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Favorite Games

Found 3 results

  1. Hi forum!!!! We are a group of friends who have been creating an idle game for two years It is a survival game on an island, and we would like to have some feedback with our project At the moment the game is only available for android: Thank you all very much for your time
  2. Hey guys, I am curious about your opinion. I want to make a Real-time strategy game but with a twist, I want to add to it a horror/survival element to it. Yes I know there is a game called "They Are Billions" that includes RTS gameplay + zombies and it is good but I do not find there any solid horror elements. So my question is : What game design elements would you combine from the RTS category with the horror category? As an extra note, the view is limited to the top-down view and possible it is limited to the squad cap limit. And as a side question: DO you know any real-time strategy games that are mixed with horror/survival elements that may inspire me? So far regarding RTS my main inspiration is C&C and starcraft SO far regarding plot theme, my main inspiration is Xcom(game) and the movies "Aliens", "The thing" , "Phantoms", "The Mist" thank you PS: this is my first post here so also THANK YOU for letting me join
  3. Survival Games

    So this new video preview for The Forest looks so goddamn amazing that I'm stoked to try something similar. Are there any other good survival games out there? Miasmata is awesome, with fevers and traversal being the main challenges, navigation and getting lost a huge part of it, and death literally waiting around some corners. STALKER has always been great for the survival VIBE, but not so much on survival mechanics. Fallout 3, the first 3 or 4 hours, at least, were amazing. Scrounging for bullets, trying desperately to survive, not having any resources...amazing. What else? Far Cry 2 has really a really good survival feeling, too, actually...