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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am pleased to officially announce the game that I have been working on alone for more than 4 years. The alpha for testing would come in a few months and in the future it is planned to launch on Steam. Why a new MMORPG? During my gamer career I have played in hardcore mode more than 500 titles, and although not all of them have been bad ... in general the experience could have been improved, for example: No pay to win Transparency during development (updates are released almost daily on discord) Expect titles that are announced and never come to light Continue to provide content and do not abandon it after a few months of use Endgame more durable, healthy and with variety to do Interesting leveling and not an obligation to reach the highest level Immersive adventure, if you die you drop unbound objects. What is Megania Online? A 2d mmorpg that features classic rogue-like elements and top down rpgs. Well-defined, old-school classes (Warrior, Archer, Druid, and Wizard) Cartoon-type combat animations (Boom! Zap! WoW! ...) PvP in open world and instantiated (Battlegrounds) Guild system Bank and exchange of objects between players Skills by class, potions and runes to get you into adventure Very dark caves and importance of torch and spells Crafting equipment and consumables Since it is a solo project, my time to record videos and upload them is limited, so I cannot provide much gameplay (I spend about 10 hours a day developing it, sometimes even more). For now I prefer to focus on advancing with the content (maps, monsters and objects, to have an alpha with quality and fun. I encourage you to join the discord (or another social network) and see the progress from there, THERE IS NO SPAM, just an image, gif or daily / weekly entry. Social media Discord: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Since I have previously suffered a project theft attempt, I am not looking for co-owners but could accept collaborators for content management, discord / network moderation, advertising or simply contribute ideas. In any case, I encourage you to follow the development and contribute your ideas and impressions! See you in MEGANIA ONLINE !!! Some gameplay preview (In alpha we will record the official trailer video, with a massive battle. Feel free to join us if you want to appear in trailer) Some pics
  2. Greetings, I've recently released Knights of Grumthorr on Steam as a 2d medieval fantasy rts. It includes custom scripted campaigns, a map editor, skirmish modes and is easily moddable with graphics, audio and trigger data all easily accessible. I hope you find it enjoyable if you give it a shot. from Matt
  3. Hello all! I'm developing a turn-based old-looking strategy game and want to introduce it. It is a fantasy strategy with sci-fi elements made in 2D pixel graphics adapted from different RPGmaker RTPs, to release for Windows. It is fantasy strategy with sci-fi elements made in 2D pixel graphics adapted from different RPGmaker RTPs, to release for Windows. Features: - Multiple kingdoms/nations with differences in playstyle, abilities, leaders. - Heroes with different skills, which have a different influence on controlled squads. - Squads level up and learn new abilities. They cannot be completely destroyed, so they can be deployed in more risky maneuvers in battle. - Armies have different active and passive skills, battle maneuvers, and unique skills triggered by their combat experience. - Dynamic terrain and weather systems will influence battle tactics and results. - Different goals, ways to win and game styles for different nations. - Events. - Unique techs and upgrades for each nation. - AI factions, cults, and tribes will also develop and may mature into fully independent nations that try to conquer and pillage. I develop this game in my free time, which is hard to come by, but I will work on it as much as possible. Take a look at my new video of gameplay, which i made along with the first playable demo released: Here is my youtube channel: And here is the site:
  4. Era Of Brutality

    Hey guys and girls, my first post here... looking for some advice and ideas to help build a massive world that is perfect for gamers. The game starts with 4 main races, each with specific abilities and racial bonuses, each starting area is huge! We need help with python programming too, it is a struggle atm, but we are plowing through! Game: Era Of Brutality - MMORPGMid game progress of production, hoping to release alpha in the coming months.Screenshots: aimed at PC only atm, but might be looking at porting onto console at some point.Feedback: Looking for feedback on the look so far, what type of things put you off MMORPG games, what would you like to see added? We are working hard to push this game forward!
  5. Just read this Cracked article [EDIT: forgot to link to it, thanks Spenny!] about how the allegories in Bright, X-Men etc are flawed. I was hoping for some examples and explanations of it being done right. So, does anyone disagree with the article? Or, if not, can anyone think of any examples of successful prejudice allegories in genre fiction. One that comes to my mind (without much thought put into it or a recent viewing, so feel free to destroy me) that at least got closer is District 9, because while the aliens were supposedly repulsive due to their insectoid looks and cat-food diet, that comes across to me more as the humans' judging them to be repulsive or fearful because they're different. They're generally friendly and non-violent; they do get a bit rowdy, but to a level that seems mild when they've been stuck in an internment camp slum for 25 years - perhaps it's less ham-fisted this way than to have them all angelic and meek? I have read criticisms of it that most of the actual black people in it are voodoo gangsters, though...
  6. Total War: Warhammer II

