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  1. (A Wish Upon) Some Kind of Star Drifter

    I know your model is based on Gravitational pulls and thus it's about gravity paths. But- what if it included solar wind? it could be cool to have "cosmic wind" be the medium that exists between solar wind wells. For example, the heliosphere. Would a dual star system have solar wind-weather? I guess that is what is happening when a dual star system has donar stars. Stellar wind might be way more difficult to model than gravitational pull. And I have no idea if this has a reasonable effect on interstellar travel.
  2. Recently completed video games

    I've been enjoying A Hat in Time. Pros: Super cute platformer. Lots of fun unique stuff in each level so far, I'm about 25% in. Cons: The environment design has a rough edges feeling, rolling through texture planes and weird camera stuff.
  3. GOTY of the Year

    I have you to thank for cluing me into this great gem. I resisted to look too closely to your solutions to the maps you posted elsewhere, but from what I saw I was very impressed with your efficient use of round about. Being from New Jersey USA my instinct is towards overpass and jug handle gore.
  4. Music Of The Year 2017 Cassette EP by Product Lust. This is actually a 2016 but I saw them play earlier this year and it was a great show. Surf rock meets doom metal screaming. Fuck Sandwich by King Missile front man's new act, Unusual Squirrel. Meditative and tongue in cheek monologues ranging subjects from fucking, sublime music, slow buses, financial predators. Anatolé by Paris Treantafeles. Mellow space funk melodies on 80s hardware.
  5. Thank you so much for endorsing In Our Time. This seems like a fantastic wealth of knowledge. I've come to really appreciate the various podcast and audiobooks available online. I use them when doing house chores or doing work that allows me to multitask. I've enjoyed the volunteer based Libravox recordings of various books from Tibetan Book of Living and Dying or Walden Pond, Audible editions of many books from Thomas Sowell to Earnest Becker to Alice Miller, the School of Life youtube series, and other youtube lectures from Jordan Peterson, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Slavoj Zizek. I absorb knowledge this way really well so I am very grateful and very excited to have a new fountain of knowledge to drink from. Thanks!
  6. Movie/TV recommendations

    I unfortunately did not come off with an awesome feeling from seeing Three Billboards Outside of Ebbings, Missouri. It's a strange and bumpy and ambiguous movie, so here's a strange and bumpy and ambiguous and spoiler laden review...
  7. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    I'm compelled to comment on the new Death Stranding trailer somewhere and this seems as good a place as any. Kojima's cinematic cinematography is so strange. It's probably been commented on a million times in regards to MGS5 but it's still such a jarring and stylized experience to me. It's mostly with out camera cuts, with camera work that can only exist in a CGI reality, in carefully blocked and completely surreal sequences. The single cut makes it seem like it is set in reality, but the completely random sequence of surreal events is in stark contrast to that. The only point of reference I have to compare this specific style of CG cinema is Xavier: Renegade Angel.
  8. Very cool. Love the tactile inventory exchanges. A lot of literal and figurative gravity on that camera satchel. Great character animation and environments. Can't wait to see how Far Cry 2 systems apply to documentary film making. Looking forward to viewing footage from a camera that rolled down a hill and started a fire.
  9. Episode 414: Classic Year in Review: 1997

    "Little Big Adventure 2: Twinsen's Odyssey" came in 1997. Amazing game.
  10. GOTY of the Year

    Freeways by Captain Games is my indie GOTY. Making traffic optimizing into a small puzzle is captivating for me. Hollow Knight I really enjoyed my time with. I only got maybe half way through and then felt totally lost and over whelmed, it's hard to pick up again after a hiatus. I like this debate about open world games becoming empty as the mission content is mined. To me it opens the doors to something I always wished open world games had instead of bespoke missions, which is to have dynamic world content systems. That would be an interesting challenge to design, to put all the focus into world systems instead of designed story missions. Obviously that's an unspeakable sell because systems content is impossible to QA. Amorphously obtuse Dwarf Fortress comes to mind.
  11. Veggie Panino Tactics [Devlog]

    This looks like an excellent meditation on Ahimsa. The tactics of non-violent tactics?
  12. Episode 414: Classic Year in Review: 1997

    I played Dungeon Keeper a few years ago. I really enjoyed it for a few levels. I'm a total outsider to most RTS and Strategy War games. I enjoyed Dungeon Keeper for balancing the relationships established between the monsters, and fell off from the game when the levels became serious strategy challenges. I still enjoy other management style games and pursue ones that have a civilian or light hearted tone. Dwarf Fortress, Theme Park, Kingdoms and Castles, Kingdom, Dragon Quest Builder. Some how I never explored The Sims seriously. I've dabbled in Rim World and Prison Architect and they are indeed compelling, but depressing and draconian. So perhaps this is the confusing appeal of the non-war niche games. They are strategy management games that appeal to people outside of the war game tone.
  13. Awkwardness and Harmony

