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  1. Tacoma from Fullbright

    Just finished. Short, sure, but I very much enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the AR time interface. Very "Last Express" like. Post game spoiler discussion: Less spoiler-full discussion on this technique of story telling:
  2. Tacoma from Fullbright

    Oh right because its a big piece of proprietary hardware that's been adhoc kludged into Amy's space car. Okay cool. Thank you.
  3. Tacoma from Fullbright

    Started Tacoma last night. I really like the Minny AI in Amy's space car. I wish that was the main AI character. (but what the heck is up with the plywood in Amy's space car enclosing ambiguous AI hardware? Will this be explained later?) Otherwise, as I get into the game, both in story content and audio-log-interaction, I get vibes of SOMA. Good vibes.
  4. Recently completed video games

    Absolver: Well I haven't finished the end boss yet, but I got there so I consider that finished enough. Cool game, slightly Soul Caliber style fighting meets Dark Souls exploration. The skill acquiring system is interesting. Making combo decks is sort of obtuse and took some stumbling around to understand. Interesting punchy stuff. Spoiler-like caveats:
  5. That 13 minutes is beautiful Here's an 8 minute one. The skill is really beautiful to behond.
  6. Recently completed video games

    I've been enjoying this game based on this recommendation. It has all the joy of "cities: skylines" without the pesky budget or city to build. Just the puzzle of traffic management. I've been rushing to finish my world so I can compare it to yours, Henke. Because if I do look at your solutions, I'll never be able to un-see them. One thing I realize is that I'm wont to replicate the highways of New Jersey, which involves a lot of jug-handles and overpasses. My rush-jobs often devolve into a lot of terrible noodle solutions, or fractured tangle of intersections. Which is pretty realistic for New Jersey. Good game. I also recently completed Steam World Dig 2, which pretty good. I swear I also finished the first game but I don't recall the Vectron sequence at all. Strange. I still think "Miner: Dig Deep" has the most pure 2D mining mini game experience, if only because there's no fast travel to the surface beside building a network of elevators. Escaping your own Blight Town is the whole fun of the mining gameplay loop. Edit, oh whoops, it does have some fast travels.
  7. Weird food: As a seven year old I would eat "peanut butter, butter, honey, and cheese" sandwiches. This was invented when I wouldn't eat anything while staying with my mother at Cub Scout camp she was working at. Some how I ate this combonation of food stuffs, and it became a staple of my diet through elementary school. I do not consider returning to it. Violators: The water-mark icon of a channels on the lower right side of the screen is often called a "bug". My favorite is when the bugs pile up over each other as footage is aired and re-aired from other sources. wiki refers to it as a more euphemized name. I wonder if there's an equivalent of a podcast sponsorship advertisement violator?
  8. totally spoilerific full play that I watched and love because the audio content of the game is so beautiful I don't care that I spoiled it for myself. A true inspiration
  9. I'm also a fan of canned Kippered Herring, but I don't know if they are as universally good as canned sardines.
  10. That's also LOST's Daniel Faraday, the season 4 physicist wise in the willy ways of time travel. Very good sciencer
  11. Excellent work @infamous space turtle !
  12. I love the ending with the alternate universe robot podcast. Really excellent.
  13. My only problem with the every body is a Tulpa argument is that lodge spirits, such as Tulpas and Dopplegangers, don't seem to have corporeal bodies that follow normal earth rules. Mr C regenerates every time he dies, and confirmed Tulpas like Dougie Jones and Tulpa Diane warp out of existence when they get murdered. I'd absolutely love to believe that Darya and Ray Munroe are Tulpas conjured by Buella and her wizards. But they die human deaths with lingering mortal coil bodies and had communication with the FBI before they emerged from "back there".
  14. Nonviolent Ant Farms

    Last week I picked up Dragon Quest Builders on the PS4 and I love it. It has the griddy detail of Minecraft but a lot of the grind is taken out. So gameplay focuses on just tweaking your build, and resource gathering. A bunch of NPCs populate your town as you build. The main quest seems meaty, and progresses in a quest - mob fight - quest - boss fight structure. It's split into 4 chapters in different biomes where you build a new castle hamlet in each biome. Then you unlock the free mode. It's basically Hyrule Town Simulator, the game. Including knock off music of all the Zelda Snes music. I'm all in on this. Casual, cute, creative, contemplative.
  15. Minecraft

    This isn't exactly the right place to post this, but the shared appeal is obvious: I've been playing Dragon Quest Builders on PS4 the past few days, I enjoy it well enough. The main story is a bit of a very long tutorial / story / adventure / puzzle to unlock the free build mode. I enjoy the games emphasis on building a town for a collection of characters. Unfortunately it seems like its bound to Paystation and Nintendo consoles, nary a PC release.