    Let's start the thread, because it might take a while until the 3MA Podcast will be up. I hope Zacny, Frasier & Co. will take their time. If you are a 3MA listener and not playing Total War: Warhammer II right now, what are you even doing?! (Aside from going to work, raising children, changing dipers, studying for med-school, etc - you are excused, obviously) I learned to hate Elves, over my decades of D&D and Fantasy RPGs. They are just too much for my working-class, Marxist uprising. But I am now six hours and 50 turns into my first campaign as "High Elves" and enjoying every moment of it. The game 'flows' very well. It feels like the most polished, most accessible (for new players), most focused main Total War campaign, they made. Read the reviews. From game design, game flow, storytelling, to gameplay mechanics, UI elements all the way to the technical parts (amazing animations, 3D models and art, voice acting, performance, et cetera). For some weird reason, the campaign map - with all the Elven rainbows and unicorns remind me of the old "Heroes of Might and Magic" - only, now in 3D, fully voiced and animated. What do you guys think so far, fellow @3MA'ers? Please, share ...
  7. Hello! Monika here from Boomzap, creators of strategy game Legends of Callasia. It was our first game in that genre and it was a huge learning experience for us, so now we're working on our next strategy game. Last Regiment is a fantasy-themed strategy game with single-player campaigns and simultaneous turn-based multiplayer wherein all players plan and resolve their moves at the same time. It takes the best parts of Legends of Callasia, makes a bunch of neat changes for a faster, deeper, and more strategic game, and allows player to design their own levels through its built-in map editor. The game is still in its alpha stage, but we are opening its development progress and livestreaming it on Twitch! The weekly dev stream starts on April 19 10PM EST at Most, if not all, of the art we'll be making for this game are hand-drawn and digitally painted. Here's Olivia, our lead character. If you can guess from this close-up image, we are building the game in a fantasy world set in the mid 1700s. I'll be posting our progress here, with screenshots and wips, after our first stream. For more details, you can visit the following links: Website/Blog: Discord: Facebook: Twitter: Twitch: IndieDB: Reddit: Steam Group:
  8. The Book of Dust

    Philip Pullman has at last announced The Book of Dust, which turns out to be a full trilogy running alongside His Dark Materials - volume 1 will be published on October 19th. A very welcome surprise. More details from The Guardian and NPR. This news is quite timely for me, as I've just embarked on a re-reading of His Dark Materials (including the little companion books Once Upon A Time In The North and Lyra's Oxford for the first time). I loved the trilogy as a youngster, reading them as they came out.
  9. Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss It's been a while since I've read these books, but I'm still eagerly awaiting the third (and I think final) installment. The storytelling in this book is amazing; the change of scenes and times and scenarios captivated me throughout the whole thing. Just in the first book there are several distinct settings, and the worldbuilding is focused on certain details but still very good. This is a story framed within another story. We have a present-day Kvothe settled down and dealing with looming issues, and also being slightly angsty over his past, as he tells his story to a scribe. The magic system is definitely one of my favorite things about this series! The main system, called sympathy, is made out to be like a science, with precise measurements and knowledge needed to perform it, just like any other intellectual discipline. It doesn't feel unfair when magic is used, since this novel is so good about explaining the wit and problem-solving the main character uses to work out problems. Also subtly explored throughout the series is the more traditional magic that you usually see in fantasy novels, but this kind of magic of controlling elements is very rare and requires a lot of soul searching. It's actually where the title of the first book comes from. I loved the characters; especially the main character who is also the narrator. I think I've seen some complaints that he's too cocky and confident, but I personally don't see that as a problem; I suspect it may be because most young adult fantasy novels have that wimpy main character who has things thrown into his lap for him. While Kvothe (pronounced "Quothe") has a lot of inherent talents and ability, it's great to see how he uses them throughout the story to solve conflict and get where he needs to go. Female characters are very meh and flat. It seems like the author doesn't really know how girls work to be honest, and there are a couple scenes that come to mind that make me cringe a little on the inside. It's definitely not super distracting overall however, although the plot line involving the main character and his wandering love interest is kind of iffy and confusing at times. I feel like since I haven't read this story in a while I'm not really doing justice to how good I felt about this book while I was reading it and reflecting on it. Seriously-- if you like epic fantasy I recommend reading a bit of the series. I think it's ranked quite high up there on Goodreads on certain fantasy lists, and for good reason. As always, I can describe the plot a bit, but the writing really has to be experienced for yourself.