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  1. Free Music Resource - Over 1500 Tracks

    Hey I'm making a fighting game for a game jam and "Street Mayhem" sounds like it could work for me. I'll attribute you if I end up using it Also thanks for sharing all this music over the years!
  2. Bloozzard

    From my understanding, every existing custom map in WC3 can just be ported into WC Reforged, same as how SC: Remaster can even play your old Brood War replays without any extra fuss. With regard to *new* content, I would hope Blizzard understands what custom maps means to the WC3 community, and make a good effort highlighting new creations. SC2's arcade was completely botched on release, but it is in a sort of decent state now (arcade was always more popular than the ranked ladder, though now co-op dwarfs both). Blizzard held arcade-map-making competitions for SC2 and I imagine they will do the same with WC3, and hopefully promote it better.
  3. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    What if I told you that amiibo is just a recolour of an existing figurine?
  4. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I'm just heavily anticipating Smash Bros Ultimate, so I've been skipping a lot of Switch releases in the meantime. Just been playing Into the Breach and Hollow Knight besides my usual Splatoon 2 fix. I can wait until Gen 8 Pokemon comes out next year (or 2020?) and I think it'll be nice going into that without experiencing a watered down version first.
  5. I can play at 20-30ms ping again The lack of manual server selector apparently means the leaderboard will now be global, which a bit iffy. I guess I'm used to Blizzard games having separate leaderboards for different regions. Not sure how other games like CSGO or Rainbow 6 handle that stuff.
  6. The next update is adding another whole bunch of stuff. There's changes to matchmaking, the addition of ranking tiers, and some UI changes to select meds/grenades, in addition to the usual bug fixes. Tentatively optimistic that the matchmaking changes will allow OCE server to repopulate.
  7. Good news for you: the bullets are modeled, not hitscan also open beta starts tomorrow! If you preordered the game, it started today. There were also a few streams you could have watched (the promotional period is over now though) to gain access if you had your twitch and bnet accounts synced up. I've played two rounds so far and boy, the guns have basically no recoil. TTK is really low if you have no armour, but having armour changes things up a lot. I thiiink the devs said that armour balancing is one of the main things they are looking into.
  8. jeeez good shit dude. I'm responsible for one of those losses :x The firing range is finally coming to the live servers today! I'm looking forward to racing people on the vehicle track than practising shooting?? But it's a good addition to the game and at this stage I'm personally just looking forward more to the snow map than anything else.
  9. nice work cakedotavi I played some solos for the first time in forever yesterday; after a few rough starts, managed to get 2nd with 5 kills. The last guy ended up being one hit away from dying; we basically shot each other at the same time but his level 3 gear was just superior to me with my level 1 helmet/level 2 vest. In non PUBG news, both BFV and CoD Black Ops 4 have finally shed some more light on their respective battle royale modes. BFV's Firestorm will feature their "largest ever" map, for 16 teams of 4 players (no solos/duos it seems). Blops 4's Blackout will apparently have 80 players, and have released their map, which you can find here: Unfortunately it seems Firestorm will not be available in the current BFV beta, which I feel is a mistake since that's probably the mode that needs most testing. I think BF players knows how conquest plays out by this point. Not sure if Blops beta will have their Blackout mode available.
  10. PUBG's big $2 million tournament started yesterday. PUBG's spectator mode has gotten steadily better over time in the past year. The Gamescom invitational last August(?) was rife with technical issues, but the PGI has been spectacular. Everything is seamless and there are things like grenade trajectories and bullets highlighted to make it very easy to follow how a fight goes down. Day 1 and 2 are TPP, which I think tends to be less exciting, but I'm enjoying it anyway. I'm cheering for Team Liquid, whose players I enjoy streaming and who I have been following as a team for almost a decade now. Anyone else following PGI?
  11. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Games like Mario Kart and Smash Bros seem to assume that players have played a previous game in the series. There are no tutorials with a lot of Nintendo games of this sort, but I imagine they expect you to read the ...wait are there manuals for Switch games? Every Wii U/3DS game had a digital manual...but I just realised I don't know if the Switch have them at all. edit: I can't believe it's taken me over a year to notice the Switch doesn't have digital manuals. I'm ashamed.
  12. [RELEASED] The Convergence Compulsion

    I forgot to mention this before, but I think it would be good if the arc of the noise maker trajectory has its origin point from the lower right hand side of the screen (or maybe lower left hand side). That way you can actually see the trajectory, instead of the dots just overlapping in front of you.
  13. [released] Our Newest Show - Important Podcast Simulator

    I was writing a bunch of stuff, but then I got to a point where I couldn't click submit even though I filled out the title and body. I think there was some other element of the page that I was (literally) missing; a blank space between the title and the text body. When I click the ? in the top left, I get a white box with nothing in it, and then I can't do anything else in the game.
  14. [RELEASED] A Wish Upon A Star

    Yeah, the browser version is basically irredeemably buggy because game maker 1.4's HTML export is just not up to scratch. The audio being wonky when skipping multiple times has been fixed. So to reveal what's under the hood: the game has a timer that starts counting from the beginning, and governs when certain events/dialogue trigger. Most obviously, the opening dialogue, the opening credits, the music cues, etc. Pressing skip immediately sets the timer to a point past all the dialogue happening, and cues up the background music, but I forgot to disable the skip button once the intro has been skipped. So it was sending everything back to right before the music starts, hence the music just stacking on top of itself. The skip button now only works if you're before that point.
  15. [dev log] A Wish Upon A Star

    This is an easy trap to fall into! I read interviews with NES game developers about why their games were so hard, and basically the answer was that back then, they didn't have dedicated playtesters, it was just the developers doing their own created levels over and over, and so it became muscle memory/really easy for them. So they kept challenging themselves and in the end they made very hard games. I consider myself quite good at these kinds of spatial/visual puzzle games, so I was able to beat it in the end. The level I got stuck one was just the