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  1. [dev log] Welltris and Wetrix (and Wordtris)

    The added "juice" of the explodey hovering rocket powered letters and screen shake make this really appealing!
  2. [Dev Log] Our Weird Monstrosity

    This looks pretty weird and cool!
  3. [Dev Log] häx_processer

    The idea of this game is suddenly coming across really well to me. (insert Wee Bay realization meme here)
  4. [Dev Log] The Convergence Compulsion

    Today I got the crouching line of sight stuff working a bit better and fixed some edge case bugs. Tomorrow I think I want to take a crack at the hacking mechanism and build out the few levels I made with the paper prototype. Probably not super far for the jam itself. It'll probably look like this, give or take. But if the game plays well, I want to commercialize it at which point I will probably need to figure out funding for an artist (and all that jazz) or "git gud" and make my own art.
  5. [Dev Log] The Convergence Compulsion

    Leaning! Among other things, I am using the UFPS asset for this project, and it's so far very nice to work with. Leaning doesn't come with it by default, but implementing it was pretty straightforward (less than an hour!)
  6. [Dev Log] The Convergence Compulsion

    Thanks No, no leaning yet, but it's on the list of things to do. I feel like some envelope pushing peek-a-boo with an angry robot sentry might be a fun time. It might be good to have a more forgiving line of sight timeout if the player is leaning, to make their sneakiness get rewarded a bit and reflect that their capsule is semantically a bit more hidden even though it really isn't.
  7. [Dev Log] The Convergence Compulsion

    Turrets now have line of sight that make more sense. They can see through glass, and will try to shoot you if they can. If the glass is breakable, you're going to have a bad time: I also added some visual indicators above their head MGS-style so it's clearer what they're doing. They'll also follow you for a little while, and if they lose track for long enough hey will give up and resume their patrol.
  8. [Dev Log] The Octopus Affair

    Those little archways combined with the low game view camera angle are really nice!
  9. [Dev Log] The Convergence Compulsion

    Got some major work done today on Fiddly Bits™ First, re-worked "Cinematic Hints" system to be a bit more forgiving and delightful (the hint is akin to "hey bub, look at that shiny pink cube over there!"): Second, a "Cutscene" helper (note the quality placeholder "[Cutscene]" stencil/stamp): And last, a "Tool Selection" menu that you can use with the mouse wheel. Not sure where the final UI will be, but you can select with keyboard (number keys) or the mouse wheel: It wraps (if on Interact and scroll "next", it selects Hack), and hides itself as it selects the chosen tool. Snazzy!
  10. [Dev Log] The Convergence Compulsion

    Making a "id software" player death screen. I also want to make the player fall over randomly as part of it. Full "Rigidbody on a bouncy head cam" might be too much though.
  11. [Dev Log] The Convergence Compulsion

    Nothing visually exciting today, but the saved game system is working. You can "beat the game" now in a fully saveable UI-driven way. Now to add some more content between "New Game" and "You Win"
  12. [Dev Log] Stream Frasier Online Free

    This is looking great
  13. [Dev Log] Build the Nublar Evolved

    The animation effects are really great on this! I played the original, and am looking forward to playing this one as well
  14. [dev log] A Wish Upon A Star

    Some small "rubber banding" movement with some subtle audio/visual indicator might work for that I reckon
  15. [Dev Log] Mystery of the Ravens

    Nice progress!