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Favorite Games

Found 3 results

  1. Tank Time - A 3D Board Game

    Tank Time will be an orthographic turn-based strategy game, making use of both cards and units. Players will be able to play units and cards over the course of a turn to achieve victory, which is defined differently based on the game mode. Total elimination of all opponents will always result in victory. This is based on a physical board game I helped design a few years ago. Now I'm writing it as a playable video game. I will be making weekly updates to this thread on my progress in the game creation once I begin actual development. Advice, feedback, and any assistance you can offer would be much appreciated. I will be publishing this to Mac and Windows at the very least. As I currently have no concept art or basic design created, I can't post any teaser images or footage, but I will have some up by the time I begin actual development. I'll be using Unreal Engine's blueprint system to do my work and any advice pertaining to it is more than welcome. Thanks!
  2. Has anyone tried YAHAHA?

    I came across a new UGC platform called YAHAHA recently that I’ve been playing around with. It’s a great no-code platform that allows you to create your own levels and worlds, it’s really modular and has a surprising amount of assets and tools to use for free. They run community events and contests regularly that challenge users to create a world or scenario (one recent event asked us to recreate our favourite movie scenes, (it was very cool). It’s updated frequently, and recently saw the addition of NPCs, as well as updates to their lighting, textures and sky boxes. It’s still in early access, but I’d definitely recommend it to any dev looking for a new platform to explore
  3. Inclusion in Gaming

    Hey guys, I've been thinking lately about inclusion in gaming. I've made a video exploring my opinions about inclusion in first person shooters, but I thought it'd be interesting to open up the discussion to other genres as well. What stops you from playing a particular game, or particular genre? Are there any games in particular that feel especially tough to get into, whether due to perceived complexity or difficulty? What about games that were once exclusive but have now become mainstream hits? Is there a game you really want to play but can't for some reason (like it's too expensive, or it would take up too much of your time)? Beardo