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  1. I am also doing a game in BigJKO's new Cwine engine. It will not be anywhere near as gorgeous as his. I started off doing an adaptation of my Twine game ("The Often Ending Story") to get used to Cwine, help JKO get it to a barebones yet sturdy state and get used to my new (and first ever) graphics tablet. JKO got Cwine to a good Jam state a day or so ago, and I've started to learn to what panel sizes/brushes etc work well, so I'm ready to start on my Jam comic. Thing is, I've done so much work on this test comic, that I think I'm going to stick it in somewhere as a comic on a shelf that the player can pick up and play if they want before returning to the main story at any point. It's a little bit cheaty, as I wrote the original Twine ages ago, but what the hell. So I'm trying to polish that off today, and then get working on the actual story. The only problem: I have no idea what it's going to be about. I was thinking I might make it about the Caillech Bheur, but perhaps contemporise her so I can riff a lot easier. I'm going to aim for a Fiona Staples style of art (though not as good, obviously) with black brushlines and simple shading so that I can bash out cartoony art very quickly and get a relatively big game written (the art for my test comic is semi-purposefully ugly).
  2. The game has been released . Jam entry: Game page: _____________________________________________________________________________________ For my final Wizard Jam entry I wanted to do something relatively simple in concept so I can be sure I'll be able to finish it. I enjoy parallax effects and 2D animation, so I thought it would be neat to base it the episode title 'Piercing the Fourth Dimension' and create a sort of obstacle dodging game moving through 3D space with (mostly) 2D objects. I think it will be fun to see what kinds of effects I can create using geometrical patterns and simple movements. I recently got a big batch of game music and sounds from a humble bundle, so I hope I can get most of the music and sfx from that. I guess my basic idea of what the game would be like comes from the 'Ninja Pipe Cleaner' microgame from Wario Ware. Maybe a bit of Thumper and Audiosurf as well, but since it won't be a rhythm game that only goes so far. This is what I started out with on Friday: Basically, the player stays at the same depth and obstacles are created some distance away. It all fades to black at a distance, so it looks infinitely deep. I'm now working on determining some basic obstacle types so that I can start figuring out the gameplay. I think I'll try implementing a way for the player character to reflect a single obstacle once every few seconds. Ideally I'd also like to implement some sort of final challenge/boss battle, and having an active element will make that easier. One thing I'm concerned about is that it is kind of hard to tell at what point an object is at the same depth as the player character, which makes avoiding collisions harder. I've now got it so objects change color when close and fade out when they can no longer collide, but I think I'll need to add something more.
  3. [Release] Decrepit (GOOD... BYE)

    Update - jam version here: I'm starting this one a bit early because I'll be out of the country from the 18th - 25th. I'm going to make a simple Rogue-like/Brough-like that centers around item durability. The inspiration comes from the Nick Breckon patreon discord. I requested he play a game called Cinco Paus by Michael Brough because I had been thinking about its game design a lot at the time. I like how it took the idea of item discovery and turned it into the game's core idea. Around the same time some folks on the discord were discussing item durability and how it's almost always a terrible mechanic. So for this entry I'm going to attempt to make a game with item durability that's less terrible. I couldn't find a podcast title that really fit the game itself. So i'll just say this is my GOOD... BYE to Wizard Jam and what Idle Thumbs was. I'm working in Unity and I'm going to start with a code base I've been building for years now, because it significantly speeds up my prototyping process. It has stuff I always seem to need like: database management, object pooling, pathfinding, saving, etc. So i'll definitely have a huge head start with this, but I just want to work on the parts unique to this game and not fiddle with the more generic stuff like pathfinding. I started work on it yesterday. I got a player unit spawned and user inputs that make it move with WASD. The unit's movement is also validated to only allow it to move over a floor tile.
