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  1. I don't have a problem with Leto, but I'm not a fan of the character shown in the trailer.
  2. Shit. gave it four stars, but then ain't no Roger Ebert. How do you guys feel about the new Blade Runner (which isn't out)? The teaser felt really good to me, but the two thirds of the trailer I saw was the opposite; what I feared, really.
  3. This is why we deserve the robot uprising. Look at this Furby when it dies. It's a nightmare.
  4. Very nice character editor.
  5. I bought Horizons partly to pilot a ship with my brother, but getting to do stuff in Elite requires such an immense investment of time. Thinking about the grind it would take makes me a bit angry :/ I guess I could make a spaceface anyhow.
  6. Same for me. Wasteland 2 was so underwhelming right from the start I never considered the Kickstarter for this game. I want something better than decent.
  7. Babe: Pig in the City. I finished watching this with the class today and it's a treasure. It's the best kids movie I've seen. Really magical and inventive. The dialogue is incredibly rich in places. Just fantastic.
  8. Huh, doesn't really seem like something my partner would like. There hasn't been a female name mentioned in this thread! I might check it out, though. Loved the first season of Peaky Blinders.
  9. I needed a film to show to some kids in English (foreign language) class and landed on Babe: Pig in the City. It's pretty fantastic. I saw the first one as a kid and didn't fall in love with it. This one is just bonkers. It's really inventive with visuals as well as characters and plot. It's pretty weird for a kids' movie. It starts with a pretty violent looking accident and everything just goes downhill with every scene. I know it has a happy ending, but I wonder if the kids will be traumatised before that.
  10. I finished watching Netflix's Dirk Gently and enjoyed it thoroughly. I could imagine it rubbing a lot of people the wrong way, but it really hit for me. Just don't expect it to make sense.
  11. I saw it yesterday. I disagree about the alien design! It was a bold choice to just have some make up on the back of some dude's hands. But I actually did like it. I've read a ton of linguistics so it was tough to get into the movie and stop having opinions about everything. But apart from the deus ex machina at the end I thoroughly enjoyed the film. Really strong atmosphere and more personal than a lot of brainy sci-fi.
  12. I've seen it and I really enjoyed learning more about Nimoy. Then again, I'm a fan. It's only partly fan servicey and goes to some darker parts of Nimoy's character as well. It does have too many actors talking about how much Spock meant for them. I could have done without any Abrams' Star Trek actors interviews. On the other hand, it's interesting to hear what the TOS actors have to say. I would recommend it.
  13. Yup, the TNG intro is dumb with the Enterprise coming at you with whooshing sound effects. The music has a lot of life to it, though. I never watched Voyager and can't say I fell in love with it checking the intro out now, although I'll agree the visuals are nicer than the other ones mentioned.
  14. I watched five condensed seasons of DS9 when I was bed-ridden for almost two weeks. It's a good show, although I'm not in love with the changeling stuff. Stupidly, my main motivation to write this post is to whine about the theme music. It starts out really boring compared to the TNG and TOS themes. Then, in the fourth season they try to spice it up and they just ruin it. I think they sped it up digitally and something about the process makes the horns sound horrid. I have to fast forward through the intro every time or I'll feel nauseous.
  15. So do you guys spend money to paint your ships?