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  1. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    Duke's Archive is definitely designed to make you get lost. The underlying puzzle is fairly simple once you understand it, but having two nearly identical rooms makes it very easy to get confused at every point along the way.
  2. I think it's obvious what's about to happen. The puffin's newly revealed fluorescent beak is about to become highly sought-after by poachers, nearly driving the species extinct before natural selection kicks in and a new subspecies, born without beaks, begins to take over the planet. The age of porgs is soon to come.
  3. True, I think I visualize that as moving through the extraneous material to find the true edge. I find it very evocative.
  4. I've always rather liked the malapropism "honed in on", and don't hesitate to use it myself. I feel that, just as honing a blade removes spare material and aligns edges to create a sharper edge, honing in on something is removing extraneous material to gain a more incisive perspective. Also, I expect that the number Chris was thinking of as being larger than the amount of atoms in the universe is the googol: " One googol is presumed to be greater than the number of atoms in the observable universe, which has been estimated to be approximately 10^78 "
  5. This is an incredible joke
  6. Important If True 53: Alexa, Destroy Me

    in case ur curious what ur missing
  8. like i sad hes an expert
  9. I dunno it felt pretty artificial, like he didn't put quite as much effort into re-recording his portion this time. I think next week they should record live, it's starting to get uncanny. You can really hear the lack of a human soul at this point.
  10. Slay the Spire: Gettin' Spired

    Ah yeah statuses can be real dangerous, especially if you're going for a clash build. I wish the first aid kit wasn't such a rare pickup, I've never managed to get one on one of the runs where I needed it. If you're NOT going for a clash build though then yeah Evolve is really good. By itself it's good and insulates you against enemies who add wounds, but you can also start using Wild Strike and Power Through to add more wounds, then Second Wind and Sever Soul to thin them back out.
  11. Slay the Spire: Gettin' Spired

    I think maybe people have trouble with the Ironclad because keeping a thin deck is a lot more important for him, and it can be hard to fight the temptation to pick up a card when presented with one. That certainly seems like it could be relating to some of the things you're saying about inconsistency and lack of defense cards.
  12. Slay the Spire: Gettin' Spired

    Though the Ironclad has fewer defensive cards he actually has a few incredible ones. One run I walked all over the final boss using Barricade + Power Through + Second Wind + Entrench + Body Slam. I hit for 1498 damage. For more standard "I just need to stay alive long enough to make my deck work" scenarios, Shrug it Off is just good in almost every deck. I think Ironclad is more consistent, but good Silent runs are incredible. I have little actual data on who's truly more consistent though, since I've been trying to do ascensions rather than going for win streaks. I usually prefer playing Ironclad though just because his runs take like half as long so it's not as big a time commitment.
  13. Important If True 50: 4468, Y'all

    I think that one started with Far Cry 2
  14. Important If True 50: 4468, Y'all

    It just feels cruel to tease everyone this way though. I guess it's an audience retention trick, because now we have to tune in to all future pods to see if you say the thing. Saying "Bustin' made me feel bad" would make me feel good, and then the bustin' cycle would finally be complete.