    Thanks @hedgefield ! I've been mulling over this and considering the careful balance of keeping the game simple, yet still convey the empathy and also bias modification premise. I'm considering rewarding points for all player to NPC interactions, but on a scaling reward. 2 points for the least happy states, 10 points for interacting w very happy states. I'm also considering maybe adding a secondary "chores" system for the PC and NPCs to perform. The NPCs simply move back and forth flipping switches that represent chores and tick up a chore counter. Maybe happy characters move slightly faster, which means chores get completed. But chores also reduce their mood. Then the timed session round uses chores completed multiplied by PC's score to get the session score. That's already again way out of scope for me. I'll just end up cobbling together whatever the heck i can in Game Maker and see what happens. I'm so excited to start this project, I find it hard not to cheat and start production before the official start date. Patiently toiling in the brain storming pre-production world is legit and productive.
  14. Awkwardness and Harmony

    "Akwardness and Harmony" A score capturing arcade where you traverse a map of happy faced and sad faced characters. It is inspired by empathy games such as Jay Tholen's "Dropsy," "Everything is going to be OK" by Alienmelon, and the sword fighting sequences in "Secret of Monkey Island." It is loosely following the theory of Cognitive Bias Modification (CBM). More on that at the end. Game Design: The player and NPC's are all governed by an internal mood meter that ranges from happy to sad, with potentially 1 to 5 states of intermediate states, neutral in the middle and lesser extremes of happy and sad. PC and NPCs all share one basic interaction verb, Speaking. Any two NPC's will automatically Speak to each other when they pass by each other. Speaking will modify the mood meter of the two (or more?) adjacent characters. Happy characters will increase the mood of a sad character. Sad character will increase the mood of a happy character. Neutral characters will have no effect. The player can also speak but be deliberate about when speaking. There would be different personality styles for different characters. This would effect how those characters mood meters automatically change over time, and how a character responds to speaking. Different personalty styles would be things such as Optimist, Pessimist, Introvert, Extrovert, or some combination there of. Optimists would have naturally growing moods, Pessimists would have naturally decaying moods. Extroverts would respond well to speaking, but Introverts would have a cool down period where speaking too much actually decreases their mood. Scoring: The game will be in rounds have a time limit and a score system. player can collect points by speaking to happy characters. No points are collected or deducted for speaking to neutral or sad characters, the idea is to enforce the player's happiness through seeking out happy faces and communication. Difficulty modes and level design: The game would have several difficulty modes. These modes are where the character plays the game in the different personality styles. Technical and scope goals: This will be made in Game Maker 2. I've done a few tutorials that should help me get this amount of stuff done, character movement, interaction. I'm a complete novice so I'll probably end up with less that my basic scope goals for the jam. Basic scope: Move player around, speak with people. People stop when speaking. NPCs speak to each other automatically. NPCs do not speak to player. Get points, end time limit. Basic character art with simple color shifting to differentiate stuff. Simple animation cause I can't help myself Intermediate scope: Personality types for NPCs. more art, animation for environments and maybe different characters. Several Levels / Scenarios. Advanced scope: Playable personality types for player. Flavor text reactions. Saved local score board for different modes / levels / scenarios. Concept basis: Cognitive Behavorial Modification (CBM) involves software that feature a grid of frowning and smiling people, and you click on the smiling people as fast as possible in a limited amount of time. The concept is that a depressed or anxious person perceives threats in their environment, in the form of frowning people. By rewarding the user to increase their awareness of happy people in the environment, it is said that the user's outlook on life will become more optimistic. The CBM games I've toyed are dead simple, and I already see an improvement in my outlook on life having used them a little bit. Perhaps only by placebo effect of meditating on the idea, but placebo effects are real effects, self fulfilling prophecies and all. Ludo-narrative Problems: The trick with making a CBM style game is to ensure the game itself enhances the player's positive mood state, and does not actually cause a demoralizing effect in the player, via too much competition, or other strange social implications. In a way many games are already CBM modules, but focus on mood reduction, punishing world of frowning people. The design as I have above described has a potentially problematic implication, that the player is a sort of care taking cheer leader of the NPCs, and by having the player character running around trying to cheer people up, that could be an actually very annoying thing to certain people in real life. My hope is that the personality system could create an empathetic effect giving people space to feel the emotion they need to feel. One solution to help this dissonance could be flavor text bubbles that say things like "I feel better getting that off my chest" and such, to enforce that the happy faces are not literally happy and sad states, but are rather a reflection of a satisfaction state.
  15. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost did a skit about R2 D2 speaking english. I like it.