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  1. Despite being about very little, the extra ~15 minutes of random banter and Chris' use of the sound board "rimshot" to punctuate things made me laugh hard enough to wake up my wife. The watermark for any quality content.
  2. Missions that made you quit

    Oh man, this is a classic frustrating one for me too. I recall it being super long too, which added to the frustration of failing while nearly done several times in a row.
  3. Missions that made you quit

    Most recently, I nearly quit playing zelda botw because of the "The Lost Pilgrimage" shrine quest. It has all the tropes of my least favourite mission types in games: Stealth in a non-stealth game, escort/follow, hard fail/reset loop. Thankfully zelda had enough good will in the bank that I just googled a walkthrough and finally beat it. But man is that mission punishing and terrible.
  4. Regarding George Broussard's Tasty Burger TwitPic: I tried, but failed.
  5. Plug your shit

    A while back I made a Unity asset for making "Walking Simulators" (like Gone Home, Firewatch, etc.), and recently added a bunch of new stuff to it. It's designed for artists or people who just want a good foundation for getting started on some first person story telling. I used it in my last Wizard Jam Game (, and fabian used it in one a couple jams ago ( Anyway, it's called First Person Exploration Kit, and is available here for those interested:
  6. Oh my goodness - Gak. I had Gak. It was "not quite orange, not quite pink" and lived in a weird splat-shaped container and smelled funny. *wipes away single tear*
  7. [Released!] Get Hoisted

    Ah, thanks, I am glad you like it And thanks for recording and sharing some gameplay footage! The par times are certainly geared to the hardcore cheevo-chaser. haha. The roof part had to be cut due to time constraints. The level is still there, but I just removed the access via the "scope reducer" bars. Maybe someday it will be shipped as some DLC. Along with drinkable/spillable coffee, and edible Broritos and Ultra Boost Also, I just uploaded a small update with some bug fixes and a little more polish on tutorials and score balancing Thanks for playing!
  8. [Released!] Get Hoisted

    It's finally here, soft-launched 1.0: I want to make a trailer for it too, I think, but the page is live and ready for play! All feedback welcome. Enjoy!
  9. [Released!] Get Hoisted

    It's nearly ready! Just have some screenshots to take and an itchio page to finish
  10. [Released!] Get Hoisted

    Nearly there. Most/all props are now done, core systems done, and just have some UI polish and bits to finish. (Don't mind the shoddy light bake, my test bakes are only set to 2 texels ) Next up I need to make some screenshots, maybe a trailer if I'm feeling like it, and then release this over-scope boy into the world.
  11. [Released!] Get Hoisted

    Added Hardcore Mode for any score-chasing, speedrunning type folks: Was going to make it spit out a shredded Gamer Card if you disabled it, but scope and all that.
  12. A couple things came to mind when listening to this episode: 1) Anyone else *really* tempted to do a kickstarter for 100 puzzles, 99 of them with 1000 pieces and 1 with 999 pieces? It would be cheapish to pull off, and ...hilarious to actually do? 2) The special bottle of wine sounded to behave essentially like a normal bottle of wine. I guess the only difference is that after a decade or two, "real life wine" stops getting better every year (depending on the wine, etc., etc., etc.). But like, just wait 5-10 years and drink the magic bottle of wine? *shrug* That's what I would do, anyway. Overall very weird to hear Nick's re-dub. I really kind of wish they never said anything, and just left it seeming sort of uncanny. The few bits of "glitched mic" lines were a nice touch though.
  13. [Released!] Get Hoisted

    Did a lot of work on the tutorial sequences today. Here's a short video showing the "rookie jobs" that the player will have to complete to get into the full chaos of the game:
  14. [Released!] Get Hoisted

    Update: Not quite done yet, but definitely in the last bits of the project. Working on polishing up the menus and UI transitions, "first job" tutorial/hints, and finalizing some of the sound effects. Also some world space hint graphics, and a nifty little "force player to look at this thing over here" mechanism to guide the player's view during the tutorial a bit:
  15. [Released!] Get Hoisted

    Thanks I really wanted to be done by month end, but it might be a bit longer. I am definitely at the point where I am aggressively "killing my darlings" in terms of scope, and figuring out which items I really have to have for it to feel whole. For example, I think I am going to drop the "roof access" second level because it will just take too long and not really have the payoff I want. I still plan on releasing for free, and might do the itchio "pay something if you want" model. This project has become more a proving ground for what The Next (Commercial) Game could be in terms of budget/scope. I hope you like it once it's out!