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Favorite Games

Found 2 results

  1. Update 6/14: The game is now print and playable! Holy cow there's some good looking stuff so far! Hi everyone! In 2015 I entered a tabletop game - The Lord of the Donk - into that Wizard Jam, and wanted to take a shot at entering another tabletop game into this one! It doesn't specifically say video games only, and I realize tabletop games are a bit harder for people to test and play, but I hope some will venture into the print and play documents when it's all done and I'll also do my best to get a working version into Tabletop Simulator! Here's where it's at so far: It's a 2-player co-operative athletic training subterfuge game. You and a partner act as the trainers of THE HERO who are working to get them up to snuff for an upcoming race / fight / battle with THE BAD DUDE. THE HERO and THE BAD DUDE will move around the city to locations decided at random and interact with those locations to draw a token which will either increase or decrease their physicality, mental sharpness, or spirituality. Locations start with only positive tokens, and the players can interact by adding negative tokens into those stacks. Stacks can be shuffled, swapped, etc. through use of cards, and there'll be an event deck to throw a wrench in it all by doing things like swapping if the BAD DUDE or HERO moves first, swapping their destination, discarding a token off the top of a stack, etc.
  2. Saturdays at 4PM PDT (11PM GMT, 1AM CET) The game is streamed live here. Watch old episodes . Game Master: Jason Reynard: Vulpes Absurda Sidri: Korax Shobi: Moddy Fuzzy Wits: Corey New players are always welcome! Hit me up in PMs or (preferably) in the Slack chat!