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  1. Redo of the Colossus (Shadow of the Colossus thread)

    I mean Austin represent and all, but maybe it really is time they venture out on their own after this? They are probably right that there's not many designers worth their salt in Austin. But I wonder if the next remaster is ICO then. I think if I'm going to go on a remake not only for graphics but controls as well, much like Shadow, I would choose maybe the Prince of Persia trilogy? Ubisoft had the HD PS3 release but none looked as good as Forgotten Sands. If this sort of thing happened, I would hope they would rewrite, rerecord, and remodel all of the characters in Warrior Within. Gameplay on that was great but ech. I actually really like Two Thrones and feel like it was given a bad rep for unfortunately following Warrior Within. But hey guys I started the PS4 one today after finishing off all the trophies on the PS3 one. God is it amazing looking. The art direction is much more moody than PS3 but that's okay, I think it's just gorgeous. I really love looking at the grass. I think maybe these are some of the best realistic graphics I've seen in a while outside of Uncharted 4. Still really not so into the change in Wander's face, but Mono looks the same and is perfect. I like the new flares to Argo's animations, plus little things like floating dust clouds and fireflies. Just lovely. And yes sure enough controls are much better now. I like that I can finally fucking dodge roll by just pressing a button instead of holding R1, analog stick, and pressing square at the same time. The lizards now have a little bit of bio luminescent glow to them to make them a little easier to see assuming you don't have the lizard stone. Also the lizards (which I felt always just looked like geckos) are more blump and cute now. I love it. Thank fucking god seeing the fruit in the fruit trees is much more manageable this time around. Sometimes a tree with really dull colored fruit would make me want to tear my hair out looking for it. I'm not so into the white on yellow fill up for the stamina circle but I suppose I'll get used to it. Bluepoint really did just go all out on this. This is gonna be a treat, even if I have to play through it five times to get everything. I hope I have time to just sit in front of the TV all day for it soon. Oh I had purchased the limited edition with the DLC weapons. No one is really missing anything. I'm not into spotted Argo, he looks like a cow. I'll be fine with the brown and white options later. The bow allows you to make the hit points highlight from far away by aiming but I think that sucks the fun out of it a bit. And I also have a cloak and sword that constnatly heal you a little bit faster, but I didn't really notice any significant difference. But those are in no way game breaking since health isn't such a big deal in this game outside of time attacks. It's always stamina that is most important. Just wow though. I hope whatever Bluepoint is remaking next is something I really like.
  2. Redo of the Colossus (Shadow of the Colossus thread)

