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  1. [Dev Log] Get Hoisted

    Plate randomization for work orders:
  2. [Dev Log] Get Hoisted

    I think I've reached a solid conclusion regarding gameplay. There will be "rounds" of cars to inspect and fix, based on a work order Clean car Change tire(s) Replace missing Lug nuts Change plate numbers Etc. (?) When you are done, you hand in your work and get an inspection and score card. If you get sick of that, I don't know, take a coffee break, go throw some stuff off the roof and see what happens.
  3. [Dev Log] Get Hoisted

    Hoist controls now working with snazzy lights and sounds.
  4. [Dev Log] Get Hoisted

    Hoist model roughed in, looks a lot better now. Also added ability to make hoist be Midway Hoisted or Fully Hoisted.
  5. (Released) The Garfing Garfo

    This content is blessed.
  6. [Released] (A Wish Upon) Some Kind of Star Drifter

    This is a super chill game. I really like the minimal graphics and soundtrack. I did find the controls a bit wonky, in that I found it hard to make exactly the star/path that I wanted. I managed to beat the first level though. I am slowly getting the hang of it! One feature that would be immensely helpful is a quick restart button. Sometimes the ship drifts off screen if I make a mistake, and I don't want to have to wait for the ship to eventually reset itself. I think I'll be coming back to this later
  7. [Dev Log] Get Hoisted

    Got the wheels working, so you can remove the lugs, remove and replace the tire, and replace the lugs. Hoping the attached video works on the forum post! It didn't work, so here's an embedded twitter video link (I hope):
  8. PING

    This is a cozy simulation. I am terrible at it, but it's cool. Makes me feel better knowing there's a box of "Veggie" Panino's Veggie "Paninis" at the ready
  9. [Dev Log] Get Hoisted

    Lug nut test was successful. Note: it's pretty finicky to get a model and cutout texture and separate animated 3D model to all play nicely together. But it's getting there...
  10. Concentric

    Oh snap, this is heating up!
  11. Concentric

    I thought of a few enhancements that would appeal to the hardcore, and give this legs on a game platform: Hardcore Mode: Instant restart as soon as you die (for best time seekers) Dedicated restart button Basic stage editor (for steamworks or whatever): Up to X rings, place arrows and traps, etc. on them, optional ghost chaser, player speed range, etc. Music volume/mute for folks who just want the sfx
  12. Concentric

    Ok, I finished all the levels, and am currently in the top 5 or higher in each. Got to #1 in a few! The maniac 'wickedcestus' is dominating #1 spot in all the others. Must have a 'turbo' button on his controller
  13. Concentric

    This is very, very good. I love it! Input note: XBox 360 menu controls on windows are a little frustrating. Specifically, I find the [Start] > [Left Analog Down] > [A] combo more often than not snaps back to "Resume" instead of the intended "Restart". Not sure if it's a deadzone issue or something, perhaps the slight springy "waggle" back up after flicking down on the analog stick. But it's very repeatable. But did I mention this game is really fun? Because good job it's great
  14. [Dev Log] Get Hoisted

    Back in the saddle to finish this up before in the next couple weeks. Working on a sort of intentionally lame rear-projected movie type skybox of the rooftop area above the garage. This will allow the player to see the original Cruisin' cityscape and increase Gamer Immersion Feels™ Woohoo!