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  1. Text based game - Virus Universal

    Thanks for the reply! I'm finishing off one of the threads in the story then I can give it for you to test it has been taking me so long due to the amount of choices, each one being a completely different game means every time I give the player another choice I end up writing all new threads for that part of the game haha... It hopefully will be worth it though! Its Black background with white text atm, but I have made a UI bar at the bottom for saving, inventory and other actions, but wanting to get the story figured out before I do the graphical work
  2. Hello guys and girls, second post from me So I'm currently making my first text based game, been wanting to do a bit of my own game making for a while... I always loved Zork, a simple but classical game, I wanted to create a horror game that can still bring that level of horror without any video cinematic.Nearly a third of the way through creating the first chapter, would people be interested in testing the first chapter when done?It may take a while to finish but one of the main things I'm pushing for in my game is to have replay value, every choice you make will have consequences for the entire game, and, there will be many events that are randomised, each play-through could be completely different.It has taken me nearly a month to get as far as I have due to the coding of all the random events and such, is it worth me carrying on or are text based games a bit dated?
  3. Era Of Brutality

    Cheers, working on some more content atm, hoping to have a more workable demo in the next few months! I will be updating the main facebook and website pages with videos and pictures as and when I can atm we are crying out for another python programmer to join the team to help out
  4. Era Of Brutality

    So there will be 4 major races to choose from, Draconians, Vargul and Elves are the first three major races. Each of the 4 starting areas will be unique, the typical building up items and equipment through exploration, the main game will be based around PVP and alliances/guilds/armies. Imagine this, an expanse of land, each different area having specialised materials unique to those lands, you can set up camp, deploy mining and gathering gear, you will have your own NPC's to run those buildings, but what about feeding the NPC's? So you need farms, and water pumps for drinking water, living space etc... And now comes down to the PVP, this is where is gets fun, imagine you are a small alliance, only a few players, you can bulk up your assaulting numbers with hired NPC's, so should you want to attack a bigger alliance, you can! Now how to attack, do you go straight for the mining gear and pillage them for the material? Or... Hit the farms, hit the water pumps, make it a war of attrition, once the enemy NPC's have run out of food and water they will either die or leave, do guerilla warfare style hit and runs on supply lane areas, hit trade caravans to stop the supply to the enemy of needed resources... The PVP will also have huge battles between the 4 major races, having territories surrounding each of the 4 main areas which can be taken over by any unit or group fighting on behalf of their race. The PVE also has large scale battles and bosses to fight, with dragons of ice and fire in different locations, needing good skills with movement to avoid falling into lava when trying to reach the lava dragon, and similar with the ice dragons. Now onto the interesting features... dragon riding! In the in game lore, many years ago the draconians were slaves to the elves, the elves used magic on the draconians, experimenting with them, morphing them into the first real dragons, when the other races felt enough was enough a mass raid on the elves stronghold caused the release of dragons to the world and the freedom of the Draconians. The dragons can't fully be tamed, but you have a bond with the dragons, when riding a dragon in combat, if your bond is not strong enough then it becomes unpredictable to control, it could throw the rider off, refuse to attack or refuse to acknowledge your commands. Elves will have a racial minus effect to being able to bond with a dragon, making it harder for elves to ride, however Draconians will have a plus effect to bonding, due to the similarities in the race to the dragons. More info to come in a Q and A session tonight at 7:30pm GMT time at https://www.gamerpoduk.co.uk/era-of-brutality
  5. Era Of Brutality

    Live stream tomorrow Q + A session, get to know all the updates, ask questions on whats next! 7:30pm GMT https://www.gamerpoduk.co.uk/era-of-brutality Please join us!!!
  6. Era Of Brutality

    Thank you for your feedback! We are working hard to try make it a unique MMO to bring a good playerbase, I'm the PR and social media guy so I guess playerbase is my domain haha. Only issue atm is funding, we are each funding this out of our own pocket, but none of us are python code skilled, so progress is slow.
  7. Era Of Brutality

    Hey guys and girls, my first post here... looking for some advice and ideas to help build a massive world that is perfect for gamers. The game starts with 4 main races, each with specific abilities and racial bonuses, each starting area is huge! We need help with python programming too, it is a struggle atm, but we are plowing through! Game: Era Of Brutality - MMORPGMid game progress of production, hoping to release alpha in the coming months.Screenshots: http://www.lso-gamestudios.com/era-of-brutality/https://www.gamerpoduk.co.uk/mediahttps://www.facebook.com/groups/604220453120169/Currently aimed at PC only atm, but might be looking at porting onto console at some point.Feedback: Looking for feedback on the look so far, what type of things put you off MMORPG games, what would you like to see added? We are working hard to push this game forward!