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Favorite Games

Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, Thank you for letting me on the forum. I heard people here liked video games, so I will post video games I.T.T. as I make them. The first is titled Voice of the Killer. Protagonist BB has started a new job at the call center, but from the sea she hears the horrible Voice of the Killer. This game is a mystery you can explore with the arrows. It is available for free here: I will post more when I have more games.
  2. Hello, I'm Fanomatic! It's been a while! In Wizard Jam 5 (2017) me and a friend (CEJ) started working on a retro point & click adventure game (then known as "person shaped thing"). I've worked on that project since then and have now completed a demo of it. It's now called "Animal Cruelty" and so far I have put together a fully playable PC windows demo of the first room. It features two playable characters, sounds, music, an NPC and many interactions. Here are some screenshots: Let the maniacal laughter commence! Meet interesting characters! If you want to try the demo you can do so here The full game will be free and will include two more playable rooms (plus an intro and an outro) as well as one more playable character. I try to keep it somewhat small and manageble. You can follow my progress on Twitter: And on Facebook: I wanted to post this here since the project was born on idlethumbs. I hope you enjoy it!
  3. I'm willing to bet we have a pretty varied taste and palate among the board when it comes to stand-up comedians, and it's been a while since I've discovered anyone new, so I'd love to get some recommendations going in here. Try not to list too many in one post, try to say why a comedian is good or why you might like them if you like others, and also this isn't generic comedy recommendations (because we could start a whole other thread for sitcoms and such). I'm really shitty about sounding like an asshole by analyzing comedy, but maybe you aren't. (I won't judge you if you also are; in fact, I'll appreciate it.) John Mulaney - The Comeback Kid I missed this when it released in 2015, I guess. I just watched it and it was great. John Mulaney is one of my absolute favorites (his previous two specials are also extremely good). His poise on stage has gotten so much better since 2009 and it's actually really a joy to simply watch him move - he has excellent physical comedy skills lurking just below the surface to enhance all his jokes. There are some moments here that edge toward offensive, but only because of the sort of white male implications of what he's saying (i.e., college is academic nonsense, kids are all special snowflakes these days). It's nowhere near as bad as your average Louis CK show, but typically I like John because the vast majority of his material eschews issues for pop culture irreverence. (Notwithstanding his breakout routine "Chase Through the Subway," which is either a pitch perfect set about male privilege or a tone deaf rape joke, depending on your perspective, but one I definitely think is always worth discussing.)