  4. This has been turning into a very nostalgic Wizard Jam for me. Maybe it's because it's the last, and maybe it's because I've been digging deep into the podcast data. Here is a link to all of the header images used in Idle Thumbs podcasts available via the RSS feed. (I set a 10 day timer on this link because that seemed sane, but if you would like it after that feel free to PM me here or in slack ) Idle Thumbs All Pod Images I started making a submarine game, as I just finished up Outer Wilds and absolutely loved it, so I was inspired to make a dark space exploration type game. I have dreams of creating a puzzle like exploration experience, but in the remaining 5 days that isn't going to happen. At the very least I want to give the player an interesting environment to traverse and collect all the IT Pods of the past. Initial movement and mood. It probably won't be this moody but I wanted to make sure the plugin was working.
  5. Released, download it here: Still has a few (mostly visual) bugs, I'll try to iron those out over the next couple of days. *** First time participating since Wizard Jam 4 a little over -- yikes! -- three years ago with that Nick Breckon Cheating Hitman game. We (wife and I) are trying to make something along the lines of Theme Park / Parkitect but instead of an entertaining park you'll actually be trying to build the worst park possible for you are the architect of The Medium Place between heaven and hell. Your job's gonna be to make visitors suffer enough to destroy their souls and send them to hell before they reach the gates of heaven. (Guess hell's paying better for new folks than heaven, idk.) So: Long lines everywhere? Good! People vomiting all over the place? Great! Visitors getting so frustrated they start beating each other up? Even better! Since an "actual" park builder is probably way above our skill level, we're aiming for a more tower-defense-y vibe; visitors will enter the park, walk along a fixed path towards the gates of heaven, and it'll be the player's job to break their spirits / annoy them to death before they reach the exit. Rides will, hopefully, be somewhat Thumbs-themed -- maybe a Cheating Hitman shell game, dot gobblers hunting visitors, a Far Cry 2 coaster with fake lines that never move forward... something like that. Since Good Bye is already taken, we're gonna call this "What Remains of Idle Thumbs" for now, unless we find a better title! I'll try to post updates starting Saturday or so.
  6. [Dev Log] Crazy Crane's Athlon

    I was told not to be shy. I have never made a game. I will not be shy -- I don't know how to make a game. I opened the link to the Random-Episode selector. It opened to Crazy Crane Deceit. It's an episode about Lobsters and DOTA and The Binding of Buzz Aldrin. I think i can make this. I would like to make this game: I want to make a crane game titled Crazy Crane's Athlon for Wizard Jam X. I read the other Dev Logs; someone mentioned they were using Love. So i grabbed the love ppa. Not sure how to open it or what to do with it. I will look up some videos. For prizes, i have ~10 tabletop rpgs i wrote. I want player to be able to: grab treasure chests (prizes) prize animation scroll pops out of treasure chest print prizes Like a "You Won!" certificate except its a pen+paper rpg I want crane to be able to: become inflamed destroy all it touches next 4 secs spawn miniatures (astronauts) hang from crane's links/chain/cable deflect projectiles/ disable enemy" forces become magnetized pull in prizes also pulls in tanks I want setting to have: Tanks "shoots" (shakes) crane Lobsters "cuts" crane length crane can only reach 1st 1/2 4 secs Mimics (fake treasure chests Opens to fire Shrink Ray Shrinks crane head Background I want UI to have: Track ball Move mouse to roll track ball Click depress track ball closes clamp Up/Down toggle 8 seconds to reach bottom/top Indicator lights Enemies (vertical) & Power-ups (horizontal) currently spawned Like Check Engine/Oil Lights Prize hole Countdown timer ~30-45 seconds
  7. The game is finally finished! Download on! Original Post: Welcome to "Veggie" Panino's deli! You're the new kitchen hand and it's your first day on the job. But don't worry! Veggie's here to give you pointers and explain how to assemble the perfect "paninis". And if things get a weird, well, try not to worry about it too much. Just keep making "paninis"! This title triggered an idea for a game almost immediately, and I thought it would be too dumb to flesh out into a full game until I thought about it some more, and got really excited about it. Basically it's a 3D block puzzle, where you must fit a selection of vegetables together on a panini base without gaps, and as you progress things will get weirder and weirder. I have hard time communicating exactly how it will play, but hopefully it will make sense once I've got a basic prototype running. I'm going to break from my tradition of spending the first week of the jam entirely on modelling and rigging, and start with the game systems. The biggest problems I'm going to have to solve are: Figuring out where to place things; you'll click on the vegetable you want to place, and then when you move the mouse over the panini a ghost image will show you where the vegetable will end up. I'm going to need to do screen-space raycasts to find the spot on the panini that is currently underneath the mouse, and then work out where on a grid that maps to. I imagine this will be straighforward enough when it's just the panini base, but it gets more complicated when there are vegetables on there. Making a system for triggering various weird effects, and causing these to trigger at specific points in the levels. I think this should be easy enough, and I've got ideas for how to solve it already.
