that there was a lot more that I could be doing to help people understand the rules without spelling them out completely. Another thing that came out of showing the game to people was that a lot of them just expected it to be on Steam. I'm not crazy about this mentality, but I understand why it exists, and it made me think that maybe putting the game on Greenlight is a good idea. So that's basically my current aim; I want to get a trailer together to show the game off so I can put it on Greenlight, with an aim to releasing it for maybe £1.50. I'd like a bit of feedback on the game as it stands, though! Basically, do you think it's worth paying for, and if not, what do you think would make it worth the cost? You can play the game as it currently stands here: (Download v0.91) A few things I definitely need to add/change: Music in the main menu. Improve the menus in general; those buttons look cheap as hell, and I'm not crazy about the static title screen. An options menu, for graphic detail levels, volume levels and resolution. A bit of story dialogue at the start of the game, and in between waves; the transitions between waves need to be more like progressing from one level to the next, rather than just spawning a bunch of new enemies. Aside from that, I had a few more nebulous ideas for improving the game: Variation in the arenas; currently it's always square. I spawn buildings in different places every time you play, but this doesn't really add that much variation, and there's not really anywhere to go. I noticed that a lot of people that played the game at Rezzed tried to fly over the mountains, and were surprised when they hit an invisible wall. Actual arms that shoot out and grab the sliders and press the buttons. I feel like it would be difficult to make this look good, though, and I definitely don't want to sacrifice responsiveness for it. More buttons and lights on the console. It still feels a bit too empty. I'd love to hear any ideas you might have; and please, be as honest as you need to be! I want to know if people think my weird thing is worth paying for.
  10. Rogue robotic ninjas from a rival company are trying to steal the data on your company's mainframe. You are the mainframe's automated defence system, and its last hope... I had my last exam for the year on Monday and after that I didn't really feel like continuing with my first wizard jam game. However, after seeing the title for yesterday's Idle Thumbs, I had this idea and now I can't stop thinking about it so I'm going to see what I can get done. In the game you play as a turret fighting off robotic ninjas armed with cloaking devices, which renders them completely invisible, so you have to use an EMP to disable them in order to reveal their locations. I started development yesterday, so far I've got the turret in along with bullets and the EMP wave, next I'm going to work on the enemies.
  11. V late to the party, but so are the meadhall's visitors, so.... it's cool, I'll just shun all other commitments until Sunday.
  12. I've gone with a short and snappy pod blast from 09, With Free Monster Samples. So I came to this jam with a specific interaction in mind. I wanted to work on a morse code method of communication in a future game. I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to come up with a proof of concept for it. The game is inspired visually by Downwell, it creates the layout for the game and look for the game. Mechcanically the player is trying to get rid of their Monster samples. They need to visit door to door to get rid of all of their samples within the alloted time. The problem is, everyone's music is too darn loud. Knocking on the door will cause the occupant to say hello in their particular language. The player needs to use morse code to knock back that word at them. In an ideal world, players would get higher scores for more complex greetings. But I think I'm already pushing it with I've got already. I've got a 2D platformer setup set up (thanks to Acrocatic), and a rad $1 animated dude that bounces off the walls. So I hope to get some more of the core gameplay into the game over the weekend. I've attached some gifs of the progress of the game You can download the game here:
  13. Pod of inspiration: Terminal7 Episode 18: Smash That Brain with a Rock This is going to be a dumb physicsy twin stick brawler thing about a disembodied brain named Smash who has a rock on a chain which he uses to hit bad guys. I guess he does this so he can hack the Gibson or something, to stay in keeping with the cyberpunk theme of Netrunner. As I see it, the Minimum Viable Product is: an isometric arena an object that resembles a brain, if you really squint your eyes, which has a little rotating arm. Twin stick controls. One will control the direction Smash moves, the other will rotate the arm, which (I hope????) will confer physics power upon the rock on a chain evil BLACK ICE (which will probably be represented by cones with angry eyes), that spawn in and come at you, which will disappear when they are hit with the rock a score that increments when you biff evil BLACK ICE difficulty (represented by number and speed of evil BLACK ICE) that ramps up over time a health value for Smash that will decrease when the evil BLACK ICE touches Smash a failure state when you lose all your health Stretch Goals assets that look like anything sound effects sweet cyberpunk music hi-score leader board immersive screen shake Title Screen To accomplish this I'll be using Unity for the first time.
  14. Update: It's an itchio: Edit: kevin888 is also making a Zombie Train game, with, it seems, more zombie-smashing and more nick breckon... So this is going to be a weird one... I have this (not yet fully formed) idea for a exploration/walking simulator/adventure kind of thing set in a train. In space. With zombies. But the zombies are a bit different than you might expect. I'm currently learning to use Unity and I've never made a full game in it before, so don't expect much. But anyway, here is the result of some testing (warning: brains): Not sure about the zombie design yet. I was going for a kind of fancily-dressed-undead look but my character-drawing abilities are quite limited.
  15. Download it on! Also download the soundtrack on Bandcamp! Credits: Art, Animation, Game Design, Sound Effects: David Thatcher (Giraffe Cat). Music: James Starkey (5 of 6). Vocals: Chris Remo. Original Post:
  16. Hi all! Me and a bunch of friends including Zerofiftyone* are making Frozen Fracas, a homage to the ice level gamemode from Crash Bash. For those of you unfamiliar with Crash Bash at all, the basic premise of this game is: you are a seal. four players. stay on the ice. push your opponents off the ice. We're planning to add various power-ups, and an AI Orca that swims underneath the ice, occasionally tipping it / bashing into it etc. Movement code is going well: * you might notice he is doing two games this jam, because he's daft.
