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  1. War Clicks: an idle strategy game

    Snowball fights event + testing x2 game speed for a week - Idle Game War Clicks We're currently running sort of a test where we have a x2 boost week (to Boot Camp production and War Zone Damage Per Click), while also running a new event – Snowball fights. Besides making it a fun booster for all players, we also want to determine if we should generally speed up the game further. So, this week we'll keep a close eye to retention rates, and see if after all the various balance speeds up we did before, players still prefer an even faster pace. While the Event has the same mechanics as the recent Christmas one, you might still want to try this one out if you missed that one – as it's a very fast-paced event! (running January 20th - 26th) If you've played WC before, or this is your first time, the current x2 boost can be a perfect opportunity to experience it at a faster pace. We've also done some new changes, to reduce some annoyances: - In-game Autoclicker is faster and lasts longer <- basically just more useful - You can now skip tutorials easily if they annoy you - Some other optimizations, bugfixes and some PvP improvements were done as well in the past few weeks Any thoughts, as always, welcome Play at: Kongregate War Clicks site
  2. War Clicks: an idle strategy game

    It’s been quite a crazy journey this year, as we’ve added some of the biggest features to the game so far! Adding Country vs. Country battles to Country headquarters, introducing the research system where your research teams help you out discover completely new technologies and boosters,.. Not to mention the Alliance fights, User Trophies, running 9 events this year and more... see you within the game or drop by on our Discord channel
  3. War Clicks: an idle strategy game

    Hey all, we just released our newest Trailer ..feel free to check it out: War Clicks - exciting Military Game (Trailer)
  4. War Clicks is an idle military browser game that pits you against other players. Fight for your own glory, collaborate with your countrymen and discover unique twists never seen in this genre before! _____________________________________________ PLAY the game here - Official Website PLAY the game on Kongregate ___________________________________________ KEY FEATURES You’re managing the army You’re starting as a manager of the Boot Camp Produce many army units and don’t forget to hire Trainers/ Investors as there is no way you can do everything on your own Your managerial decisions boost your Boot Camp powers Reach for Renown titles while becoming an experienced soldier Once you've built enough army units you can Deploy them to War Zone Use long-lasting boosts and start from scratch with way-faster progression Test your pre-built powers on the battlefield Test different strategies while attacking the enemies Fight Invasions, fight single mode or fight together with your countrymen for common country goals Reach for the highest Rank titles and collect badges the army rewards you with Compete with other soldiers around the globe Massively competitive game if you decide so (play for purposes of single mode, or check your rankings on the global rankings with other army enthusiasts) Competitions based not only on your single playing, but also on the fields of Country fighting/powers Strategy matters Discover various options and features that affect how your progress in War Zone and Boot Camp intertwines Choose when you might want to sacrifice your progress to gain huge long-lasting boosts that snowball your power Various mini-games and tasks you can complete to become stronger There is no limit when it comes to how powerful you can become! Social elements for more fun Say hello to your countrymen or other players inside the in-game chat Chat to get more details on a specific feature, chat on strategies, common country goals, voting types, country upgrades,… Idle Clicker mechanics Trainers are working also while you are offline Time management game mechanics let you grow your Boot Camp quickly or steadily over time Controls Everything is controlled via mouse/tap (it is playable on mobile, though NOT optimized for it) Hint: Use Hotkeys on Keyboards to control your fighting via faster way Follow other in-game instruction or ask other players for help inside the in-game chat _______________________________________________ Feel free to join our Discord server here... Hope you guys will enjoy playing this game, such as we did when developing it... Any feedback on the game would be much appreciated!