  8. Play it here: Probably final version. Features 7 different pipe worlds, 5 different weather conditions, and 7 photo critics (including Dot Gobbler)! I finished everything I wanted to get done. The critics probably aren't particularly "balanced", but I really like how the aesthetic turned out, and the photos look awesome! After the end of the jam, I did a little bit more work on it: bugfixes, added ambient noise, sound effects for the photo critics, and transitions effects between the scenes. I'm tempted to go back and add a developer commentary... but I think I'll take a break from the project for at least a couple days. There's Windows, Mac, and Linux versions on the page, although the Mac and Linux are completely untested! I might also try building a WebGL version later. All the photos that you take should get automatically saved in a "screenshots" folder, so post your favorite photos in this thread! Original idea: You fly around in first-person through a weird mess of random pipes. Kinda inspired by Strangethink, Proun, NaissanceE, Manifold Garden, Mirrormoon EP, No Man's Sky, and LSD: Dream Emulator. Colorful, semi-abstract flavors. Gameplay would be basically an abstract version of Pokemon Snap. The game says "take pictures of red pipes" or "take a picture with lots of colors" or "take pictures using the rule of thirds". You snap 3 or 4 photos, and then the game evaluates them. I also wanted to add some kind of Twitter photo sharing. Github:
  9. [Released] Beppo's Hole (in one golf)

    ***Update: You can now play the game right here: I had to start on my game earlier than anticipated, as the new year is going to be a bit hectic, schedule-wise. I've landed on a stroke play style golf game, which I've been wanting to make for ages. Named for Idle Thumbs episode 185: Beppo's Hole. I present: Just a mocked up title screen for now, and I have some prototype golf gameplay from the last few days of work. This intro screen might look familiar to DOS golf game fans The goal of the game is to have mouse-only controls for a fully functional top-down golf game. I hope to have at least 9 holes ready for the jam deadline. Was also thinking of titles such as "Super Expert Pro Championship Golf", "The 90s Were Great, Okay", "Into the Woods", or possibly others. But this will do
  10. Hello! So I was initially planning to sit this one out to work on some other projects, but given that it's going to be the final Wizard Jam, that's not really an option! I was working (not particularly hard) on a jam game in Love2D over Christmas, but that never really went anywhere; I did at least make a nice faux-3D tube out of circles, lines and polygons, that looks something a bit like this: It was going to be a puzzle/platformer where you moved around the tube, and maybe I'll finish it off at some point. Anyway, that's irrelevant! I didn't have anything that I really wanted to work on for this Wizard Jam; I toyed with the idea of making The Octopus in My Mind, which I've had a vague design for (by which I mean I wanted to apply ragdoll physics to an octopus) for a while, but after scouring the episode titles, I landed on Space Boss: The Lord of Space. My plan is to make a procedurally-generated boss-rush shooter in the style of Warning Forever. I'm forgoing PICO-8 and Love2D in favour of picking up UE4 again, though, so I want to make it full 3D (although think of it like a spherical plane surrounding the boss, and you can move forward or back, which expands or contracts the sphere, if that makes sense. Mostly I just want to mess around with proc-gen stuff, and see if I can make a nice system for creating articulated robot ships from lots of component parts. I'm not really expecting to finish anything (as evidenced by my tube, I've not been particularly motivated recently), but I might at least make something cool.