  17. [RELEASE] Button Frenzy

    Hey folks. I've been meaning to write one of these threads for a little while so here goes. I'm making a game inspired by the gameplay loop of old-school Simon toys, and the universal ritual of inputting video game cheat codes using a controller. It's a fast-paced score-attack game whereby the player has to watch a randomly generated button sequence and then repeat it under a strict time limit. Enter in sequences quickly and you'll score more points and rack up a score multiplier. As the game continues it gets faster and more difficult. Think WarioWare in terms of basic structure and pace, and you're not too far off. Diversifiers used: "It's a Baby Game" Super Briefly UPDATE Play it here: Another update: This game is now on Steam Greenlight! I decided to keep working on it and make it into a full thing. I just launched the Greenlight page a few minutes ago and I'm pretty terrified! The page is here, if you're interested:
  18. I had an idea on the train this morning as I was relistening to this week's podcast. I think I want to make Jake's suggested interpretation of "I Like the Hair" as a joke minigame. Basically it'd be a game in which you're presented various portraits and asked if you like the hair or not. And I thought it might be even better if the game featured pics of folks from the Thumbs community. What do you all think? Is this a good idea? If people are prepared to do this I'll set up some kind of webform for submitting your pics. Edit: Alright, I've put up a quick webform for picture submissions. Here it is: If you want your beautiful mug to appear in a video game about hair, send me a picture! I guess it's worth saying just for clarity that I won't be distributing any of these pictures to anyone or using them for anything other than this. THANKS GUYS Edit #2: This game is done and you can play it! It's accessible via a cheat code in my other game, Shoot That Pizza. In the main menu, type in the secret code "puffin"!
  19. [Dev Log] Imagine The Man

    April 13: I just came up with this idea a couple of hours ago and it's still pretty rough around the edges. Pretty much everything about this concept is still in flux, but here's the basic idea: Platformer (probably 2d) where you play as a little kid and are unable to navigate the environment on your own. To navigate the environment, you imagine a guy to help you. At first, all you can imagine is a guy who's bigger than you and can pick you up and set you down: As you explore, and see more of the world, you gain more symbols that you can use to imagine your man. So, for instance, you might see a horse and imagine a man who can run as fast as a horse, or see a tree and imagine a man as tall as a tree. I'll probably do this in Flash/AIR since that's my most familiar platform, and it's a non-trivial idea to implement technically. The biggest challenge I can foresee at this moment is making the man sprite able to be all the different shapes he'll need to be to fit the imagination and still animate decently. For instance, the man as tall as a tree would ideally be slender with incredibly long legs rather than just whatever man sprite scaled up 10x. Even though I normally avoid Flash's vector animation stuff, I may actually want to try to use it for this project due to its suitability to that problem. I'm not really looking for a team, but if anyone would like to get in on this I'm certainly open to the idea. Tomorrow I'm hoping to nail down all the specifics of implementation and have a rough idea of the scope of the game, and maybe throw together a very rough prototype.
  20. So, I'm making my first Twine, based on Cyberpunk Cop-Killer. It's a Noir-style murder mystery, set in a police station. I'm currently writing straight through the story, and avoiding any branching paths or mechanics. As soon as I have the story from start to finish, I plan to flesh it out to be more game-like, but that depends on how much more time I have left in the jam. Here's my tree so far, intro and case/victim information: And here's an excerpt: I probably wont post much of the actual text due to spoilers, but I'll try to post the tree as it's growing. Things to do: -Complete the story from start to finish -Edit the CSS to make it look like a cyberpunk computer terminal. -Flesh out branching paths and alternate endings Optional: -Implement a soundtrack -Get or make some art -Make a game mechanic (my main options here are either a time/number of screens limit, or a gun with limited bullets.)
  21. Released here! So I got sort of obsessed with this idea so I'm reserving it with a thread! I'm an artist and total newbie to the forum. I'm still open to get help with the coding (could switch to Unity if pressed). Otherwise, I'm going to learn GameMaker here and now! The idea is to start at the pause screen for Battletoads, and use glitches and weirdness to escape into....something else! Should be odd and cool. Inspirations: Frog Fractions, Corrypt
  22. So I figure I could track my progress for my Twine game, What Happened To Us, here. I kind of want where it goes narratively to be a surprise, so I won't be revealing everything, but so far I've... Scoped the game. Have written the outline of the story. Have written approximately half of the actual game text. Have decided on where and how the paths will branch. Technically this game will have 40 endings, but the nature of it's second half means that it's more about the player having the option to express themselves in a total of 40 different ways, as opposed to the story actually ending in 40 different directions. What I still need to do: Finish writing the text. Learn how to change background and text color in Twine. Learn how to track variables in Twine. Learn how to play audio files in Twine. Learn how to set timers (if that's possible?) in Twine. Write and record 40 different pieces of music. Record approximately 48 other smaller bits of audio. Edit an additional 11 bits of audio. I'm glad I was able to scope and outline the game so quickly because the real challenge will definitely be on the creative side. The pieces of music I'm going to be writing will be simple, rough and quick. They will be lo-fi one-track recordings of just me and my guitar on my laptop mic, which is demanded by the narrative (and will make the recording process much quicker). But still, 40 pieces of music is a lot in two weeks. I imagine this will end up being much more complicated than I think, so I'll probably be asking for advice or help regularly, particularly on the programming side of things. But my first question is actually a smaller creative one: this is a fairly serious-minded game about two gay men breaking up. If I were to name the two men Jake and Sean (as they are actually whom the episode title "What Happened To Us" is referring to) would that be cool or would it be distracting and come off like Idle Thumbs slash-fic? There's no sex in the game either way, so it'd just be a nod.