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Favorite Games

Found 3 results

  1. The Other Eggplant

    Well, the results are in... two days early! Weird how that works. But I can successfully say, with an almost overwhelming majority, that the winner of our poll is the title "The Other Eggplant," so, I hope you like eggplants. Without any further ado: The Other Eggplant Another game by the makers of Hamburger Mode. TO BE CLEAR: This is going to be slightly less ridiculous and over the top. That game was a total and unrequited, yet somehow hilariously charming mess. This is not that. This game has a STORY. And PLOT. And maybe even some sort of strange meaning to be found inside of it. Maybe, though. It's not like this is Citizen Kaine or anything. SO: This game takes place in a small tavern at a crossroads in the middle of nowhere. You, the player, are a traveller who was just passing through when a sudden psionic thunderstorm came out of nowhere and was extremely threatening. Fortunately, most buildings nowadays are warded against this sort of thing, so you fled to the safety of this tavern, along with basically anyone else who was around at the moment. The Game: Is a story based game, where you, the player, can take a different action every hour, for 9 hours (from noon to 9 PM) inside the tavern. Actions include talking to the different people who are also staying at the tavern, plotting your course, helping out around the tavern, and of course, napping. That’s just like… That’s a thing you can do. Anyways, there is no specific goal of the game, aside from learning more about the characters and trying to figure out what they are doing. However, at some point during this (probably halfway) some sort of big event will trigger that then means you have to solve a mystery, or maybe go looking for someone who's gone missing. I still haven't quite figured that out, but it would probably be pretty boring to just talk to people with no direction. “Now, Technomagie,” you might be thinking, “That doesn’t really have anything to do with your title and prompt for this here game jam!” Well, you’re right. Anyways, this game will be built in the RPG Maker MV engine, which, if you don’t know, is a game engine designed for primarily making old school Final Fantasy clones. I won’t be doing that. In fact, I don’t think this game will have any combat or dungeon crawling in it whatsoever. I would prefer to have a more visual perspective on this, as opposed to a Twine game. However, it will be important to note that it will be built using primarily images from the base engine, which in all honesty look pretty crappy. Characters: In the next couple of days, I will be beginning to post information about the main characters that you will encounter in this story. However, and I want to put this up here right now for this reason, I'm going to be adding extras into the game as essentially other people you can meet who are just hanging around the tavern. I want people who read this to reply below with an idea for one of these extras, and one or two lines of dialogue that you get when they're interacted with. These can be anything from shameless self-inserts, to dumb one-liner jokes, or anything in between. Think of this as your chance to be wild.
  2. Hey everyone, I'll get straight to my question: My character has several sing buttons. I need to smoothly loop a clear "ooo" singing tone when you hold a sing button. Thus far I've recorded short "ooos" and "ahhhhs" at each tone on the major scale, but I don't have a good plan for initializing the tone and transitioning to a smooth loop to continue it. How long should I make these tones to get a good loop? Any Audacity tips for creating an audio file of a clear singing tone that smoothly loops? Any Unity implementation tips? Thanks! Notes on the game: I'm making a little prototype where you sing as part of a large choir. Right now the game controls with the keyboard, with each of your home row keys commanding your voice to a different pitch on the major scale. Here are links to my concept art and my first in-game gif
  3. Hello idle forums! I'm new to posting here, but I think this is the right place to get feedback on a fairly unique game design question. I need to design a game, or adapt an existing game, to work with an assistive device for stroke patients who have lost movement in an arm. The device helps patients move their limb again, and I can make it work as a single degree of freedom input device for a PC, where it gives back the angle of their elbow joint. And as a further limitation, the game can't require the user to move too quickly. With such limited input, I don't have too many ideas for what kind of game to make for this device. I really want to find a game that someone who has lost their mobility can have fun with, not just some game that has been dumbed down and would obviously work better with a controller or mouse and keyboard. So, have any ideas for simple games to make or games that could be adapted to work with such limited input? tl;dr: Help me make a game stroke patients can play with their robot arm!