  11. WIZARD JAM X - Welcome Thread

    WIZARD JAM X - THE END OF WIZARD JAM Hello and welcome to WIZARD JAM 10 — the finale of the long-running Idle Thumbs community-run game jam! Greetings Wizard Jam community! With the announcement of Wizard Jam 10, we want announce that Wizard Jam 10 will also be the final Wizard Jam. At the ripe old age of 10, we felt it will be better to give the event a grand send off instead of watching it slowly peter out. We trust the community will get on board with this idea, not as something to mourn, but something to celebrate. We have announced the dates far ahead of time so that even if you can't participate during the specified dates, you can do something beforehand. We've loved running Wizard Jam for the community, and hope you'll join in making this the grandest of finales. Thank you all! - Travis, Elvaq, Spenny, ZeroFiftyOne and Dinosaursssssss Wizard Jam is not a contest; the main emphasis is to celebrate the Thumbs community through sharing and collaboration over the course of a fortnight. We write devlogs and post GIFs. We offer support and volunteer music, sounds and other assets. We play each other's games and stream them. It's a lot of fun! The other thing we try to emphasize is encouraging people to try making something new and unfamiliar; or to try game development for the first time entirely (quite a few of the entries we've had in the past are from complete first-timers to gamedev!). We run the jam over the course of two weeks to give people the room to try something weird and see how it turns out. We're gonna be posting dev logs, forming teams, and chit chatting over here in the thread on the Idle Forums and the Idle Thumbs Reads Slack channel; come hang out! There're also lots of experienced game developers kicking around who'd be happy to offer advice and help you get what you need to make your game. Not in the Slack? You can join us by CLICKING HERE and join the #WizardJam room! We're here hanging out in between Wizard Jams too, come say hi! We have a twitter account, @wizard_jam, to help share everyone's progress or just let the fans follow along! Tag @wizard_jam or use the #wizardjam hashtag when you post progress updates so we can retweet your stuff! Wizard Jam - Friday, January 10th to Sunday, January 26th Showcase Weekend - Saturday, February 1st to Sunday, February 2nd Choose an episode title from any show on the Idle Thumbs podcast network and use it as a theme prompt for your game. Use this site to browse through show titles: (Thanks to Broxxar, Panzorfork & matt.ishii for providing the site). This jam is not a competition, and there is no minimum level of game development experience needed to join. People from all backgrounds are welcome to participate. If you're new to gamedev, let us know! Join us on the forums and on Slack; where you'll find help, advice and encouragement from the community. Wizard Jam began out of a desire to help people get starting making games, so don't be shy! Aside from the next 2 administrative points, there are no rules. You don't HAVE to use an endorsement. You don't HAVE to make your entire game in the 2 weeks allotted. Most people will, but if you come in a little late, or get started a little early, or submit something unrelated to the podcast that's A-OK! Entries containing any form of harassment or hate-speech are not permitted. Anything crossing into this territory will be removed. If an entry is clearly from someone trying to use the jam page on Itch to promote an unrelated game, or any other sort of spam, we'll contact the submitter and the entry may be removed. Stay spicy!
