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Found 7 results

  1. Hello to the community, I would like to mention a game I recently started playing on the web. It includes more than 70+ Real Life countries and there is a promotion around to earn 10$ pack as a gift if you register. There are multiple things to go for as economy and war between countries. I see there are many players from all over the world and the game has very active Administration. I will leave a video I found on the landing page, register at to learn more or send me a private message to give you my referral link so I can help you more! Help me rise my country and I will help you back as much as possible!
  2. So, I just finished playing the beta for Raiders of the Broken Planet. I kind of liked it. It has some fantastic Lost Planet 2-style boss fights and the griefing of the Antagonists is akin to Mindjack and works better than the way that Evolve played out in terms of asymmetrical multiplayer. Anyway, they are going with an episodic approach that I think might work as long as they rapidly release the content. I wrote a preview for it if anyone is interested and wants to sign up for the Beta as it runs again this weekend:
  3. Hello! Monika here from Boomzap, creators of strategy game Legends of Callasia. It was our first game in that genre and it was a huge learning experience for us, so now we're working on our next strategy game. Last Regiment is a fantasy-themed strategy game with single-player campaigns and simultaneous turn-based multiplayer wherein all players plan and resolve their moves at the same time. It takes the best parts of Legends of Callasia, makes a bunch of neat changes for a faster, deeper, and more strategic game, and allows player to design their own levels through its built-in map editor. The game is still in its alpha stage, but we are opening its development progress and livestreaming it on Twitch! The weekly dev stream starts on April 19 10PM EST at Most, if not all, of the art we'll be making for this game are hand-drawn and digitally painted. Here's Olivia, our lead character. If you can guess from this close-up image, we are building the game in a fantasy world set in the mid 1700s. I'll be posting our progress here, with screenshots and wips, after our first stream. For more details, you can visit the following links: Website/Blog: Discord: Facebook: Twitter: Twitch: IndieDB: Reddit: Steam Group:
  4. Recently in another thread someone proposed setting up a shared online calendar for organizing players to post their events or see what others are doing. After some tinkering it was determined this is strangely more difficult than it should be without requiring user accounts, sign ins, or manually sharing the event board with dozens of people. The following is my solution to the matter in a some-what elegant and easy to use online software - Submit your event with the following form It automatically populates a spreadsheet that is viewable in a calendar form here *Edited - 9/7 discussions enabled, when double clicked on an event can add comments/user notes to the bottom of the pop up window such as interest, additional information, or group info Using the comments section of the web form people can input details of the event (game mode, time-zone, req. players, etc). When viewing the calendar double clicking an event gives all of those details as input This is an initial solution and depending on feedback and use I can tweak some of the fields. The online software is always updating as well and if a feature is improved I will certainly implement to the work-flow.
  5. Hey guys I'm hoping there might be a couple people amongst the thumbs community who can throw me some advice about what the best way to host a set of forums for a small group of people (specifically the MMO guild i'm part of). I'm sure there's some people on here who must have run a small forum for their hobby, or for their clan etc & can offer some advice. Specifically I'm having real trouble finding a hosting solution that sit's in between the ad infested mess represented by most free solutions, and the massive overkill represented by most professional paid solutions. Frustratingly the solutions gear specifically towards guilds seem to all be built around cookie cutter templates without much room for customisation. I wouldn't expect the site to have more than 40-50 active members of which probability only half would post with any regularity, probably a little less than some of the different show sub forums on here get. I've tried to keep this brief, but can talk more if need be. Anyway if anyone has any advice or experience with small forums I'd be grateful to hear what worked for you.
  6. I've been getting into The Last of Us' Factions mode lately, a little - it's interesting, and unforgiving, and I admire the decision not to have any zombies in it. However, I don't know anyone who is (still) playing it, and rando play has its disadvantages. I favour support/healing classes, and if the rest of the team split up and run off in different directions, to be slaughtered then there's limited opportunity to craft, gift and heal. Or, to be fair, to do anything else. Also, of course, nobody has microphones, because PS3, so it's hard to coordinate. So... is anyone playing LoU: Factions?
  7. Is anyone here playing this multiplayer? I've played a couple of ranked matches now and enjoying the tactical battles and wondered if any Thumbs fancied some matches. The 10,000 point limit on Ranked forces some interesting decisions in choosing your squad and I've seen a few interesting combinations already. Ghosting assault dudes at the expense of anything else seem popular. This is kind of bad timing as I'm off on Holiday at the weekend and hectic with work so I can actually go, but when I get back I'll be around for some matches. Maybe we can do a tournament type thing if enough are interested?