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  1. I've been playing a lot of the Legacy of Kain series, and have taken some ideas for my Metroid Prime inspired game. Firstly, I like the idea that there are certain enemies that are a puzzle to fight. In my game, there are going to be quick enemies you have to impale set on fire to kill or they're invincible. I also like the idea of spectral world being where you respawn. I think I might do something similar, but put my own horror spin on it. If you die, you can't come back unless you take an innocent life. So, an NPC, a Vendor, or someone else. The air is toxic, so you only have a limited time outside with your suit on. The problem is, bullets and other wounds can penetrate your suit and suck out your oxygen. Oh, and when you get your suit about an hour or two in your only vendor at the start of the game will turn on you and morph into a later boss fight, destroying your save point and forcing you to move on. I like games that explore mental health, so I was thinking delusions, hallucinations, and aim shake. The only way to calm yourself down is to either wait in a safehouse until your sanity regens, or taking illicit substances. You can smoke a cigarette to ease the shakes, but you'll be easier to spot. You can take some harder substances, but they all have side effects you have to worry about. I want all power ups to be both mobility boosting and useful in combat. For instance, a dash can stun enemies or knock them into spikes or fire. Double jump uses a thruster so you can set enemies on fire. Later on, you get cut in half, and all your abilities from then on stem from mechanical upgrades. You can have bionic legs that make you move at Doom Marine Speed, Spider legs that let you walk on walls and ceilings, and things like that. I won't spoil some of my more inventive designs. For weapons, I want a gravity gun style weapon, a pistol, a shotgun, a quad shotgun, some form of automatic rifle, a rocket launcher, a ray that turns enemies inside out (some are stronger in this form though), and some spells. One of which turns enemies to your side until they die or kill themselves. I want this to be a dark game. You start in an intergalactic prison, then get transferred to a medieval style dungeon. The architecture is a mix or European and Oriental dark ages style stuff, as well as some more technology based stuff. There are ships, neon lights, and all the buildings/weapons are organic Geiger style monstrosities. So what do have so far? I have a script. I have the first person camera and pistol set up, and the start of my double jump. That took two days, so if anyone can help out, it'd be much appreciated. I'm a level designer/musician/writer but I'll need some help for art, sound effects, and stuff like that. Anyone who can help with coding or just knows shit about Unity, feel free to hit me up. Trying to get a team together.