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Favorite Games

Found 4 results

  1. Cheese and Wine

    Hey everyone. I joined a game jam hosted by Nina Freeman's stream community (dev on Tacoma; made Cibele). The theme is wine, so I decided to give it a crack by making a simple shooting game where the reload animation is the character taking a sip of wine. I started development in game maker a few days ago and to my surprise, I have a working exe up already. This is my first game besides a simple asteroids game I made by following a tutorial step by step, so I'm really happy with how simple game maker is to use for a first-timer. I'll drop a link to the exe in a dropbox folder below, but also here are some sprites from the game: Just a warning with the game: the screen WILL SHAKE partway through the game after a certain requirement has been met, and gets worse progressively. While this is an intended mechanic, ideally I would like the screen to sort of "sway" rather than shake violently the way it does now. If anyone can help me with that, I'd love the help!
  2. Hey all, Just an info post to say that there exists an email list for all your playtesting needs, as currently the only place it's visible is in the header of the Slack #gamedev channel. You can sign up for it here: The full list is here: The usage has been pretty low volume, so don't feel like you're going to get immediately spammed with play requests if you sign up. Generally speaking the best way to use the list would be to send out a brief email about your game/what feedback you're looking for and ask for people to contact you to grab a download link. Is it possible to sticky this at all?
  3. [Dev Log] Rogue Robot Rogues

    Hi all, I'm going to be working on updating my Wizard Jam game, Rogue Robot Rogues. The plan is to get it to a somewhat final version ready for exhibiting to EGX in September, so as part of this I'm going to be releasing regular updates building up to the leftfield submission at the end of the month and then after that until the conference. So without further ado here is the first update. Rogue Robot Rogues, Version 4.1 - Health Up The main focus of this new version is a power up system. The power ups have a chance to be dropped by shielded enemies, after which they need to be shot and then they will activate an effect. Currently there's only one power up, a health drop which gives back one data orb when collected. The idea with this system is to add longevity to each run of the game, so it's not just entirely downhill from the first loss of an orb. I've got plans for two other power ups at the moment that I'll be working on over the next week. Link: Wizard Jam Post:
  4. Hey Thumbs / Readers I thought about putting this in the "Plug your shit" thread, if it should go there instead, please let me know. Way, way back in ep 130 (around the 49min mark), Chris and Zach had a pretty passionate discussion about Pubilc Domain stories, and Chris lamented that fact that for the most part, new stories and characters just won't be added to the Public Domain any more because of copyright extending beyond the heat death of the universe. Well, there's no reason we can't celebrate the stories that are. An idea formed listening to that ep, and it's been stuck in my head since then. Because I'm assuming that people here on the forums care not only about games, but about stories. So I'm proud to announce it here: The Public Domain Jam It's a while off, but I thought it'd give people time to think about what stories are important to them and how to retell them. Also, there's a category for the craziest use of the source material, and if ANYONE can come up with something totally insane for this, it's you guys.