  12. With this being the last Wizard Jam, I am really sad this is only the second one I participated in, but also why I felt it was important to do this one! I am really enjoying the extended time and I have been using it to learn Godot. This is my first time using this game engine other than a couple tutorials to get me familiar before the start of the jam. For this game, I wanted to play around with some dice mechanics in an rpg/roguelike. I spent the first part of the jam mostly just following along this excellent tutorial on making a rougelike game: The second part has been adding my combat system based on dice rolls for different player skills. The the skills level up based on your failed rolls, and the level determines the threshold for success and failure. All skills level up from level 1 to level 6. As an added wrinkle, the roll number or skill level can affect different aspects of the skill's effects. So as an example, for sword attacks, the damage is determined by the roll, while a bow attack has a constant damage but the range is determined by the level. I worry that the mechanics are unnecessarily convoluted, but when I started playing through with both the Sword and Bow skills, it seemed like there was at least something interesting to explore. My ideal next steps would be to add more skills, but at the moment I have been focusing on ironing out some small bugs and cleaning up the code to make it easier to add new skills. With four days left, I am not sure if I'll have time to do a lot more than polishing up this version, but I am excited that it is at a point where I can play through a whole game and you get a sense for the initial idea. Shout-outs: Dice: Tilesets:
  13. Playable jam version here: Hello, friends, long time listener to Wizard Jam and Idle Thumbs (also I helped make the website, sorry), first time Wizard Jammer! I mostly wanted to participate because it's the last one. Anyway I picked "That's The Stuff" because I've always wanted to make a weird inventory management game. Also it seems like something I'm pretty likely to finish because it doesn't involve any complicated game mechanics or interactive systems (more on that later). Maybe. Plus I can write the entire thing in javascript. The basic idea is you collect "stuff". You have limited spots to store your stuff, but you want more stuff because... having stuff is cool. You can polish your stuff, change your stuff's color and probably level up your stuff. Along with the stuff there are also various non-stuff items you will collect on your journey such as stuff polish and stuff spraypaint. How do you collect stuff? You click a button that will let you find some stuff. You'll find stuff and also inventory items (for your knapsack). You can also earn gold chips, which you can use to buy things that are non-stuff, such as more slots to store your stuff and more space in your knapsack so you can store more inventory. You earn gold chips by having stuff, with different stuff generating gold chips at different rates. None of this is implemented yet, instead I spent entirely too much time working on UI and animation. So here's a gif of that: And yes the game will only have four colors. The game may not be fun but it will hopefully be very addictive! That's the stuff!
  14. EDIT: The game is finally finished! PICO-8 BBS / Original Post:
  15. After trying my hand at a heavily authored "experience" last time, it's time to go back to what I like and know-ish: procedural generation. My plan is to have an infinite city where you walk along streets with buildings on both sides and occasional landmarks. I've done a little bit of prototyping and have a basic system for generating a curved road between two points with blocks of varying size as building placeholders. (and there already is a bug...) The big problem right now is how to generate points with connections between them that obey certain rules so the streets don't cross/intersect in weird ways. I've implemented Poisson disc sampling for picking points that are not too close together and now the best step seems to be using Delaunay triangulation to turn that into a net-type thing. Implementing a weird mathematical procedure seems pretty daunting. Further plans/challenges: generate a city-like map of points and lines properly connect streets at intersection points generate building facades out of parts add special features like open squares etc cull/hide streets you can't see for performance dynamically delete old and generate new sections of the city cutting scope for time reasons
  16. The game has been released! Check it out here: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ For this wizard jam I am working with a friend, who may also post some later updates in this thread. This will be his first game in Unity and my first time collaborating on a two-week project. To ensure that we can finish it, we have come up with a simple concept that should be very doable but could also be extended if we have time remaining.The basic idea is to have a 'simon says' main game mechanic where the player is presented with a series of instructions and then has to repeat them. As the game goes on the instructions could get more complicated or have to be completed faster. The visualization for the game is based on the endorsement of 'interacting with humans', from episode 7 of Important if True. The player supports a robot learning to talk and interact with humans. The concept is a bit like the 'First Contact' minigame from rhythm heaven, but it should be pretty different in practice since there is no rhythm element and the input uses different types of buttons. We hope to at least implement conversations and maybe also gestures and other ways of communication. To be clear, there is no real choice in how to communicate, it is just for visual interest and feedback indicating if the right buttons were used. In the mockup above the console and buttons are shown in the bottom of the screen. The buttons flash in sequence and the player presses them in the same order. The basic gameplay is currently implemented, but it is only a single fixed sequence with no loop or randomization. The slider and radial buttons are also not functional yet. We hope to have all the planned control types implemented by the end of this week, as well as having the animations, sounds, etc. hooked up so that we can run through a single complete sequence. After that we should also have a better idea of how we can best set up randomized instruction sequences.
