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  1. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    Good bye guys, it's been swell. Thirteen years ago my first post was about cancelling my Psychonauts pre-order, apparently. I can't remember saying or thinking any of the things I wrote back then. I guess I'll notice if the Thumbs make a comeback at some point, but it's been pretty clear that the community isn't going to survive the Thumbs leaving, so I'm going to stop checking the site. Have a good one.
  2. Very happy to see Trek in the original timeline too. Stewart has been aging like fine wine. I hope the rest of what goes into the series holds up.
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    I just watched The Expanse. There's three seasons of it so far. Oddly enough, I saw the first episode at least a year ago, and it didn't really strike me, but now I was hooked after a couple of episodes. It's different to most sci-fi I've liked over the years such as Firefly, Star Trek and Babylon Five in that it is not episodic in the least. I wouldn't say that it's all-around amazing, but compared to even the most celebrated sci-fi series I think it has less dud episodes or parts of the world I try not to notice, such as Firefly's nerd-fantasy prostitutes. I also really enjoy that the technology appears realistic compared to just about any sci-fi series. There's constant talk of G-forces, ships do breaking burns and manouver just about realistically.
  4. Robocops

    I wish the 2014 film had been stronger. There were some good ideas in it and I love Michael Keaton in it. I'm also a fan of Joel Kinnaman, but I wouldn't say it's his best performance. This visual has a lot of promise, but the film doesn't deliver. I do think the script deals with important cultural developments going on in the 2010's, so at least it tries to say something.
  5. Filmmaking

    You may want to use that money on another film project. I guess it depends on how much you think the film needs that piece of music instead of something you can get for free. My opinion would be that no one apart from yourself would ever notice.
  6. [Released] häx_processer

    This was very creative and fun. I didn't have any problems with it and didn't get stuck. Too much Blade Runner I guess.
  7. Filmmaking

    I think it's great you're doing this. It's very interesting to read these posts of yours.
  8. Have you seen Laurence Olivier's take on it?
  9. Second Language Acquisition with Games

    I teach English in Finland. I think it's easy to start thinking there's something special about games that helps people learn languages. However, I think that's largely bias that comes from our personal history as gamers. Games have a few qualities that are good for language learning, but it's mostly social interaction that you can thank for the excellent language skills some kids have. So it's not playing, usually, but participating in different communities related to gaming.
  10. Far Cry 5

    Huh. I haven't played a Far Cry game since 3 and had to watch a Youtube video and check. I'm not sure about the rest, but trees had physics and reacted to gunfire in 3 too. I see more bending than cutting off branches. Anyway, what a step down. I should fire up Far Cry 2 again
  11. Movie/TV recommendations

    I remember being disappointed in the first episode, but now that I watched the next two at least a year later I was surprised by how much I liked it. I think it's rather well shot and occasionally imaginative. To me it looks like they spent quite a lot of effort on sets and atmosphere.
  12. I should probably make a thread for this, but there's a legit, free online version of Secret Hitler on Would anyone be interested in getting together to play that? It would have to be a weekend for me.
  13. I finished it last night. I thought it was trash, really. Some individual scenes and two to three episodes of the show work, but as a whole it's a complete mess. It's one of the few cases where I felt like I actually lost something by giving it a chance. I also saw Altered Carbon, which has some pretty nice visuals and intriguing concepts, but steadily gets worse as the show goes on. It's never quite as bad, but it's pretty bad towards the end. First episodes are great.
  14. After a big Windows update (Fall Creator's Update or something like that) I can't play Youtube videos properly on Chrome anymore. Slow buffering, choppy playback, ramping etc. I have to use Edge (ugh). Of course, when playing Youtube videos on Edge, Youtube shows helpful hints that you should be using Chrome. It's annoying and I can't find anyone else who had this problem and solved it.