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  1. From first-person realistic narrative to third-person low poly exploration, you've got a good repertoire! One day I'd love to see a continuation of Transmission Lost, but in the meantime really looking forward to seeing what you do this time. Can't wait!
  2. The Other Eggplant

    Sounds very cool! I like the thought of exploring an old school SNES-ish-looking tavern again. An idea for a recurring character that may be fun is a person that is just trying to get a drink. Like, from start to finish all they are trying (and failing) to do, even when the big event happens, is getting a drink. Could provide some nice counterpoint to anything serious going on!
  3. Hey, I thought it'd be a good idea to have a place where people can post the archives/uploads of their streams, and I couldn't see a thread already. So here we are!
  4. [Streams] Post Your Streams Here

    Hey, thanks for streaming SBM! I learned a lot by your reactions to my game (CTEOOMH) just in the way that what is obvious to me is not obvious to other people because they haven't spent two weeks making the game, hehe. Definitely need to focus on an easier user experience next time! Thanks again!
  5. [Streams] Post Your Streams Here

    Wizard Jam 5: Part 1 -- See spoilers below for time stamps of individual games. Wizard Jam 5: Part 2 -- See spoilers below for time stamps of individual games. Wizard Jam 5: Part 3 -- See spoilers below for time stamps of individual games. Wizard Jam 5: Part 4 -- See spoilers below for time stamps of individual games --- Thanks again to everyone that made a game for Wizard Jam 5. You're all an inspiration and a kick ass reason to keep coming back and enjoying the awesome fun and feeling of community that this jam creates. Thanks again to zerofiftyone for organising everything, you legend.
  6. Game link for all those game players out there (hi Ben_X): I'll do up a post-mortem tomorrow but for now I need sleep! Level instructions! Because I actually want people to finish this dumb game. Level 1 - Tickle the giant by timing your clicks when the white circles match the radius of the blue circles. Think Osu or Elite Beat Agents. Level 2 - Alternate pressing left and right. Feel the boredom of a young person doing menial tasks. Level 3 - Click on the teeth to remove them...slowly. There's a certain order to removing them, and you only get three mistakes before it resets! Level 4 - Click on the circle to start flaying, then follow the circle with your mouse. Keep within the radius of the circle! (± a little) Level 5 - Alternate mashing the up and down buttons to lift the contraption to the required height so that it can crack the heck out of those bones. Level 6 - ??? --- I made a promise to myself that I would use the random title generator and go with the very first title that came up. So boom, I'm going to be working on a game based on a gross terminal 7 title, Carved the eyes out of my head. I did a bit of a braindump session last night, starting when I was already a little tipsy, but even in the cold light of day I think it's a solid idea. I'll spoiler my thoughts here: tl;dr The player will control a member of a clan who have a symbiotic relationship with nature giants. The giants travel to the clan's grounds to die and have their organs be recycled as the clan's buildings, weaponry, base resources. The player will defend the giants from predators that would seek to kill them before they reach their destination. At the moment I'm leaning towards the giants being interconnected platforms that move in a set rotation or pattern, and the fun is jumping around this giant trying to defend it from a bunch of smaller enemies, but I'll have to see if that's achievable or fun. I think it could be as long as the player has enough tools to move around easily. Anyway, that's the idea. Now to try and figure out how to structure this to be interesting/fun/at all feasible in less than 2 weeks.
  7. Thanks nkornek! I added a skip cheat button yesterday so if you got stuck on any of them you can go back and skip them. I'm really happy people liked the story, I worked on that quite a bit even though it was so short!
  8. Yeah I thought about going back and making it super easy given how much people's mouse sensitivity changes between computers but then I thought it could go either way depending on what kind of system they are on. Woe to anyone who tries that game on a trackpad! :S I'm glad you enjoyed the story! I used to do a lot of fiction writing so it was lovely to get back into that mode. MAkes me think that maybe narrative games could be something I could focus on for the next few jams I do. And yes, I did tune down the difficulty of the osu game a few days ago so I'm glad you could get through it. I didn't want people bouncing off the first stage!
  9. [Release] Stat Decay - Tabletop Co-op

    Hey, my partner and I just got finished playing a round of Stat Decay (see attached pic) and I had some feedback! First off, I love games where the mechanic is racing against an enemy that has advantages over you, and I think it's got legs as a board game concept in this case too. Some things that we found as we played through: - It's not clear in the instructions if you can move diagonally. Eventually we decided that you couldn't because if you could then there'd be very little difference in movement times between hero and bad guy. - Similarly we weren't sure if you must take actions in the third phase or if it's optional. We ended up deciding not to make it compulsory, but I almost think it should be. We had I think 3 or 4 turns where it was best for us to do nothing except move the hero once and replace that discarded card. Having the use of cards be mandatory would make it a lot more tense and involve a bit more planning. Also you get to turn over new cards, which everyone always loves doing! - EDIT: Final unsure thing was whether or not the tokens were supposed to be face up or down. We played with them face up because unfortunately when we printed them on paper we could see through to the numbers anyway. :s - The main thing we noticed is that it felt like we were very much in control of the game from start to finish. I'm not sure if we were just lucky with our card draw, but having 10 cards available to us to muck around with stats as well as event cards which didn't really screw us over too much (we got both 'enemy moves first' cards but they didn't affect the outcome of either turn) meant that there were no real panic moments. - The card that ups one stat by 2 and downs another by 2 is super powerful, probably overly so. We used it at the end of the game to 'win more' (we ended up having all 3 stats over the bad guys) but it's a serious ace in the hole that it seems like you'd bea ble to keep for the last turn in most games. - While I think of it, the other thing that may have made our game a bit easier was the fact that we never shared the same target place as the bad guy. Not once! Statistically speaking I guess it's a 1/36 chance when both die are rolled and you roll dice a little less than 10 times per game. Maybe something there? Anyway, that was our initial impressions. Co-op games are super difficult to balance (see Pandemic/XCOM/any board game where an impossible game state occurs) so I can understand if you went under powered for the enemy. One suggestion may be to guarantee the movement of the bad guy, as in he always makes it to his destination whereas the player can take either 1, 2, or 3 turns to get there. That may seem harsh but thinking back on our game I think it would have made it a lot closer and we'd have to make some real decisions about how we would go about using our cards. Once again congrats on making a board game for WJ5! I really love it when people try new inventive things like this and since I'm a massive board game nerd this was especially great to try out. Thanks for making it!
  10. [Released] Signature Moves

