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Favorite Games

Found 11 results

  1. Hello all, Thank you for letting me on the forum. I heard people here liked video games, so I will post video games I.T.T. as I make them. The first is titled Voice of the Killer. Protagonist BB has started a new job at the call center, but from the sea she hears the horrible Voice of the Killer. This game is a mystery you can explore with the arrows. It is available for free here: I will post more when I have more games.
  2. Hey guys, I am curious about your opinion. I want to make a Real-time strategy game but with a twist, I want to add to it a horror/survival element to it. Yes I know there is a game called "They Are Billions" that includes RTS gameplay + zombies and it is good but I do not find there any solid horror elements. So my question is : What game design elements would you combine from the RTS category with the horror category? As an extra note, the view is limited to the top-down view and possible it is limited to the squad cap limit. And as a side question: DO you know any real-time strategy games that are mixed with horror/survival elements that may inspire me? So far regarding RTS my main inspiration is C&C and starcraft SO far regarding plot theme, my main inspiration is Xcom(game) and the movies "Aliens", "The thing" , "Phantoms", "The Mist" thank you PS: this is my first post here so also THANK YOU for letting me join
  3. Cover Your Eyes is an traumatic 2D top down survival horror experience, focusing upon family, and the sacrifices we make to keep them safe. You will have to fight, think and escape out of escalating circumstances as the town of Verwood undergoes an unprecedented metamorphosis. Steam Twitter Trailer Take on the role of Chloe, married mother of two working nine to five to support her family. One night, she finds out her husband has been having an affair with another woman. The shocking discovery is soon eclipsed by the town being struck by a supernatural catastrophe and her husband disappearing into the night. Looking for answers, Chloe takes her two children and heads out after him. The town has changed and monsters have come out to play. Inspired by survival horror past and present, balancing both resident evil style action and the psychodrama of Silent Hill. The player will have to loot for valuable ammo, shoot or run from hostile encounters and use problem solving techniques to overcome puzzles. All while keeping your two children and sanity in check. Features Reunite your family and escape the town of Verwood. Solve the mystery of who or what is behind the disaster. Face off against other worldly forces. Loot and manage supplies. Decide when to fight. Those shotgun cartridges might come in handy later. Think your way out of conundrums. Keep a look out for your house cat. 30 plus enemy types to encounter. 7 weapons to acquire. 15 important locations to visit. 40 plus optional buildings to loot. 3640 animation frames for Chloe. Screenshots
  4. An example of my work is linked at the bottom of this post. I'm a 2D artist and animator with additional experience in music and writing. I'm passionate about making a 2D horror game and am looking for programmer to work with me. I'm not picky about what platform you use as long as you have a good deal of experience with it. I love Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Lost in Vivo, Little Nightmares and Lone Survivor. I have a few ideas but I'm interested to hear any concepts you might have too. Ideally, we'll start something we're both crazy about. Any profits will be split down the middle. Contacts (If you can, please attach a quick portfolio of what you can do. I understand this isn't always possible with programmers so don't sweat it if you can't.) Email: [email protected] Discord: graphy498#7796 An example of my work SWF (with a little flare): IMG (zoom in for high quality):
  5. Hello, I'm currently searching for additional talented and passionate members for our team that's creating a small horror game. About the game: The game would be a small sci-fi/post-apocalyptic survival horror 3D game with FPS (First person shooter) mechanics and an original setting and story based in a book (which I'm writing) scene, where a group of prisoners are left behind in an abandoned underground facility. It would play similar to Dead Space combined with Penumbra and SCP: Secret Laboratory, with the option of playing solo or multiplayer. Engine that'd be used to create the game: Unity About me: I'm a music composer with 4 years of experience and I'm fairly new in this game development world, and I'm currently leading the team that'd be creating this beautiful and horrifying game. I decided that making the book which I'm writing into a game would be really cool, and I got more motivated about doing so some time ago when I got a bunch of expensive Unity assets for a very low price. However, I researched about how to do things right in game development so I reduced the scope of it as much as I could so that's why this game is really based in a scene of the book and not the entire thing. Also I'm currently learning how to use Unity and learning how to program. Our team right now consists of: Me (Game Designer, Creator, Music Composer, Writer), 3 3D Modelers, 3 Game Programmers, 1 Sound Effect Designer, 1 Concept Artist, 1 3D Animator and 1 Community Manager. Who am I looking for: We are looking for a talented and passionate 3D Character Modeler who is experienced with organic modeling and is able to create characters and horror creatures. Right now the game is in mid-early development and you can see more information about it and follow our progress in our game jolt page here: . We expect to finish some sort of prototype in 2-3 months from now. This is a contract rev-share position If you are interested in joining, contributing or have questions about the project then let's talk. You can message me in Discord: world_creator#9524
  6. Hi guys! Our Interactive Fiction/Gamebook is out! Help Mikey to survive the Infected Zone and reach the Safe Area! The trailer The start of the story: The beginning Available for Android and iOS! We would be grateful for your feedback guys!
