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Found 4 results

  1. Part01: Part02
  2. Chronicles of cyberpunk is adventure in the city of the near future in which power belongs to the big brother and his supercomputer. You have to convince the inhabitants of the city is in danger of artificial intelligence and fight together with the forces of cyborgs. Play it on Steam Story and atmosphere of the game inspired by a lot of movies, games and images about cyberpunk. One of my main goals is to create a world to which the player wants to plunge and which he did not want to leave. Game will contain a lot of handmade artwork .. and many models
  3. I just got a request to implement a character customization system in C# by someone on the IndieDB forums. They specifically need help converting their current character system from Java to C#. However, I've never implemented something of that caliber in any of the games I've made. I do know of numerous tutorials for the system in Unity3D, but I'm not sure how it would work in C# straight up - probably just use enumerations for each class and skill set, while writing the stats to a file which will be opened whenever the game is started. The person didn't say whether the game would be made with Unity3D or in XNA or anything. However, I need help in selling that I can do this or at least learn how to do so rapidly or without much headache. I honestly don't know much of C# outside of Unity3D API. Anyone have any tips? I really want to help with them, regardless of the task. However, I may not have much time to respond before they move on.
  4. Hello, everyone: I'm preparing for a mock interview for a game programmer job I've been looking into, and I need some basic advice on how to prepare for it. I have a list of questions I want to ask: What should I wear to the interview? Is there a generally accepted dress code for game programmers to wear to interviews? What type of programming questions do interviewers ask during the interview? I work with Unity3D and C# when making games; I have little to no experience in C++ in the realm of game programming. How do I use my Unity3D experience to my advantage if the interviewer asks specific programming questions? Should I even apply for a game programming job based on the aforementioned programming experience? These are the primary questions I need answered before the interview, but I'll update the list if anything comes to mind. Thanks in advance for reading this.