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  1. [Dev Log] Power Wizard 3d: A 3d Story

    Here's a final not-final gif for this thing as I'm putting it to rest until (likely) the next wizjam when I intend to finish(?) it! I am very happy with the progress I made. And though I'm not as much in this event/community anymore as I'd like to be, I'd like to thank every one of you! Thank you! See you in Wizjam Land 2019.5!
  2. [Dev Log] Power Wizard 3d: A 3d Story

    Thanks! I now have a skybox (sorta, not really) and I'm really happy with the models grayed-out and dithered before you can see them. What I won't have, sadly, is anything to play tomorrow...
  3. [Dev Log] Power Wizard 3d: A 3d Story

    guys......GUUUUUUYS. I figured this shit out! A mysterious PC appears!
  4. [Dev Log] Power Wizard 3d: A 3d Story

    Here is a gif of my problemo: That blue/yellow guy is a default model from MagicaVoxel. Notice that when the camera is along the ground the faces above the guy's legs are weirded out/probably flipped. When floating higher and looking down everything looks great. (also at the beginning you can see how the guy draws through the "grass" gray blocks. This is a problem I think I can fix however, but haven't put in the time yet.) I'm going to consult reddit for a maybe solution. Cuz I'd like to salvage this and still use GMS if at all possible.
  5. [Dev Log] Power Wizard 3d: A 3d Story

    I tried real hard to get this working the past week. Here's what I wrote on Twitter: My exploration for a 3d first person game in GMS2 has hit a brick wall. Just so many problems with this POV in GameMaker. Any 3d model you look at that's at a higher "depth" than the viewpoint of the camera has flipped/weirded-out faces. Also, it has no idea it has to draw further models first. So you'll often have far away objects seen, as if by x-ray, thru nearer ones. These things could be fixed if I knew what I was doing...not hacking this together w/ a bunch of other people's code. (I've noticed all the successful examples of 3d in GMS are top-down, not 1st person)...but then I arrive at "other engines just do/fix this junk automatically." At first I was like "cool if it's glitchy, it'll suit my game anyway." But, you know, I'd like to be able to make it look right if I wanted it to. So I'm back goofing with Godot, but postponing this for now. That's where I'm at then. I'm going to post some gifs that illustrate the issue I'm having later. Maybe some dudes here can help. Otherwise, I'm likely back to scratch in an engine I don't know unfortunately.
  6. [Released] To Me, To Me, To Me

    I like that your weapon appears to be a bouncing ball. Those robots will never expect that! Check out Alwa's Awakening for an NES styled platformer that really nailed it!
  7. [Dev Log] Power Wizard 3d: A 3d Story

    Okay! Here's some kinda gross concept art.... (spot the reference!) I've got the mouselook and 3d movement in. I even got some models in the game for walls. I'm doing the kinda hacky deal of making the level walls imported 3d models. I'm using MagicaVoxel which is cool. I haven't gotten the textures to work properly yet. But that might be okay as I'm not against the glitchiness thing (as players of my old games may know). It seems to want square texture files at 64x64 or 256x256. But MagicaVoxel's deal is that it's just a png palette 256 colors (x 1 pixel). If anyone knows a solution here, please let me know. Things I'm NOT going to put in checklist: Jumping Any varying heights for the floors or ceilings at all really Shooting um..anything besides walking around and collecting things and activating gates I kinda wanted you to be able to pick up things and throw them er...I just messed up this list I need to figure out how to do billboard "player-facing" sprites next I think.
  8. Mailbag for a Tattered Nation

    The art has a nice tactile "real media" feel to it!
  9. [Dev Log] Unmasking the Brain Burglar

    Poking this burglar seems quite satisfying! Great start!
  10. [Released] They Came Through the Floor

    Like those robos! They have a G1 Transformers/GoBots feel.
  11. [Dev Log] Esophagus Sarcophagus

    Sounds great! Like gross Downwell head-to-head or something.
  12. I'm going to try and make something in 3D!!! Yay!! ....In Gamemaker 2! Boooo!! So yeah it'll be a challenge and I'll see if I can get anything done at all. What I wanna do is sorta ambitious and probably not gonna be called what I titled this thread. If I get anything playable I'll release it, but I'm thinking this may be a mad longer-term multi-jam project...like something I only mess with when jams be jammin'. Stay Spicy JamsPersons!
  13. WIZARD JAM 8 // Welcome Thread

    Hi! I'm going to try and at least start a cool new thing. I'm also getting lasik on start date so that'll be something too...
  14. [Released] Buried Treasure

    Cool. Looking like good progress! I'm not familiar with the Skyrim treasure hunting (sounds sorta similar to Farcry: Primal to me) so looking forward to seeing how the gameplay works!
  15. Really cool. Your art and title though are making me anticipate some proper lovecraftian slow dread though, not an actiony thing. But really curious what this turns into!