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  1. [Released ] The Wizard Hey yall, So i'm thinking a game where you play as an incompetent wizard apprentice. Sent by your ailing master you manage the old wizards trade cart at the kings yearly festival. From this cart you concoct then serve each customer with a potion for their ills. The festival lasts a week and you take the game day by day, your progress reflected in letters from the stern master. Brainstorm/How will this work?: You are movement locked in your cart and have access to a large variety of objects. Each object can be picked up and put in your cauldron. When ready the player can serve the potion from the cauldron to the customer. Each day functions as a level, much like papers please. For this jam ill aim on finishing only one day but I might make more if this game is actually fun. A range of object types.. Guff (beasts heart, troll skull,mushroom, etc): the bread and butter, each has a handful of attached meanings( Beasts Heart: love, beast, heart, blood); Essences( Essence of absences, Essence of presence): These define one of two ways the potion interact with the customer. One adds one subtracts. Books/scrolls(tomes of ancient ill meaning, wizards guide to potions, etc): These include tips for the player as well as recipes for more extreme cases. Some can be dangerous to use, invoking dark magic. These too can be added to the potion but usually for little gain. The loop is something like : Customer indicates illness(Warts) > You devise a treatment(toad combined with the essence of absence) > The customer reacts accordingly(the warts disappear or not) > You know how to treat warts for future cases, next customer with new illness> repeat until the end of the day where the player is presented with a summation of their earnings and customer happiness. > The master scolds you via letter > next day. Interaction is straightforward, this isn't surgeon simulator.. The challenge is similar to PP in that you have to calmly work through the process curing colds, lonely hearts etc while also dealing with curveballs. A wrong ingredient can have unintended consequences. I don't entirely know how this is going to work. I am afraid. But whatever Ill give it a go. Anyway looking forward to everyone filling this jam with dopeness. Good luck humans. EDIT: If any one wants to send me 3d objects to include feel free. Suggestions for weird items is welcome too.