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  1. SHOWCASE WEEKEND // Welcome Thread

    About to start streaming (~5 mins from this post). I'll edit this with the VOD uploaded to YT and tagged with timings once I'm done. EDIT: Here you go everyone! 4:00 - Phaedrus 2010 16:30 - (A Wish Upon) Some Kind of Star Drifter 36:30 - Awkwardness And Harmony 43:00 - Block Busters: The Black Case 49:20 - Cavorting Amongst the Corpses 1:04:48 - Celebrity Explainer 1:20 - The Garfing Garfo 15:51 - Christmas Is Canceled 23:20 - Concentric 35:00 - Dunkin’ Bronuts 37:25 - From Earth to Pluto 46:50 - General Interest 56:00 - Get Hoisted 1:09:00 - Hold on to Your BUTTON 1:19:20 - Ping 2:10 - Idiots Laughing 8:00 - Il Panino di Brutto Sogno 15:05 - Join and Undermine 28:20 - Knocking on Hell’s Floor 33:10 - Pizza Tonight! 40:00 - Serious Ma’am 44:30 - SHADOW of SOMETHING 55:00 - Shoot That Pizza 58:40 - The Boots, The Obelisk and the Eye 1:05:50 - The Mind-Tech Contingency 1:10:30 - The Real Monkeys 1:14:00 - The Rooster’s Stupid Secret 1:27:20 - The World Begins With You 1:57:45 - Veggie Panino Tactics
  2. SHOWCASE WEEKEND // Welcome Thread

    Yeap, I'll also be streaming as per usual but not sure of timing. I'll post in the #wizardjam slack channel whenever I do.
  3. [Release] Get Hoisted

    Such a good concept, I love the idea that perfect matches would be entirely boring and our flaws are what make things interesting. What engine are you using for this one?
  4. That Warroid is a Dick [Devlog]

    Welcome! That premise sounds really interesting, are you looking to explore some social themes there?
  5. Fight Garbage with Garbage [Devlog]

    This game is looking trash! Love the 'advanced AI'. Also like how you chose the scale of the can and how small the player looks like they will be compared to it.
  6. [Dev Log] Doctor DNA

    Heh, that Ballz game always confused the heck out of me. Perfect visual style for the idea though!
  7. Already looking smooth! Have you thought about how to complicate the routes? Are there going to be black holes or civilisations that you can accidentally fall in/destroy on your way?
  8. Looking good, this could be the Mirror's Edge killer of 2017!
  9. [Dev Log] Get Hoisted

    Oh my yes. Is that the taxi game from a previous jam where you had to do sick jumps and collect letters?
  10. [Dev Log] SHADOW of SOMETHING

    Yeah, this is the best. All the best with it, can't wait to make some bad gamephysics gifs in the end result
  11. Priority Businessing

    This is a fun idea! As myth said, Unity is pretty easy to slip into if you have coding experience and you've used it before. You could also try gamemaker as a good 2D solution.
  12. [Release] This is Celebrity Explainer

    Sounds cool! Are you going to stick to just human celebrities, or will we get some crazy combos?
  13. [Released] Idiots Laughing

    This is a sweet idea! I will definitely stream me and my partner being Idiots Laughing.
  14. [RELEASED] The World Begins With You

    From first-person realistic narrative to third-person low poly exploration, you've got a good repertoire! One day I'd love to see a continuation of Transmission Lost, but in the meantime really looking forward to seeing what you do this time. Can't wait!
  15. The Other Eggplant

    Sounds very cool! I like the thought of exploring an old school SNES-ish-looking tavern again. An idea for a recurring character that may be fun is a person that is just trying to get a drink. Like, from start to finish all they are trying (and failing) to do, even when the big event happens, is getting a drink. Could provide some nice counterpoint to anything serious going on!