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  1. Remedy's 'Quantum Break'

    The most annoying thing is that according to Remedy's and Steam's QB forum discussions, Remedy updated the game last year to work with older AMD processors, but left the POPCNT fault for Intel processors. And Remedy has said in both forums also year ago that they will no longer put out any updates for the game at all at any point. Will be at this point still years before I'll update my motherboard and processor.
  2. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Yeah, it might be "dead" now as a platform, but back when they made Minecraft finally for it, was it two years ago? Then I never understood why they made such a lazy port without touchscreen capabilities when they could've done what they did eventually anyway for 3DS. Nintendo is killing me, I still have tons of games on various consoles and PC to play in my backlog, but I have growing feeling of *must get a Switch as soon as possible*.
  3. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Octopath Traveller looks amazing. I really, really like the way it mixes 2d art with 3d world. The lighting also looks wonderful. Super Mario Odyssey just keeps blowing my mind in all possible IGN ways. I'm excited about that game so much more than about BotW even though Zelda was an amazing Wii U game. I have DooM for PC and if I were to ever play Wolfenstein 2, I would play it on PC as well, but it is really great to see a major 3rd party going almost all in on Switch. Skyrim, DooM, Wolfenstein 2 all coming for Switch. Though now that it is real I kind of would wish they would make Wolfenstein, the extra campaign and Wolfenstein 2 all in one package for Switch and not just the second game. Also Microsoft/Mojang are such assholes, they announced Minecraft for 3DS and it has touch screen inventory management and crafting. Why couldn't they do the same for Wii U already?
  4. Remedy's 'Quantum Break'

    Fuck you Remedy. The only game ever that doesn't want run on my Q9550, GTX 1060 machine. These asshats put a processor block for older processors in their game even though my PC can run smoothly for example nuDooM and Batman Arkham Knight etc. I bought the special edition PC version from a bargain bin a few months ago, but forgot to use the Steam key until yesterday. I installed the 70GB monstrosity only to be greeted with the above message when starting the game.
  5. I probably wrote vague and incorrect English. My comment was supposed to mean just that I hope you will play and experience also the DLC and not just the main game. And since you actually have Minerva's Den mentioned in your opening post of this thread...
  6. When talking about Bioshock 2, I think you would need to experience Minerva's Den dlc as well.
  7. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

  8. PS Vita

    No, the PSN store access definitely doesn't work if you would still have 3.60 OS version. PSN checks that you need to have the latest version and asks you to download it. I remember this because of some past system update I didn't immediately download it and tried to access the store. The Vita memory cards are really stupid creation from Sony. Always crazy expensive. I bought a 64gb card from Japan when I bought the Vita and it was crazy expensive even there.
  9. PS Vita

    I like how the indie scene and of course Japanese devs still support Vita. There are lots of great ports and of course old exclusives that are really nice on Vita. Shame it's quite horrible to hold in hands to play. My hands cramp so much more than on any Nintendo portable. And my fingers are always somehow on top of the speakers. Pretty much always need headphones to properly hear the sounds and music. I laughed today when I heard about SD2VITA, fans found out a use for the mystery port on top of the Vita and made it to use microSD card module so you can have much more space on the device because the Vita memory cards are crazy expensive. Needs HENkaku and version 3.60 and I have neither since I always keep my devices updated to latest versions.
  10. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    So, since Nintendo is in my opinion stupidly killing off Miiverse in November, I ask you which games had the most connection too Miiverse? New Super Mario Bros U has the messages pop up at places as hints etc from other players, Smash had a Miiverse stage and Mario Maker had Miiverse stuff in it for posting levels etc. Some games had Miiverse stamps like Mario Kart 8 and Tengami. Hyrule Warriors had achievements in the form of Miiverse posts. What other games are on Wii U that had a deep connection with Miiverse? I suppose on 3DS side the whole Miiverse connection was always kind of slow and not much used other than for regular commenting. I have still oh so many Wii U games that are not completed so I suppose I have to start going through the Wii U backlog at least regarding the Miiverse integrations to see the games in their full form. Also I wonder what will happen to the functionalities, when Miiverse is destroyed then will it just break the game in those parts? I just wish Nintendo would leave Miiverse as is in a legacy form and just disable from people posting new pictures and comments there since they don't want to act as admin there anymore to keep up the system. Then the functionalities would still work. This hurts me like the Gamespy server closing did in Wii and DS era. I loved playing online with Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Wii. I also enjoyed downloading puzzles for Layton games and levels for Warioware D.I.Y.
  11. The Big VR Thread

    There's something about this Duck Hunt Season VR horror game that makes me wish I had a VR set.
  12. Game of Thrones (TV show)

    I feel like the 7th season is not worth waiting at all. What a waste. This was such a bad season, the signs were in the air during previous season already.
  13. Remember Richard and Linda. Well Richard is now dead(?) and Linda is nowhere to be seen still. Also where's Becky? There are so many open questions that it's going to be a truly wild ride next week with the two hour end to this all. It's going to be a hard week to wait for those final episodes. Also Mark Frost's Final Dossier is getting closer to be released. Jerry is in good shape for an old man, he ran like 7-8 episodes ago out from the woods and he kept running like Forrest Gump until today.
  14. I thought it was cool that Eddie Vedder was introduced in the show as Edward Louis Severson III and then credited in credits as Eddie Vedder. Does anyone know, does he use his real name ever normally or is he just known as Eddie Vedder?
  15. I have had a lot of issues with Twin Peaks, especially in the S3 first episodes, but it's all coming together so nicely. This was an extremely damn good episode. I was so close to shouting YES YES YES in that wrestling meme style when Dale Cooper said to Bushnell " I am the FBI". My dog thought I was nuts, and I almost woke up my wife and daughter when the clock was 5AM at that point. Also Jim Belushi's face when he was drinking that Bloody Mary, so awesome.