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  1. [Release] Shoehorned

    Glad you like it! Yea, there's definitely some techniques that make climbing easier. Haha, I think you were the first to find it. I'm glad Nick got to it on the stream so other people could see it. I added an option to switch leaning to the right stick. You can enable in the tilde menu > Options > Control Layout B. I like that it's an option but I don't think I'll use with it. It feels a bit like patting your head while rubbing your stomach to me, but it's probably because I've but a lot of hours playing it the other way.
  2. I really liked the music puzzles!
  3. [Released] Motormouth (Interacting with Humans)

    Good job! I really like the dialog (the fish one was great) and it's quite challenging.
  4. Barbie's Trashed Dreamhouse

    Haha, I immediately started throwing everything outside too. I think you've got the coolest Gobbler. . . I'm sorry. Good Job!
  5. [Release] Descending

    Cool stuff! The music reminds me a bit like some of the Hotline Miami stuff.
  6. [Release] Shoehorned

    Game's done! I was going to change the name but couldn't come up with something I liked before the deadline. Maybe I'll revisit it later. There's a few secrets in the game. Cheats are also still enabled if you want to just check stuff out. Thanks for playing! https://itch.io/jam/wizard-jam-9/rate/457514
  7. [Release] Shoehorned

    Thanks, it was fun to jam with everyone! I think you're right about changing leaning to the right stick. It would also provide a full 360 degree moving of the center of mass, which would be nice (right now it's just directly +/- X axis from your character). I'll definitely put that in some time soon!
  8. [Release] Shoehorned

    Uh oh. . . can you send me your log file? "AppData\LocalLow\DefaultCompany\Shoehorned\output_log.txt"
  9. [Release] Shoehorned

    I've also been working on some environment art. I started replacing the basic blocks that make up the level with some more organic rocky shaped meshes. It added a surprising amount of variety to the climbing mechanics. It makes your footholds harder to find and you have to react more to the bounce and balance. Also a cave background mesh. I used a tri-planar shader for everything so I can skip making UVs and keep clashing geo together but not get z-fighting. For the past couple years I've been using Photoshop's cutout filter to make textures. It's a real quick way to get simplified, angler, shapes. I run it a couple of times on frame 2 and 5. It also works really well on photos of different materials like concrete. That's what the texture is on frame 7. I added some small details like dirt particles that spawn when you touch the bricks and some lanterns that can move.
  10. [Release] Shoehorned

    Thanks everyone! Yea it was really surprising how much it improved the game feel. Especially the leaning animations because there wasn't any feedback for the shifting of mass. Yea I agree, this type of game can get a lot of attention from streamers and that's still a really great way to drive sales. I've found the toughest thing so far has been to make sure falling doesn't feel 'cheap'. Mostly trying to make sure the physics can't freak out and shoot you off when it doesn't feel warranted. I've been working on this a few hours each night but I've been too lazy to post updates. I've made quite a few changes to the physics stuff. I added raycasting to the ends of the pole that prevent you from moving into colliders which stops clipping issues like this: I also set up physics materials on everything. In general I made the character/ pole more bouncy and slick. Previously when you fell the character would pretty much come to a complete stop when you touched the ground. Now it's much more dependent on positioning your self correctly to stop your momentum after a fall. There are also some new movement mechanics. You can do a little butt hop when the body is on the ground and you move to the bottom end of the pole. There is also a double jump when you jump off the end of the pole which gives you extra jump height.
  11. [Released] It's Not Easy Being Pentametron

    Cool idea and it's looking great! Maybe your scoring system could be tweeting out your pairs and scoring them with likes. Or maybe you're creating office memos that for some reason get likes. Anyways good luck!
  12. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ The world needs this First-Person-Shirter!
  13. Sweet puzzle! I'm going to have to stop looking at this thread so I can be surprised when I play it.
  14. [ON INDEFINITE HOLD] Pub Crawler

    I really like being able to see the next tile! The pop up icons help a lot. They make me think of a rally racing game . Very untapped market: Rally Pub Crawling.
  15. [Release] Shoehorned

    Yea, working on the level is really relaxing. It's just clashing stuff together and seeing if I can get up it and if it adds something new. Here's probably the wildest thing I've found so far. The friction and center of mass is just right to let this happen: