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  1. WIZARD JAM X - Welcome Thread
  2. WIZARD JAM 9 ~Showcase Weekend~

    Forgot to do this when I posted it in the slack channel, but here's my playthrough: @theschap also did a playthrough here: And @elvaq! And if anyone was looking for it, @Nick Breckon's play through is here: Whew, that's a lot of good gameplay right there. Thanks again to all the creators.
  3. WIZARD JAM 9 ~Showcase Weekend~

    I'll record a video once I'm off shift, sadly I'm in Australia and a bad internet zone so I can't stream. I'll post it here and on itch to the folks that have made games.
  4. [Released] Untitled Lifting Game

    Finished! Thanks for Brandon in the chat for testing it out. As usual, ran out of time for menus and such, so had to do up some terrible art. On the plus side, I found a cool resource in the form of the British library creative commons image archives. Might use those for the next jam!
  5. [Released] Untitled Lifting Game

    Alrighty, just about done with as much as I'm going to be able to do on this before I go back to work, so here's some gameplay as it stands: The idea is that you need to upgrade enemies to be the same level (colour) as the blocks in the corners of the level. Once you do, you can throw the enemies at the blocks to do some damage to them. I know that I'm using 'enemies' and 'blocks' as if they aren't all just blocks, but this is where I'm at. In the vid you can see some big brain plays of throwing enemies so that they change colour right before hitting the blocks. All that's left is to fix up the UI, get the menu going, and maybe add some dumb skins to it to try and theme it towards something Idle Thumbs-related.
  6. So for this jam, I had the idea for a mechanic where you need to use enemies as resources to continue to the next level. And because I'm a one-trick pony and can apparently only make games where you lift things, lifting and throwing things is going to be the central game play! Here's what I have so far: Enemies shoot patterns of bullets at you, where the pattern is dependent on their level, and each enemy can be between level 1 and 5; A receptacle in the map requires you to throw an enemy of a specific level to unlock the next receptacle and eventually the next map; To upgrade enemies you dive at them to pick them up and throw them at each other. They upgrade based on the combined total of their levels. That's about it! Thanks to help from everyone in the slack channel, I've got this rough demo going already: Things left to do are the receptacle system, levels, menu, health/punishment mechanic, and some basic level design (probably using the same free models I used for WotB). Not sure if that will all come together but I'll see how I go!
  7. [ON INDEFINITE HOLD] Pub Crawler

    Aw yeah, dungeon crawling goodness! I loved these games as a kid (and more recently with Legend of Grimrock 1/2) so I'm super interested in giving this a shot once it's done. Looking great!
  8. Good work! Also great that you limited your scope in such a way to not get overwhelmed. I love rhythm games so I'm keen to try this out!
  9. This is such a great devlog. The difference between the initial gifs and once you got the animation going is night and day, it looks so much more alive now! I anticipate cursing the challenging but getting back up immediately after, good stuff.
  10. I am always in awe of your artwork atte, and the mechanics seem super fun too!
  11. Yeah this is just straight up wizardry. Procedural stuff blows my mind. Also chamfering is the best verb ever. I know you've said you'll just make this walkable and dump it, but I think it's a great achievement already, so well done!
  12. This is so cool! I actually really like the idea of needing specific tools to hit specific sections of an 'enemy'. It's not something you generally see in a traditional FPS, but it looks to be a really neat mechanic. Also your modelling is super sweet mate, damn.
  13. [Release] Heely Kids

    Oh man, I remember the grinding mechanics in THPS! This is shaping up really well, and it's so cool to see people helping each other out with models and such. Good community is good.
  14. This looks great! Can't wait to get my word nerd on and bust some rhymes! Also I agree that the funky physics wobbly arm is of the utmost importance.