    I think I'll end up loving the PS4 one more, because as is, the PS3 one is something I wish I loved more. I don't enjoy it as much as ICO, even though I think I should since I really love giant boss fights? Haven't played The Last Guardian yet. I don't know why but I was one of the only few to make it out to the end of the Idlethumbs forum playthrough of the game long ago, and even then I found it somewhat painful. It was possible I was just having a bad time in my life or that I just often didn't know what to do on each colossus, but I had a better time replaying it on hard this time around on PS3 two weeks ago. Just checking out some screenshot and video comparisons with the new versions, I do know I already miss the blown out lighting and the muddy shadows but I'm wondering if I will forget that upon starting the PS4 one. The differences with Wander's face between the models is a little jarring, but since there are very rarely any parts where his facial expressions are on display, so I'm not sure I have much loyalty to the original. Maybe controls isn't exactly the right way to sum it up. It's a combination of wonky physics and more "unresponsive" controls. The jumping is kind of yuck feeling sometimes when you are just trying to scale something that is about 4 feet and bouncing off the edge, but then it can feel amazing when jumping from a ledge up high down to a colossus. Getting some of the lizards on the "scaleable" rocks sort of makes me feel queasy because you just kind of mash X around the top edge rounded low poly objects that doesn't seem level enough to properly scale. Also I don't know what it is, but getting on the horse even when standing still can usually mean you have to jump straight up 3-4 times until you are in the exact position. I think maybe I could do with more than one swing of the sword with the attack button, but instead it's a lunge and Wander stops dead. Really these are little issues that fall outside of the colossi. Horse controls fine, I like being able to hold triangle and it will sometimes pathfind for me so I don't have to meticulously steer a horse, so kudos. I think the general idea of how they should work is great and really not that complicated. What really breaks it down is you start hyperfocusing on the lack of refinement when doing time attacks. Like the amount of times where I have been on a level surface with colossus weakpoint, no shaking, and holding R1 means Wander suddenly starts hanging sideways 90 degrees is infuriating. It's readily apparent every time you down the gecko looking colossus. There's so many jumps from either shaky surfaces or colossi where you have to jump from the very edge but at the last minute either the controls fail (more on that) or the platform below you briefly comes out from under your feet for a few milliseconds and then you just fall. Also there are cutscenes in the middle of boss fights sometimes that aren't actually true cutscenes and you can move Wander while they happen.Sometimes you can die or take damage in the middle of the cutscene despite not pressing anything should a rock or something fall on you or your character is under a colossus foot when it's done loading. I think though what pisses me off most is whoever made the decision to have Wander stay down for so long when seriously hurt. There are bosses where you can't get up and then they keep attacking you while down and you die. You can lose like 10 minutes of your life just because of a mistake like that (here's looking at you #15). The fireballs on the last colossus hilariously try to give you some mercy by waiting for you to get up unlike other bosses, but sometimes it seems a big bugged and he just shoots fireballs at you until you die. So sometimes the game basically can turn into a one hit kill situation that you have to wait on. But on top of all of this, Fumito Ueda specifically said in one interview (which I can't find at the moment thanks to the PS4 version taking over all newsfeeds) that control failure was programmed into Shadow of the Colossus, in order to give a sense of your own frailty. So button presses just sometimes won't do something you want it to do because that's how it's supposed to be. I mean I get it, I'm pretty sure ICO was also made to be like that, feeling very weak. And I can forgive all this roughness if there just weren't time attacks to go along with the end of the game to see everything. So even though I do see some PS4 reviews complain about the controls, I can't imagine they are in anyway as bad as the original. Like if they built it from the ground up how can it be worse? The only thing I have to go by is the difficulty rating for the platinum at and it is significantly lower, so I'm going to guess all is well and good now.
  3. Redo of the Colossus (Shadow of the Colossus thread)

    I'm trying to finally finish the PS3 HD version (Which we started 5 years ago on Idlethumbs community playthrough) so I can move on to playing the PS4 and I can't wait to see how they unfucked the controls and camera. Like seriously anyone who has suffered through some of the hard mode time attacks to get all the weapons should know that it's not really a test of skill but more of a test of patience with the game's physics and janky ass controls. Not to mention it seems like there's some kind of bug where some giants just constantly shake on hard mode unless you do convoluted things. (I'm looking at you bastard fuck #3, I beat that shit after hundreds of attempts over 6 hours) While I fail to see why Team ICO ever made the design decision to have time attacks in a game that controls mostly like dogshit at least now I hear the time attacks are feasible for common players and they can get all if not most of the items without breaking a controller. Seems nice. It honestly seems like adding in weapons as DLC is fine even though some consider it sacrilege. I never understood the reason for having weapons only appear after doing time attacks on New Game+. I feel like the game would have been more fun if you could have earned some of the less game breaking ones (no one hit sword of course) like fire arrows, whistling arrows, extra defense cloak, and extra damage mask in the first playthrough. Plus for anyone interested in scavenger hunts or making the game easier in terms of extra stamina and health, it never made sense to me that you don't earn the ability to know the lizard and fruit locations at some point in the first playthrough. I don't know what the point is for designing 16 extra abilities and items if only a small percentage of gamers will ever see them.
  4. I had a random thought about movies

    I had to look up what the shit Delicatessen was doing on that list, but I can't figure it out. Miramax originally released Amelie, but if a lot of those films are associated with Weinstein because Miramax had the United States publishing rights, I would doubt they are any movies to avoid since almost all of what Miramax did publish internationally has been sold off. Like I know for instance now Sony has US publishing rights to Trainspotting. Also Miramax handled Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke with rewrites by Neil Gaiman if I remember. And on top of that Jeanne Pierre Jeunet appears to deeply hate the Weinsteins even before all the sexual harassment stuff came up.
  5. I had a random thought about movies

