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  1. Idle Thumbs Readers Slack & Discord

    So uuhh, Slack seems to be down for the last eight hours or so, it seems I ended back at the forum after way too long period of not being here.
  2. The extra long shoehorn is actually the best. Absolutely the best. I've had one always since I moved out to my first own apartment ages ago over 15 years ago. I always used to have a plastic one, but those break at some point so some years ago I invested in a metallic long shoehorn. Thanks @Chris for once again bringing the shoehorn up in the endorsements.
  3. For me the gift curse used to be my grandparents from my mom's side giving me set of empty recordable VHS tapes every Christmas after I once in the 90's said I record a lot of stuff from tv. Last year I got it was 2007 when my grandfather was still alive. I feel like shit now remembering it because I had stopped the recording VHS stuff around 2002 or so and I was never grateful enough to my grandparents for that. I just had piles of VHS tapes from them at my apartment. Same thing when my mom was sick with leukemia and the last Christmas in 2014 she bought me some stuff for just that Christmas that I had never actually liked, but that year because of the the sickness making her really tired she had thought I had always liked it, I should've told her that I liked it. I kind of just blankly looked at the present and didn't show any proper appreciation. I really feel like shit because of that... I never manage to do the right thing in situations like these because I freeze up.
  4. Haha, I had to take a three month break on Important If True because I wanted to finally see The Usual Suspects before Jake talked about it. Finally watched it on Friday, cool movie! Just was on my watchlist for almost 20 years. I think in late 90's I started thinking I need to see it some day. The New Remo Order is the best story.
  5. Xbox 360

    Thanks, did it like that and finally got the second account created. Shame there seems to be some geoblock with the Amazon app as it says it can't be installed. Somehow it's checking that I'm trying to download it from Finland... I'll ask Amazon why the app has not been extended to all countries where Prime Video is available. Hopefully they will answer something at least.
  6. Xbox 360

    Strangely we've never had a generic Xbox 360 thread at Idle Thumbs forums as far as I could find. I have a question regarding accounts to anyone who might know about the accounts on 360. I have a Finnish account, but it lacks for example Amazon Prime Video app. Prime Video started here December 2016 and strangely PS3 has quietly got the app for Finland sometime during last year. However for 360 there is no app available with my Finnish account. I know the app is available in USA and UK, so I was planning on making a dummy account with locale set to UK for example and then downloading the app to the console. I tried to do that several times already, but every time I ran into some strange errors on the Xbox and it did not allow me to have a second Xbox live connected account especially to another locale. Am I doing something wrong or is it just not possible? I know for example with the PS3 creating accounts to other regions is super easy and that way I got years ago bunch of apps downloaded like the NHL app from my US account.
  7. Star Wars Episode 8

    Saw the movie today. Holy shit it was a weird mess. At least an hour too long and just not a good movie at all. I'm done with Star Wars. Not going to watch any of these new ones ever again. I don't care about the end of this trilogy, especially since J.J. is back. Can't even imagine Rian Johnson with a new full trilogy when this movie was like this. I need to forget these new movies somehow, I have managed to do that with the prequels during all these years so I suppose it will happen with these new ones since my memory is what it is. Oh well, in the words of Mark Hamill. "It's just a movie."
  8. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

    Installed it two days ago, but it keeps crashing all the time to error codes. Today it hasn't crashed yet. My friend code is 81648826676. I sent you a request Jenna.
  9. I love the original Outcast and it's unique graphics. I have ever since the Kickstarter been very suspicious regarding this HD remake. I might check it out eventually after some sale, but really not that highly interested in it. I just don't feel the need for a HD remake for this since it will not have the same feel the original had.
  10. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I've been looking for Switches right now in Japan for over three weeks. About two weeks left anymore. It's nuts that no regular electronics shops have the console in stock. Always out of stock. Netshops have it in stock for some reason, but those bastards have all raised the price from the real retail price of ¥30000 to ¥40000 just because they know people will pay anything. That's about 300€ and still cheaper than the European rip off 370€ price in Finland. Looks like I'm not getting a Switch for about a year still. Maybe next year this price bullshit is over in Japan and I'll pick mine during the next annual trip.
  11. Stranger Things

    I finished the second season last weekend. I still really like this show. So much good stuff in it, but of course still lots of dumb stuff. Most has been already discussed but Here are some spoiler references regarding the 2nd season: I'm worried that the creators have been talking about making four seasons in total. That would mean there's still two seasons to go. While I love the characters and the setting of Hawkins, I fear things will go overblown in the next seasons. I wasn't a big fan of episode 7 of this season. It had it's moments, but overall it felt not like a good episode of Stranger Things.
  12. Spelunky!

    Ahhh Spelunky 2 is such awesome news. Switch is for sure after six months or so from the initial release.
  13. Nintendo 3DS

    Tank Troopers is one of the latest My Nintendo discounts starting today. I'll take it, 5.59€ with the discount seems reasonable. I also have received the birthday discount and can choose from 22 3DS or Wii U games. Seems to be much more on the list than last year. Still no Switch discounts... Fire Emblem Shadows of Valentia or Kirby Planet Robobot will be my choice for the birthday discount.
  14. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    I made a decision to continue it in December. I just don't seem to have enough time right now to really focus on playing Deus Ex. I just have tonight and maybe tomorrow morning time before I will fly to Japan. I'll need to continue Deus Ex HR in December when I'm back home. I'm focusing all my available time for Affordable Space Adventures on these last days before vacation, might be able to finish that at least.
  15. General Video Game Deals Thread