Gone Home from The Fullbright Company

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Oh hmmm, I kind of forgot how you toggled on the commentary but I know I definitely heard it all, but I have the UK boxed copy, so perhaps the patch was already installed.


I might just rebuy this to have it on PS4 anyway though.


Ahh yeah, the boxed copy is definitely the patched version. To access on PC, choose New Game, and then on the screen before you actually click "Start", go into the Modifiers menu and turn Commentary on.


Do you add and/or subtract a certain number of ghosts for the console release?

Anyway, thanks for the fantastic game, I wish you a million copies sold, ghosts and all.


The console ports contain 10000x more ghosts than the PC version.

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Doom meets Gone Home in Doom 2 mod / memoir Autobiographical Architecture


Someone once parodied Gone Home by merging it with Doom in the humourous video Gun Home. But now ex-BioShock and The Cave developer JP LeBreton is taking that seemingly ludicrous juxtaposition of first-person games seriously in his upcoming Doom 2 mod / memoir Autobiographical Architecture.

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Great trailer, I'm looking forward to this.

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