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  1. Hah, thanks so much! Yeah it was a fun conversation and yeah I ruin people's language, unfortunately. Nina is not on the Idle Thumbs forums as far as I'm aware, but pinging her on twitter would be the way to go! Thanks for listenin
  2. Tone Control 18: Nina Freeman It's like rain on your podcasting day. It's when a train goes by, and you can't hear what I say. It's the hammer blows, that ruin your take. And who woulda thought, it figures. Despite a variety of exciting sonic interruptions, Steve and Nina soldier on to talk through her work a s Nuovo Award-winning indie game designer of titles like how do you Do It?, Cibele, and Lost Memories Dot Net, and her experience becoming a level designer on Tacoma at Fullbright. Pull up a chair, settle in, and don't let the distant hooting throw you. Games Discussed: Myst, Final Fantasy X-2, how do you Do It?, Cibele, Kimmy, Lost Memories Dot Net, Gone Home, Tacoma Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  3. Ha, yeah, it's definitely pretty common. I know I only got into writing stuff for BioShock 2/Minerva's Den because I already happened to be a level designer there and volunteered. The path is weird and wandering. Thanks for listening to the ep!
  4. Good ear! Last season's theme was Bad Cat for C64; this year is Central Park Theme from Last Ninja 2 on C64:
  5. Tone Control 17: Charles Webb New Bordeaux, Louisiana, 1968. As the turbulent '60s come to a close, New Bordeaux has been carved up by unscrupulous interests: the mob, the Klan, moonshiners, gun runners, and more have hacked off their piece of this storied southern hub of music, voodoo and vice. Who can step in and wrest control of the city back for its people, its community? Lincoln Clay, son of the south and recent Vietnam Vet, takes it upon himself to restore a little order to this city on the bayou. And who could step in to help write such a character? Charles Webb, self-styled "Senior Black Writer" at Hangar 13, joined the Mafia III team after a long and winding path that included writing narrative-driven cell phone games in the early 2000's (!), a stint at Microsoft, a bit of professional film criticism, and more. Join us on the journey that led Charles to help bring one of the most fascinating game characters in recent years to life. Recorded live on site at 2K's studios in Marin. Games Discussed: Mafia III, BioShock 2, Minerva's Den, Halo, Dragon Quest 2 or 3, a bunch of stuff in old Nintendo Power magazines, a bunch of awesome-sounding narrative driven cell phone games from the early 2000's (!) that Charles worked on, etc. Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  6. Tone Control 16: Mariel Cartwright Ahh, classic 2D animation! The art of drawing the same thing in slightly different poses over and over and then flipping through them so fast that they look like one fluid, moving thing. Beautiful, inspiring... but gosh, that sounds like a lot of work! And that work falls to intrepid folks like Mariel Cartwright, the Lead Animator of Skullgirls, and Art Director/Lead Animator of the upcoming INDIVISIBLE! Come along with us on a journey that involves Shrek, Marvel vs. Capcom, the harshest of Canadian winters, and of course, doing lots and lots of drawings. Games Discussed: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories UFO Ending, Barbie and the Three Musketeers, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Street Fighter III 3rd Strike, DarkStalkers, Skullgirls, Indivisible, Tacoma Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  7. Thanks very much, y'all! It was a real privilege to get to talk to Leighton. I really enjoyed Dream Daddy, and she's such an interesting and thoughtful person, especially for being so early in her career. Thanks for listening!
  8. Thanks Jake for fixing the "Can't reply to threads" issue! Looking forward to hearing what folks think of the new season
  9. Tone Control 15: Leighton Gray Welcome back... to Tone Control! Steve shipped another game, so conversations with video game developers begin anew. Kicking off Season 2 of Tone Control, Steve sits down with Leighton Gray, one of the main creative forces behind the daddy dating hit Dream Daddy! Steve discusses daddies, art school, Disneyland, the perils of sudden success, toilets, and daddies, with one of the most exciting up-and-coming creative figures in indie game development. Thanks for joining us! Games Discussed: Dream Daddy, Dragon Age Inquisition, Gone Home, Tacoma, the game of dodging student debt and navigating the challenges of being a public persona Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  10. Gone Home from The Fullbright Company

    Ahh yeah, the boxed copy is definitely the patched version. To access on PC, choose New Game, and then on the screen before you actually click "Start", go into the Modifiers menu and turn Commentary on. The console ports contain 10000x more ghosts than the PC version.
  11. Gone Home from The Fullbright Company

    Nah, it's the same commentary as in the PC version. But we added the commentary in a PC version patch, and the option was kind of hidden, so a lot of people missed it. We're just trying to highlight it as part of the console release.
  12. Gone Home from The Fullbright Company

    Yeah Majesco was handling the port stuff before the project went on hold; when we brought it back online, we decided to do the ports ourselves. Happy with how they've turned out!
  13. Gone Home from The Fullbright Company

    The plan is to look into integrating fixes/improvements from the console versions to the PC version at some point following the console releases, though no idea what the timeline on that might look like. The goal for the engine upgrade isn't anything visual (ie not a like "HD Remaster" or anything like that,) but the PC version would likely get some compatibility/performance improvements, along with any other bugfixes and updates that'd come across. Oh, and you have to do achievements/trophies for console, so those would be coming across as Steam achievements as well.
  14. Gone Home from The Fullbright Company

    Yooooooooooooooooooooooooo~~~~~~ Yeah, the WiiU thing slipped out back when release platforms were still up in the air; when we brought the port work in-house earlier this year, we made the call to focus on XB1 & PS4. Dunno if more platforms are going to be a possibility in the future, but for now, just the two. FWIW, the XB1 & PS4 versions are lookin real good! Excited to have it out there in front of people again in the new year.
  15. Tone Control: Neil Druckmann

    Ahh, thank you so much!! (For listening, and playing!) So glad you enjoyed it.. sorry for invading your dreams