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  1. [Released] Sometimes you gotta roll the Hard Six

    I released the first update for the game! Version 0.1.1 is mostly focused on bug fixes and small UI tweaks I wasn't able to get done during the game jam. See below for the full Release Notes. Changes * Fixes for miscalculating path distances, and other updates to player and enemy path calculations. Makes enemy and player movement more consistent and resolves a whole host of bugs (also removes diagonal player movement which was actually a bug). * Block player movement when dead and in between turns. This issue could cause weird placement when starting a new game. * Updated how skills are disabled and enabled, which resolves some issues where skills were improperly enabled. * Adjust player, enemy, and item sizing to better suit the size of the level tiles and each other. * Prevent exit from being placed against a wall. * UI clues about movement and selecting enemies now appears above items.
  2. [Released] Sometimes you gotta roll the Hard Six

    I submitted it a couple hours ago and has both a browser and windows download option https://yammosk.itch.io/roll-the-hard-six Since the last time I posted I made some updates, mostly to the UI and adding sound and things like that. Here is a video to show off the combat.
  3. With this being the last Wizard Jam, I am really sad this is only the second one I participated in, but also why I felt it was important to do this one! I am really enjoying the extended time and I have been using it to learn Godot. This is my first time using this game engine other than a couple tutorials to get me familiar before the start of the jam. For this game, I wanted to play around with some dice mechanics in an rpg/roguelike. I spent the first part of the jam mostly just following along this excellent tutorial on making a rougelike game: The second part has been adding my combat system based on dice rolls for different player skills. The the skills level up based on your failed rolls, and the level determines the threshold for success and failure. All skills level up from level 1 to level 6. As an added wrinkle, the roll number or skill level can affect different aspects of the skill's effects. So as an example, for sword attacks, the damage is determined by the roll, while a bow attack has a constant damage but the range is determined by the level. I worry that the mechanics are unnecessarily convoluted, but when I started playing through with both the Sword and Bow skills, it seemed like there was at least something interesting to explore. My ideal next steps would be to add more skills, but at the moment I have been focusing on ironing out some small bugs and cleaning up the code to make it easier to add new skills. With four days left, I am not sure if I'll have time to do a lot more than polishing up this version, but I am excited that it is at a point where I can play through a whole game and you get a sense for the initial idea. Shout-outs: Dice: https://www.kenney.nl/assets/boardgame-pack Tilesets: https://code.google.com/archive/p/crawl-tiles/
  4. So I tried to participate in my first Jam with Wizard Jam 4. I was off to a great start over the Thanksgiving (US) holiday, but got side-tracked by a whole host of things when I got back from vacation. Seeing all the amazing entries and the fact that there were no entries for my episode title (I think), inspired me to finish it over my relatively long Christmas vacation. All told I spent about 2 weeks working on it (but I don’t expect that to count). This is my first Unity game and it was a lot of fun. Diversifier: “Robot Russian Roulette” Description: 2295 years after the war of Human Inefficiency, the robot nations still scour the earth looking for the missing pieces of their mechanical history. Intelligence has surfaced that two of the oldest records were discovered in Nation 1011. Thought to be erased in the last cycles of the Earth Defragmention, their retrieval is now of utmost importance. Relying on the most logical forms of conflict resolution such as dueling and the ancient art of Russian Roulette, perfected by C3P-Azimov, you must retrieve the missing files. Link: https://yammosk.itch.io/robot-russian-roulette-2d Still looking at the fun quotient on this one, so I have been thinking of ways to improve the idea. Design Ideas: UI status over the robots to display known info like shots fired Different modes for chamber configuration More than one bullet Hiding the chamber contents Personalities and dialog associated with the duel requests Sounds Better animations