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  1. An example of my work is linked at the bottom of this post. I'm a 2D artist and animator with additional experience in music and writing. I'm passionate about making a 2D horror game and am looking for programmer to work with me. I'm not picky about what platform you use as long as you have a good deal of experience with it. I love Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Lost in Vivo, Little Nightmares and Lone Survivor. I have a few ideas but I'm interested to hear any concepts you might have too. Ideally, we'll start something we're both crazy about. Any profits will be split down the middle. Contacts (If you can, please attach a quick portfolio of what you can do. I understand this isn't always possible with programmers so don't sweat it if you can't.) Email: Discord: graphy498#7796 An example of my work SWF (with a little flare): IMG (zoom in for high quality):