  17. At the last minute, I've decided to take part in Wiz Jam 9! I've just realised that my sister's birthday is right near the end of it, so I'm taking this opportunity to make her a little game as a present. She loves her cocker spaniel so my immediate thought is a simple platformer with her dog as the player character, and the endorsement 'interacting with humans' will hopefully give me some ideas for mechanics. I'll probably use Construct 2, as it's free and hopefully quite easy to learn the basics of. I'll probably also change the name at some point, so my thread title is placeholder. Depending on how things go, I might put a call out for help with art and sound..!
  18. [EDIT] The game is now released! I have no idea if it'll break on everyone else's machine, but it seems to be doing okay on mine. Get it here: -------------------------------------------- Hey everybody, I've been working on this for a bit now, but held off on posting anything because I wasn't sure if it was going to go anywhere. I'm still not sure, but I guess I'm holding myself accountable with this post. This is my first game jam, and my first time using Unity for anything other than a place to dump a bunch of text for other people to deal with (I'm the writer on Beacon, which uses Unity). Given my inexperience, I wanted to keep things very simple. The basic idea is to make a vaguely Papers Please-style game where you have to sit at a desk and sift through an ever-increasing pile of random tweets, pairing them up as iambic pentameter rhyming couplets – essentially being Pentametron in a shitty analogue office setting. I've got the basics up and running, with ~250 different iambic tweets that can print out with maybe 40 or so different possible rhymes, and a scanner/shredder to feed them into to submit them as pairs. Realistic next steps: • Add a basic scoring system to keep track of the ones you successfully pair up. • Add in a bunch of non-iambic pentameter tweets so that you're also tasked with counting out the beats in your head. Optimistic further goals: • Add in distractions and 'events' that will get in the way of you doing your job. • Sound effects. • Create a win state and fail state for the end of the work day. Pipe dream goals: • Create a weird wobbly physics arm and robot claw to replace the cursor. • Make it fun? • Mostly the weird physics arm.
  19. It's done: ---------- I'll continue working on my previous entry. During the last jam I simply didn't have enough time and the result was pretty disappointing to me. I ended up just dropping the project and so I can just pick up where I left off. These are my current goals for this project: Basic, reusable systems for interaction with objects - basic framework still exists from last jam UI system for displaying subtitles, hover text etc with proper transitions - already made a bunch of progress(I sneakily did some pre-jamming) A simple starting cutscene/intro sequence - sequence of events is planned with some ideas on how to actually make them happen A somewhat cohesive narrative/quest - very basic structure is planned, might need to cut down the scope Learn how to make video game foliage - this is really difficult, actually...
  20. UPDATE: The game is finished and playable here: And here is the jam entry page: _________________________________________________________________ Time for another wizard jam! What I want to do this time is create a sort of puzzle game where the puzzle is the Brain Burglar's mask. You'll basically be pulling and prodding different parts of the face to reveal new parts and interactions and finally find the zipper to tear off the mask and move on to the next disguise. It is sort of inspired by the interrogations in the Ace Attorney game series and the game GNOG (though I am basing that on just the trailer, since I haven't yet had a chance to play it). I included limited facial animations with separate features in some of my previous games and I hope I can go a lot further with that here. So far I have ideas for four different phases/faces and at least three should hopefully make it in, with more if time allows. I will be reusing and extending the dialogue system I made for my wizard jam 6 game, The Rooster's Stupid Secret. I am also planning to reuse some of the detective characters from that game so I can quickly set up the premise, so it will be sort of a sequel. I hope to have the first two faces with all interactions and script more or less done by next weekend. Here is a gif of the first face I'm working on. The interactions are pretty basic right now, but hopefully I'll be able to include some real puzzles in later faces. I am using Unity again. It would probably work in 2D, but I am working in 3D with an orthographic camera since that's what I am used to.
  21. This title stood out to me this year, and gave me an idea for a kind of physics racing game where you sit on a gamer chair and slide down a hill, collecting cans of Mountain Dew (for a boost) and Doritos (for points). Tactics don't really come into it, but whatever. Here's what I've managed today: As ever, I'm using UE4. The main thing I'm going to have to work out this time is how to have physics-based movement that isn't a total disaster; you can't really tell from the GIF, but the ramps are really flaky. If you're not going fast enough the chair will tip over as soon as it hits them (Something about moving from one piece of collision to another messes with the physics), and even if you are going fast enough there's no guarantee you'll land okay. I'm going to have to look up some vehicle example projects and get some ideas about how to constrain the physics so they behave in a way that makes the game playable. EDIT: v1.0 is out now! v1.1 is out now! DOWNLOAD IT HERE!