  7. For years I imagined making a completely FMV interactive story/puzzle game (think Myst but made entirely with videos). Last year I finally got around to figuring out how to make the game mechanics work, and little by little put together Yeli Orog. The game takes place in Asturias, Spain and was filmed in various locations there: Yeli Orog is a FMV interactive story game about an immense archaeological discovery: A bizarre stone tablet written in the Celtiberian language found buried underneath an ancient dolmen in northern Spain. The inscription written on the tablet tells a ghoulish tale believed to be the Celtiberian origin myth. You play the role of Johnny Robin, an archaeologist sent to Asturias, Spain to assist in the recovery of Celtiberian remains. Upon arrival to Asturias you find yourself unexpectedly transported to an alien world, experiencing first-hand the terrifying story written on the ancient tablet. If you are a fan of Myst-like games, interactive stories with puzzle elements, and FMV games, I think you will appreciate Yeli Orog. If you have any questions about the game let me know. Here is the steam page, the game will be released on July 13th: Here is the trailer: Some in-game screenshots:
  8. Hello guys and girls, second post from me So I'm currently making my first text based game, been wanting to do a bit of my own game making for a while... I always loved Zork, a simple but classical game, I wanted to create a horror game that can still bring that level of horror without any video cinematic.Nearly a third of the way through creating the first chapter, would people be interested in testing the first chapter when done?It may take a while to finish but one of the main things I'm pushing for in my game is to have replay value, every choice you make will have consequences for the entire game, and, there will be many events that are randomised, each play-through could be completely different.It has taken me nearly a month to get as far as I have due to the coding of all the random events and such, is it worth me carrying on or are text based games a bit dated?
  9. I've been playing a lot of the Legacy of Kain series, and have taken some ideas for my Metroid Prime inspired game. Firstly, I like the idea that there are certain enemies that are a puzzle to fight. In my game, there are going to be quick enemies you have to impale set on fire to kill or they're invincible. I also like the idea of spectral world being where you respawn. I think I might do something similar, but put my own horror spin on it. If you die, you can't come back unless you take an innocent life. So, an NPC, a Vendor, or someone else. The air is toxic, so you only have a limited time outside with your suit on. The problem is, bullets and other wounds can penetrate your suit and suck out your oxygen. Oh, and when you get your suit about an hour or two in your only vendor at the start of the game will turn on you and morph into a later boss fight, destroying your save point and forcing you to move on. I like games that explore mental health, so I was thinking delusions, hallucinations, and aim shake. The only way to calm yourself down is to either wait in a safehouse until your sanity regens, or taking illicit substances. You can smoke a cigarette to ease the shakes, but you'll be easier to spot. You can take some harder substances, but they all have side effects you have to worry about. I want all power ups to be both mobility boosting and useful in combat. For instance, a dash can stun enemies or knock them into spikes or fire. Double jump uses a thruster so you can set enemies on fire. Later on, you get cut in half, and all your abilities from then on stem from mechanical upgrades. You can have bionic legs that make you move at Doom Marine Speed, Spider legs that let you walk on walls and ceilings, and things like that. I won't spoil some of my more inventive designs. For weapons, I want a gravity gun style weapon, a pistol, a shotgun, a quad shotgun, some form of automatic rifle, a rocket launcher, a ray that turns enemies inside out (some are stronger in this form though), and some spells. One of which turns enemies to your side until they die or kill themselves. I want this to be a dark game. You start in an intergalactic prison, then get transferred to a medieval style dungeon. The architecture is a mix or European and Oriental dark ages style stuff, as well as some more technology based stuff. There are ships, neon lights, and all the buildings/weapons are organic Geiger style monstrosities. So what do have so far? I have a script. I have the first person camera and pistol set up, and the start of my double jump. That took two days, so if anyone can help out, it'd be much appreciated. I'm a level designer/musician/writer but I'll need some help for art, sound effects, and stuff like that. Anyone who can help with coding or just knows shit about Unity, feel free to hit me up. Trying to get a team together.
  10. So Elon Musk just tweeted this article ...with the caveat "Definitely #signoftheapocalypse". So it was nice knowing all of you. I only wish I had taken the time to post in the Idle Forums more, but I guess it doesn't matter since we'll all be overtaken by swarms of robot spiders controlled by a fist-pumping Intel CEO. Oh well, at least I got to play Bloodborne. (the tweet:
  11. Hi guys, first topic etc etc So last weekend we organized a horror game night at a friends apartment, with games like Amnesia, Aliens vs Predator 2 and Dead Space. But there was one other game, that would end up blowing them all away, Slender. So what is Slender? It's a free experimental horror game made by one single guy when trying to learn to code in Unity. The game has only one goal, you must find all 8 pages placed in the forest you are trapped in, it's the only way to get out. But there is something in there with you, always seeing you, hunting you. I don't think you should know more but instead experience it with absolutely no expectations like we did and you will have a great experience. Just make sure to use headphones and play at night. You can download the game for free from here: http://www.slenderga...x.php?page=game