    Hey, you can contact @zerofiftyone to get your game added to the jam page. Regardless I've added it to my collection to stream. Congrats on completing your game, looks like a really cool concept! Oh, also you need to tick the windows checkbox on your edit game page on if you want people to be able to download it through the desktop app.
  11. Thanks @Travis! I'm glad you were able to get through everything. I was thinking maybe I could let the radius of the mouse being in the circle on the body be a little more loose since I had similar issues with my l337 gaming mouse, but I guess we'll see if anyone says they absolutely 100% can't get through that level. Heh, my voice isn't usually that calm, I had to deliberately slow down my speech and I actually pitched it down 5% in Audacity to try and get that older councilman vibe going! Thanks again for playing through mate, really looking forward to enjoying everyone's efforts and returning the favour in a couple of days!
  12. Hey @Ben X, thanks for the prompt here and in the slack. I've added level instructions to the top post.
  13. Post mortem time! My game changed significantly from my first post. When I started this WJ I was kind of in a shitty place mentally, so going after something ambitious like a platformer with unique mechanics wasn't a great idea. I ended up staring at my screen for a few days before doing an about turn and focusing on achievable chunks of in the form of mini games that I could string together with a loose, spoken plot. Making mini games isn't as easy as it looks! I found that every game that I thought of as mini was actually not that mini. I had an idea to put in a Jezzball clone, but that soaked up two days before I realised it was too complicated. After that I focused on extremely simple games (one of which could be argued whether it's even a game) and tried my best to tie them together with the basic story I was developing in the background. I definitely have newfound respect for the Warioware guys. It's not easy coming up with ideas for mini games! Though I guess I was a bit more constrained int hat they had to make sense in the context of the story, but still. Props to inventive, imaginative peeps. Things I learned: 1) How to walk away from an idea - I think this was a good one to learn! I was able to walk away from multiple ideas, including my big main one, during the course of this jam. Too hard, too complicated, or not fun are all good reasons not to follow through with something during a jam. Of course, knowing how to walk away is a different thing to knowing how to recognise those things in your own game, but I'm glad I was able to do both. 2) Even a simple story is better than none at all - I'm actually pretty happy with the words I put together for this one. I used to write a lot of fiction and it felt good to put that old pair of jeans back on. 3) How not to lean on state machines for everything - I tend to set up every single object I ever create with state machines because they are what I'm used to working with, even for non-AI functions. I did less of that in this project and felt pretty good about it. Anyway, hope everyone/someone enjoys my game. Big thanks to @zerofiftyone for being the organiser of this event (his game looks ace!) and to everyone in the slack (@Travis and @Mythalore especially) who encouraged me and kept me entertained. Can't wait to stream and play all the other entries!
  14. That's a neat-o idea and execution, looking forward to playing it!
  15. This looks incredible! Can't wait to jump around and shoot sparks at stuff!
  16. Hey, so I've done a bit of an about-turn on this one, as making a platformer and having it do the stuff I wanted to do was proving a little bit too much for me. So instead I'm making half-a-dozen little games that will tell a story as the player goes through them. I'm aiming for 5-10 minutes of gameplay at the most. Here's a couple of .gifs of the first two games, an osu-alike: And a sawing simulator: The art needs some work, but I'm happy with the direction the game is going. Mostly I just wanted to tell the story of this clan, so minimal mechanics games work pretty well for that. Anyway, very much hoping I can get it done by the weekend!
  17. Atte! Why have you been depriving us of your non-pixel art for so long! This is so exceedingly good looking.
  18. [Release] Stat Decay - Tabletop Co-op

    Hey, great work on going for a tabletop game. If there's a print'n'play option I'll try and get the girlf to sit down with me and play a couple rounds. Being cooperative is a big plus!
  19. [Dev Log] Person Shaped Thing

    This looks fantastic! Really nailing those visuals
  20. [RELEASE] Transmission Lost

    Holy shit that looks amazing Fabian. Great stuff!

    Oh heck yeah, I adore dual-control-mode games. Looks awesome so far!
  22. [Released ] The Wizard

    This looks wonderful turtle! Really dig the muted colours with the style of character. Looking forward to playing this one
  23. WIZARD JAM 5 // Welcome Thread

    Totally in. I'll be away for the first 6 days, but I'll make a mid-jam power move (TM) and jump in for the last bit. WOO.
  24. This is really cool, and I love simultaneous turn based games. I don't really have much to add or suggest, so I guess keep on nailing it. Looking forward to watching on.