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Favorite Games

Found 5 results

  1. Here is a new music theme for a character for the upcoming visual novel RPG, Stardander School for Witches developed by Fancy Fish Games. Blantree is the "snape" of Stardander - the students dislike him (and he dislikes the students) and everyone always thinks he's the culprit, when he's not. Beneath his grumpy exterior, he's actually quite kind and has just had a hard life and been hurt too many times to trust humans. The music for this character reflects his personality and how his interactions with the students impact their decisions. Stardander School for Witches is being developed by Fancy Fish Games which you can wish-list on Steam For more of my work follow me on Spotify / Bandcamp or go to my website
  2. Hey everyone, I'm new to Idle Thumbs, but not new to game development! Me and my team have been hard at work over the last year creating our debut title Du Lac & Fey: Dance of Death . Here is our announce trailer, website and some in game screen shots. Du Lac and Fey is a branching narrative adventure game set in Victorian London 1888 during the infamous Whitechapel Murders, play as immortal knight Sir Lancelot Du Lac, and cursed sorceress Morgana Le Fey as they hunt the Killer. Each decision you make effects the characters profoundly and shapes their story, as well as the lives of the many NPC's you can get to know on your journey! Salix uses new techniques to bring you the beauty of traditional art and the power of modern technology by seamlessly integrating 2D and 3D assets to create a world akin to a living painting. We would love to hear what you think! We will be launching a Kickstarter later this month with goal of self-porting and publishing! Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter, we're lovely people. Honest! All the best and thank you for looking, Jessica - Director of Salix Games
  3. Hey Everyone! I wanted to post my current progress on a game I've been developing over the course of 9 months or so. I work for about an hour or two most mornings before work / my wife wakes up. It's a Sci-Fi top down dungeon crawler / shooter / loot game. The systems are a weird hybrid of Diablo and Destiny (the power progression and equipment work very similar to Destiny / The Division). I have a video of the latest build up on youtube which you can see here: and if you're so inclined you can download the latest build here from my google drive: The current build doesn't have an ending and there are many known bugs. I just wanted to share what I've been up to with people. Thanks and I hope you enjoy it! Addendum: This is made using Unity3D and is intended for PC / Mac (hence why there are two executables in the build folder).
  4. Hello! Monika here from Boomzap, creators of strategy game Legends of Callasia. It was our first game in that genre and it was a huge learning experience for us, so now we're working on our next strategy game. Last Regiment is a fantasy-themed strategy game with single-player campaigns and simultaneous turn-based multiplayer wherein all players plan and resolve their moves at the same time. It takes the best parts of Legends of Callasia, makes a bunch of neat changes for a faster, deeper, and more strategic game, and allows player to design their own levels through its built-in map editor. The game is still in its alpha stage, but we are opening its development progress and livestreaming it on Twitch! The weekly dev stream starts on April 19 10PM EST at Most, if not all, of the art we'll be making for this game are hand-drawn and digitally painted. Here's Olivia, our lead character. If you can guess from this close-up image, we are building the game in a fantasy world set in the mid 1700s. I'll be posting our progress here, with screenshots and wips, after our first stream. For more details, you can visit the following links: Website/Blog: Discord: Facebook: Twitter: Twitch: IndieDB: Reddit: Steam Group:
  5. Executive Summary: If you want I_Smell's JetGetters for $5, skip to the end and sign up. We have seven places left on the current list. If you want a cascade of unprocessed information and excitement, unspoil below. It's heavily inspired by Just Cause 2, Battlefield 3, and Team Fortress 2. 4. Pauper Tier Forum Group-Buy Details The JetGetters Kickstarter has a minimum tier of $10 for one (1) Steam key. However, the limited run Speedy Treasure Island tier provides ten (10) Steam keys, early prototype access, digital bonuses, as well as a bundle of seven tinyBuild games, some already available and some near-future releases for $51 all-in -- that's $5 per JetGet, math fans. I've pledged for the $51 tier on faith that there'll be enough of us interested in splitting it up at $5 each. If you want more than one copy at $5 a go... then sure, why not? (I guess we can split the tinyBuild bundle contents amongst ourselves, or put it into a sort of Thumbs Poverty Fund, or whatever.) Let me know... or let this thread burn like a Wyoming forest fire. Your call, Thumbers. Thumboolians. Thumberites. Together we can be... the ThumbGetters. JetGetters for $5 01. Justin Leego 02. prettyunsmart 03. SgtWhistlebotom 04. dartmonkey 05. nille Reserves Bench Ben X