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  1. [Release] Do You Believe in Dot Gobbler?

    Good job! It's pretty fun even in it current state. I went inside the Idle Thumbs podcast room and started munching paintings and go too big to leave LOL.
  2. [Full Release] Farewell, Video Games

    Another fun game Atte! Is is supposed to end when I climb the ladder? I see content in this blog post I didn't encounter but not sure if it was intentional or not.
  3. [Release] Do You Believe in Dot Gobbler?

    You can finish it! I believe!
  4. [Dev Log] The Wizard

    Amazing! I did a spit take when Good job!
  5. [RELEASED] What Remains of Idle Thumbs

    I'm really liking the buildings so far but I'm terrible at the game ><. What's a good build order? I've gotten to the 10 kill tier of buildings once but then it collapses and I lose all my money from people leaving. Combo-ing food, annoyed, and the Spelunky ride seems to work well at the beginning but falls off later. Will people use the same attraction more than once? The causes of death made me chuckle. Have you ever played a game called Evil Genius? This game reminds me of it quite bit a bit.
  6. [Release] Decrepit (GOOD... BYE)

    Great! I hoped it wouldn't be too hard so people could finish it in few tries. Yea, I noticed I usually have more than enough items too. Not ideal but oh well. Glad you liked it!
  7. [Release] Decrepit (GOOD... BYE)

    Glad you liked it! Yes, the exit requires three things to be destroyed. They can be enemies or items. Atm enemies don't have any abilities themselves, so if you kill them they shouldn't be able to attack back. How was the difficulty? It's pretty random and you can get screwed by having all skeletons spawn in the beginning. Were you able to finish the game?
  8. [Release] Decrepit (GOOD... BYE)

    Ugh came back from the trip with a cold, slept in today, and didn't make the submission time. @Dinosaursssssss Is there a way to still submit on your side?
  9. [Released] Beppo's Hole (in one golf)

    Yea that was my last wizard jam game. I had the same problem parsing floats without region formatting. I didn’t know it was even a thing. The lesson I learned was always make my own forwarding method when using other libraries so I don’t have to hunt through the whole project replacing stuff.
  10. [Release] Eight Seconds: Manipulated Through Time

    Cool idea! Do you record inputs and let the physics play itself out again? Or do you record transform information and move the character that way? Oh god, portals are such a pain in the ass. The only thing that comes to mind is that it looks like what happens when the renderering engine doesn't like how you've triangulated a mesh. If it's a custom mesh, try triangulating it the other way and or remake your UV's. If you're using a Unity quad, I don't know, try a custom mesh? Good luck!
  11. [Release] Decrepit (GOOD... BYE)

    I think this game is pretty much a wrap. I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow and get back next Friday so instead of scrambling to do a build and put up an itch page I'll do it when I get back. I think I have a solid prototype, I didn't get as many abilities done as I had hoped. They were definitely the most difficult part. I ended up having to rewrite the ability stuff a couple of times in order for it to work the way I wanted. Most of the abilities are kind of samey, they pretty much all involve modifying damage or doing extra attacks, but I think it shows off the idea well enough. The game is severely lacking in the audio department. I set up the systems for abilities to play audio but I haven't added sounds for everything. Maybe I can squeeze that in when I get back. Here's some game play: gameplay1.mp4 gameplay2.mp4 Good luck on the rest of the jam everyone!
  12. [Release] Decrepit (GOOD... BYE)

    @CEJ Yea I love stuff like that. The framework I'm using serializes everything, even the prefabs, into a yaml database. So it's very easy to mod. I'll write more about it when I release the build, but you could very easily create your own color variants or change enemies stats and whatnot.
  13. [Dev Log] The Eyes In Search of Paradise

    Looking good! I used to play flying sims all the time when I was a teenager. It's going to be fun to jump in one again! If you need some more characters, here's the player character from my Wizard Jam 9 entry: Shoehorned. shoehorned_character.unitypackage And I'm in Kansas City, USA.
  14. [Release] Decrepit (GOOD... BYE)

    Thanks everyone! @SloaneUnity is a complete mess right now. Another example is that they just deprecated all that new multiplayer stuff they made a few years ago. It's so hilariously bad that they have a flow chart for people to use to decide if you should start a game with the deprecated system or if you should use beta code for the new system. Basically they're in the middle of switching to an ECS architecture and that means they have to redesign everything in the engine. I do think it's a better architecture for making games but it's really going to be off putting for everyone who learned how to use the Object Oriented architecture. I Did some work on the equipment UI. The red pips are the item's durability and the green pips are the item's abilities with tool tips.
  15. [RELEASED] What Remains of Idle Thumbs

    Haha love that Cheatin' Hitman is a cup game. I also endorse GifCam.