  22. I came up with a bunch of possible ideas for this jam at the end of December, but right now this is the one that really catches my fancy. I had originally imagined something really fast paced, like Super Hexagon, where you rotate objects around to make them line up... or something. However, reflecting on that idea, I came up with a variation on it which I like much better. I'm thinking of a first-person puzzle game somewhat along the lines of The Incredible Machine: Each level has a goal that must be achieved by placing a few pieces of equipment or machinery, all based around the proper usage of SOUL ORBS. Soul orbs spray a steady flow of SOUL POWER in all directions: This power is tremendously useful, but before it can be used it must be concentrated. Thus, you place level elements to guide and channel this power where it is needed, by attracting or repelling, reflecting or focusing the soul particles. These then power machines which either are the objective of the level or affect the level in some other way. I'm hoping to get a basic prototype going within a few days, because what's actually going to make this project live or die is its level design. Right now I'm planning this as a solo project but if anyone else is interested I can adapt it to bring more people in. I'm hoping to stream some of the development, but I'm not sure when I'll start doing that -- regardless, if I do stream it, it will be at .
  23. I'm going to try and make something in 3D!!! Yay!! ....In Gamemaker 2! Boooo!! So yeah it'll be a challenge and I'll see if I can get anything done at all. What I wanna do is sorta ambitious and probably not gonna be called what I titled this thread. If I get anything playable I'll release it, but I'm thinking this may be a mad longer-term multi-jam something I only mess with when jams be jammin'. Stay Spicy JamsPersons!
  24. Hey folks!! Hope you're all hype for WJ8 in a couple days! As @Dinosaursssssss mentioned in the welcome thread, we are going to have another showcase weekend on the Saturday/Sunday following the end of Wizard Jam 8. That means Saturday, February 2nd and Sunday, February 3rd. If you'd like to participate in this streamy event, please say so in this thread and I'll try to get everyone organized into a schedule. Just post your Twitch/Youtube/Mixer channel info and times that you'd be available to stream (all times in PST, the official time zone of Idle Thumbs). Please give a range of times and how long you'd be able to stream for (assuming at least 3-6 hours of jam games worth of Content based on previous jams) I'll reach out to you once I put everything into an algorithm* and figure out the ideal lineup. We also have a confirmed IT's very own Nick "Nick Breedon" Breckon will be streaming on the Thumbs Twitch channel at 2pm on Saturday the second so maybe avoid that slot, yeah? And if you'd like to stream but aren't sure how, I'm sure folks in this community can point to easy resources to set stuff up. You've got more than 3 weeks to practice!! Thanks all, this is the best community~ -elvaq *algorithm may or may not be mechanical turk
  25. RELEASED: The initial release has been posted! Jon and I are starting to plan our game a little early. Our goal is to explore the joy of simulating machines with code, and translate that into a game. My best guess is that this is going to be some kind of factory simulator, probably in 2D or fixed angle 3D (think Cities: Skylines, Sim City, Roller Coaster Tycoon, etc.). I imagine the end result after 2 weeks work will be a very very basic (maybe just a "tutorial" section) factory where you build some small machines, some conveyers/transport infrastructure, and have an end result on the manufacturing line. Might do a candy factory, because we want it to be fun and approachable thematically, not a hardcore simulation game. There's also some free/good thumbs candy content: The gum disease Gingivitis Off-brand candy bars (Jokerz, Thumbs Up, Twilight, Bucaneer, etc.) Talk of Bubble Gum Tape, the endless pursuit of candy during childhood, gross candy corn, etc. Anyway, we'll see how it goes! UPDATE: The initial release has been posted! (For some reason this image appears twice. Sorry.)