    Agreed 100%. That's usually the stance I take on stuff like this. I can't separate the art from the artist because I'll just be looking for the bullshit seething out the sides. Erkki, I definitely think it's easy to write off Polanski because he is a director, or auteur, or whatever, and there's not a huge list of movies to watch. I personally try not do give Disney any of my money (so many reasons if I don't have to) but that's easy for me because I don't care about Disney characters, most of their animated output, dislike Star Wards, dislike superheroes, and generally have a bad time with anything they produce. However it's impossible for me to boycott everything Disney because they have stake in so many things you wouldn't even know, plus I have to give into support the Double Fine remasters of the LucasArts games so they've got me by the balls. But I do get when there's a bit of a moral dilemma it's harder to defend why you are still a fan of the said person's media, especially if you liked it before you "know." But on the other hand I personally don't understand why it wouldn't bother you to mess up your enjoyment of the film, but I also don't understand why these famous actors keep working with directors like this. Like all these prodigious actors don't have to star in a Woody Allen movie but they still do and I don't get it. I think maybe having the Weinstein involvement with getting a film made doesn't mean a ton, because lets say they weren't the producers, it very possible the film in question would have been made with other producers. If anything a movie would have been better for it because by all accounts of those two awful men, directors hate them and they always interfere and seem to almost try to sabotage the movies they produce and create bad blood. At least those are the stories I've heard with the directors I like. I worry more about people like Tarantino (who I am not really a fan of) who was really chummy with him and seemed to have known about Harvey Weinstein's bad behavior and basically covered their ears and did not speak up for victims. Who knows what other prominent famous pals he had like also turned a blind eye? I can't imagine you see this stuff when you are a Weinstein adversary getting funded by the Weinsteins/Miramax, but when you are a pal surely some alarms should go off. But since the Weinsteins are done (or at least Harvey) any kind of moral dilemma I could have is too late since all of the films I like with their involvement have already been produced and probably taken my money. Although now that I say this, I wonder do producers get royalties on films they produce or is it the initial return on investment that they just take? I imagine it would be different if Miramax still existed because they were the owners under Disney or however the hell that worked, but then do the Weinsteins still see a dime of Miramax movie rights that have been eaten up by other studios?
  6. Jeff Goldblum

    I ran out of vanilla Law and Order to watch while working so I downloaded a bunch of Criminal Intent because I knew detective Mike Logan became a lead again at some point. Criminal Intent mostly sucks, but not as much as SVU, but Goldblum is a grand ol' time on this show.
  7. Is Steam (Valve) Good? If not, what then?

    I agree, more than any incompetence, and all of the great points Jennegatron makes about the cumbersome application itself, I get this gross kind of libertarian evil feeling from most tech companies like this these days. This young freewheeling and hip take over the world feeling, automating, monopolizing, and becoming the gatekeeper for better or worse. I may feel different if they still really actually put effort into making games, but since I've never been a Valve fan, they've always been a storefront company to me. I also am just a jerk that likes to have retail copies of games or discs. If I can't have that, I go to GOG, non Steam code Humble store games, or so I can at least have a file I keep on a hard drive and actually own the game. There has also been a handful of times where I bought a game from Steam because they were on neither of those platforms, then just pirated either a Steam cracked version just so the devs got their money and I could have a working copy of the game stored away. To me, Steam will never be an ideal way to purchase a game. At this point there have been too many fumbles with online stores and games I want disappearing into the ether or limited time DLC content or what have you for me to ever trust some kind of digital library on any platform ever again. Also any time I've read their user reviews it just seems like a platform that caters to mean and entitled PC Master Race types. Those people are nasty. I've also found PC Master Race bros tend to be libertarians so I guess this is all a match made in heaven.
  8. Mindhunter

    I would say it definitely picks up in episode 2. I'm guessing season 2 will also pick up even more if that is indeed happening.
  9. anime

    Thank you for the help, I didn't even know about AniDB, so this is a much better source that I can use in the future. Also yeah, there's no way I could make the effort to watch/buy DVDs of every animator I like based on key animation. There are certainly people who do, mostly notably the guy who runs Anipages, but I have to have some limit. My guess is "composition assistance" meant he told the writer for episode 6 what happened in episode 5, heh.
  10. anime

