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  1. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    I find my myself wondering if there will be some kind of "fall/winter holidays 2018" one-off pod to please the masses, if the gang is back in or around the same area of the country or all get some period of time off from work obligations for a long enough time to get together. I reckon their respective video game production schedules, moves, etc., have been taxing and the logistics are probably super complicated. Internet in Canada can be really slow, too, eh, which makes a remote "Nick on screen" pod even more difficult. In any case, I miss listening to the casts and am looking forward to any possible return
  2. [RELEASED] The Octopus Affair

    Oh man, thanks for the tip! Sorry I missed that!
  3. [RELEASED] The Octopus Affair

    This is a fun octopus swimming around thing. I do wish there was an "invert camera Y" option, though. Even though there's no real gameplay systems in place yet, it feels fun to just boop around the aquarium with the fishes. Something oddly satisfying about going through the cave tunnels
  4. [Released] They Came Through the Floor

  5. [RELEASED] The Convergence Compulsion

    This is a good idea! I also want to add a "low toss" or "slide" throw type so it's easier to be precise at close distances. Sort of like the grenade roll in HL2 or something like that.
  6. [(Somewhat) Released] Build the Nublar Evolved

    This prologue clicker/twine game was good fun. I appreciate the dark humor. Looking forward to the main game release
  7. [RELEASED] - Sim-You-Lation

    I think I stumbled across this as an itchio recommendation, but am not sure if its the same game. You should toss a link to the finished game in the first post of the thread Edit: This is a fun idea. While definitely not a traditional game, it's kind of nice to see a text adventure-style game in the jam I did find a bug when entering the Time for my task. It says (Optional), so I pressed enter, and the program seemed to stop working. I could no longer enter any characters and pressing enter and escape didn't do anything. So I had to restart. BUT, the game remembered my character, which is awesome. I played a few days worth of activities and got a score that I was eventually satisfied with.
  8. [Released-ish] The Fresno Experiment

    This is a really cool start to what could really be a fun walk-'em-up. I really like the humor and signage/props. I could really see playing something like this in a longer form with some more audio and things to discover and a scary or strange mystery to uncover. I hope you make more games like this
  9. [Released] They Came Through the Floor

    it took me a few minutes before I discovered how the orbs worked and what the green/yellow/red status meant, but I figured it out. But despite the punishing difficultly, this game was fun to discover things about through play, and the audio visual presentation is really nice. Those hand-painted backgrounds are especially nice
  10. [RELEASED] In Space

    Once I found the readme contents for placing the various items, this became a lot more interesting. Though, in its current form, the people just sort of fly around really fast so its hard to judge if my object placement is doing something good or bad. I also had the click registration issue. Time between clicks didn't seem to matter, just sometimes I could not place an object in a square no matter how many times I clicked on it. I know it's in a basic form, but with some audio and adjustments for things like simulation speed (and sim pause to build), I think this could be kind of fun. Like a micro sims meets sim city or something.
  11. [Released] George Fan

    Boy howdy, do I appreciate games like this
  12. [released] Our Newest Show - Important Podcast Simulator

    This game is really strange feeling, but pretty cool atmosphere with the music. I also ran into the UI issue the other folks above did. I managed to keep going by clicking the submit button, though the "click target" on the UI button seemed off on that one screen (the same one pdotjpg shows above in the screenshot). I really like the idea of outputting an html record of the story outcomes. I don't think I quite grasped exactly what was going on, as there was a lot of text to read and understand, but I did make a story/episode a couple of times. The general idea of making a podcast episode into a sort of story/rpg kind of thing is really ambitious and unique, I think
  13. [RELEASED] A Wish Upon A Star

    (I was playing the downloaded version)
  14. [Released] Stream Frasier Online Free

    This is so weird and fun and goofy, I loved it.
  15. [RELEASED] A Wish Upon A Star

    This was really nice and engaging! I noticed a small bug where when you skip the intro (it was me restarting the game), it was not clear how to "turn on the screen" (press enter). I also tried pressing escape in case the skip took a few tries to skip dialogue or something, but then the skipped music seemed to go a bit wonky. I restarted the game and pressed escape then enter and all was well. Nice work by the VO and music contributors, too. A charming and fun game