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  1. AGDQ 2019

    The run for Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion (my favourite game of 2018) was really good, but the runner was a bit, uhh, I dunno, put me off a bit. His couch were three women who he forgot to introduce and then barely interacted with, which is a shame because I would have loved to hear them talk way more than he did. At one point he got up during a 5 minute cutscene and started doing the floss dance (poorly) for the whole duration. At least it got a lot of donations.
  2. War of the Broses

    You've already told me about this concept but I'm still sitting here lol'ing at this entry. Looking forward to it a lot!
  3. [Dev Log] They Came Through the Floor

    Now for some humans! They are some of the other mecha pilots that you'll encounter in the game. I have to workshop some alien designs now. I still don't really have a clear idea in my head of what I want those to look like, so I'm gonna spend today just sketching a bunch of things. Also I gotta start working on more dialogue in the meantime.
  4. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I'm pretty sure at least Mario Galaxy 1 in HD is available on the NVidia Shield for Chinese markets, so it is kinda weird that it isn't coming to Switch. They might just be trying to space it out after Odyssey and NSMBU Deluxe comes out, to avoid Mario fatigue on the Switch?
  5. Hi all, I'm making a visual novel featuring mecha and aliens (that emerge through the floor). It will be called They Came Through the Floor. The player works as a pilot of a civilian type mecha, but gets caught up in an alien invasion alongside more typical military looking mechs. The plan is for the player to pick one of three different types of mecha, which will change up the game a little bit (but not too much). Here's a WIP screenshot: Here's more of that little fella, and two of the other mecha in the game: I imagine it's fairly obvious that the red one is a fire-fighting mech, but the first and third work in construction and parcel delivery, respectively. I'll work on some alien designs shortly! I'm also slowly typing away at some dialogue or whatever. I already regret deciding to do a visual "novel".
  6. [Dev Log] Unmasking the Brain Burglar

    Oh lawd the 3D reveal caught me completely off guard! But hey this looks really cool
  7. [Dev Log] The Fresno Experiment - again

    I liked what I've seen so far of this from the previous jam, so I'm looking forward to where you take it next
  8. CHRISTMAS 2018

    Merry Christmas! I'm not going to watch the video
  9. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I wrote this guide thingy for the waypoint discord community, but I may as well share it here to (I also shared it in the Idle Thumbs slack) Generally speaking you want to focus on using your quicker attacks in the "neutral game" (this concept might be high level but it's worth just understanding that this is simply the time when no player has a distinct advantage over the other). Smash Bros sort of has a free-form combo system where the player is expected to just develop their own chain of attacks based on how far and which direction their attacks launch the opponent. It does take a lot of time to figure this stuff out, since there are so many attacks, and different characters have different movement properties which is important in knowing what can be followed up with. For example Peach's down-throw can be followed up with a short hop back-air attack at low %, and at higher %, a full hop is required instead. Smash Bros uses a "stale move" system that makes an attack progressively weaker the more it is used, so it heavily discourages just using your strongest attacks all the time because when you want to KO your opponent by launching them off the stage, your big attack is going to not do as much as it could or should. Anyway feel free to ask me stuff about this. I've been playing Smash for many years and racked up many hours in it, against opponents of varying skill levels. Also wrt online: the switch's wifi capability is rather poor and a LAN adapter for ethernet connection is thus recommended but most players won't be using one. So even if you have a great wired connection, chances are your opponent will bring it down. Also, there is no good way to just play the mode you want. Quickplay won't guarantee that you play with the setting you desire (it uses a preference system that matches people roughly based on their chosen settings and then just choose randomly between one of the players' match settings). Arena is finicky to set up and has mind-boggling design decisions like automatically ejecting your from your place in the queue (even if you were set to play in the ring) if you try to change your character. You also can't change settings once the arena is set up even if there is no match currently active.
  10. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I'm a big Smash fan and I've racked up thousands of hours playing the various versions of the series. That said I'm still not very good I'm liking Ultimate a lot because it's a far less defensive-oriented game, so it's just more fun to hit people without them being able to just block everything and counter-attack almost immediately. Getting people off the stage and keeping them off the stage is also way easier, because of various things. All that said, the game IS quite a bit more difficult to get into for newcomers compared to Brawl and Smash 4. There are some mechanics changes that I am still undecided on, though. The cooldown before you can move again after airdodging feels a bit too punishing. But overall I am having a really good time with it. Online still sucks though
  11. Bloozzard

    Blizzard has added microtransactions to StarCraft 2, an 8 year old game, so yeah I think in the future nothing is safe! Even StarCraft remaster had bonus cosmetics at launch, and I think they meant for more cosmetics to show up eventually as microtransactions, so WarCraft 3 Reforged might be the same way. I wonder if Blizzard will introduce paid arcade maps in WC3 Reforged the way they have done with StarCraft 2 (there are only two atm, and both have free versions of the maps).
  12. 100 million players sounds easily achievable considering this game is 1) on mobile and 2) extremely popular in Asia
  13. Recently completed video games

    I finally finished ending E of NieR Automata! Everything else that follows will be in spoilers:
  14. Free Music Resource - Over 1500 Tracks

    Hey I'm making a fighting game for a game jam and "Street Mayhem" sounds like it could work for me. I'll attribute you if I end up using it Also thanks for sharing all this music over the years!
  15. Bloozzard

    From my understanding, every existing custom map in WC3 can just be ported into WC Reforged, same as how SC: Remaster can even play your old Brood War replays without any extra fuss. With regard to *new* content, I would hope Blizzard understands what custom maps means to the WC3 community, and make a good effort highlighting new creations. SC2's arcade was completely botched on release, but it is in a sort of decent state now (arcade was always more popular than the ranked ladder, though now co-op dwarfs both). Blizzard held arcade-map-making competitions for SC2 and I imagine they will do the same with WC3, and hopefully promote it better.