    Can someone here help me with the 1993 OVA series of Jojo? I've finally bit the bullet and decided to try to collect everything I can by Satoshi Kon and there's surprisingly not a whole lot, but his involvement in 1993 Jojo is really confusing. So I asked a friend who likes the series and he said they reordered the episodes from 1993 to come after the 2001 OVAs which means all of these things have conflicting episode numbers, but from what I can tell when it comes to DVD releases, now the episode I'm at least looking for, that I am sure Satoshi Kon directed is Episode 12 (or what used to be 5). Of course the DVD for that is very expensive but whatever. So now my real problem is beyond just the episode he directed there's a lot of conflicting information on his involvement with many episodes of that series. I know he did some key animation here and there as well as storyboards, but I'm looking for any episode he either had a hand in writing or directing. Anime News Network, Wikipedia, and Imdb seem at odds. He seems to get credited for 11-13 (or originally 4-6) but then sometimes fans get overzealous and write whatever the fuck they want to inflate their involvement, like people who still say Hideo Kojima is somehow the creator and director of Zone of the Enders. But this doesn't mean they are wrong in this case, and I also don't know anything about Jojo. Is there anyone who has access to substantial episode credits (maybe even the Japanese release and not translated credits)? Did Satoshi Kon writer or direct episodes 11-13 (or 4-6)? Also Imdb lists Katsuhiro Otomo as codirecting 11-13 which seems fucking bonkers and extremely wrong. I'm pretty sure I would have known about that already. I can't seem to find any information anywhere else on Otomo's involvement in this series which means it's probably another overzealous fan. But... maybe is it possible Otomo had involvement as well?
  11. Mr. Robutt

    I should say though regarding Shayla that I don't think that is a high point for the show and really don't like how Also that dream sequence episode (I think 4?) between this stuff early on in season 1 is a stupid waste of time. So even though this show grabbed me instantly upon the first episode, I don't think it was instantly amazing. I'm waiting for Mr. Roboto to be featured in all its cheesy glory, but I think all the rest of the 80s music being featured in S3 is about as close as it's gonna get.
  12. Movie/TV recommendations

    I was looking for something to see on a whim for my birthday the other day because we otherwise didn't have much going on except video games, and so my wife and I went to see Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri based on review scores alone. Geez that movie does not disappoint. It's so good, and the dialogue is incredibly laugh out loud for what should otherwise be a super depressing movie. I don't think the plot premise really lets on why it's so good other than it being a series of ups and downs. Anyway, I'll have to check out more by this director. A friend told me In Bruges is really good.
  13. Mr. Robutt

    The only thing I can think of that you are referring to is Shayla in Season 1 where the rape isn't depicted and it definitely isn't casually referred to by any means. The reason I wrote that is this show just gets better and better and I seem to be around a lot of people in real life who are clamoring for the next episode, yet everyone here at Idlethumbs (except Mington) wrote it off very quickly (or keeps hate watching it). I guess I don't get why it's so incongruous here, but I barely get what the climate is on this forum anymore anyway.
  14. Mindhunter

    I wanted to like this show because I'm a pretty big David Fincher fan but also I've wasted too much of my life reading about serial killers late at night over the years. The whole thing just left me cold though. It was overall pretty fucking boring. The plots didn't really go anywhere exciting or engaging except for Bill Tench's personal life. It's so coy about revealing any plot and then leaves it there for season 2 to pick up some semblance of an ongoing story. The show already seemed at risk for getting another season but it's Netflix so who knows. Hannah Gross who I wanted more screentime of very early on becomes a peripheral character who exists only so she can reply to Holden. I also sort of wish David Fincher would branch out and try something else at this point. This is now his fourth thing dealing with serial killers.
  15. Mr. Robutt

    Okay because it's not like there's an amazing ensemble cast who is pulling every which way of who to root for and who to feel for? Christian Slater is just a part of the show, he's never been the main character and barely has any screen time at this point. That's not to say I don't welcome (or hate) his character appearing when he does. There are major props to give to Rami Malek, Portia Doubleday, Grace Gummer, and Carly Chaiken.