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Favorite Games

Found 2 results

  1. Heyo Thumbs fam, how've you been? Some of you might know that for the last few years I have been teaching at this creative youth development nonprofit in San Antonio. It is a long-term after-school art program, project-based learning, free to students and all that fun stuff. My studio focuses on anything made on or with computers, new media, transmedia and video game design. This summer, with the extended summer hours, we're gonna have a little game jam project. And we have a little bit of a budget and we'd really like to bring a GUEST ARTIST for two or three weeks to work with/alongside our students. I was hoping you guys could RECOMMEND SOME GAME JAM ROCKSTARS. Someone who is experienced and comfortable with producing stuff in jam environments, but any and all accomplished indies and like game creators would be fair game. I'm hoping this someone would be a programmer and be able to speak to the engineering side of games. In this context, artists who program and anyone who can convert their ideas into games on their own but don't consider themselves programmers are fair game. They don't have to be US-based but it would be easier if they were. We were thinking about making it a Unity+Processing+PICO8 focus, with students picking groups and what they want to work in. There will be a theme, prolly something to do with tricentennial of (the colonization of) San Antonio which is this year. The residency would fall sometime end of June, beginning of July. Just collecting names right now, so no one is out of reach. Any leads?
  2. Hey Thumbs / Readers I thought about putting this in the "Plug your shit" thread, if it should go there instead, please let me know. Way, way back in ep 130 (around the 49min mark), Chris and Zach had a pretty passionate discussion about Pubilc Domain stories, and Chris lamented that fact that for the most part, new stories and characters just won't be added to the Public Domain any more because of copyright extending beyond the heat death of the universe. Well, there's no reason we can't celebrate the stories that are. An idea formed listening to that ep, and it's been stuck in my head since then. Because I'm assuming that people here on the forums care not only about games, but about stories. So I'm proud to announce it here: The Public Domain Jam It's a while off, but I thought it'd give people time to think about what stories are important to them and how to retell them. Also, there's a category for the craziest use of the source material, and if ANYONE can come up with something totally insane for this, it's you guys.