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Animated Shorts

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Inspired by the one Mington just posted, here is my fun collection of short animations, not including adverts, music videos, and things I generally think you guys wouldn't like. Feel free to add.

The Reward:


An epic journey!

Little Boat:


A little boat goes a long way!



It's cute.

La Marches des Sans-Nom


VERY typical anti-war video, but a fun style nontheless.

A quoi ca sert l'amour


Very fun li'l story, very french.

Le Royaume


A king wants a castle.

Who's afraid of Mr Greedy

Feels like a Brothers Grimm story.

Who's Hungry


I actually can't remember what this one's about, only that something really fucking bad happens, and I don't wanna watch it again.

A Gentleman's Duel

Exceptionally goofy, very good-looking short about a gentleman's duel.

Apres la Pluie

Boy discovers a world of whimsy, and a giant balloon monster.

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Thought of You


Just good animation. Is there more of a narrative to this? I don't know, you tell me.

Les Chien Isoles


A short about isolation, I think.

The Backwater Gospel


A short about bible fear.

DyE - Fantasy


Kinda NSFW in spots, but y'know, nothin' weird.

Day and Night


A funny concept!

WELP!!!!! That's all I got on mystery, whimsy and good fun right now. Much like my games list, this is a playlist of things that just pass through over the years. A lot of these are from the Siggraph animation festival, the Goeblins school of applied art in France, or other student films; which means there's some incredible students out there.

Also yeah I'm being vague, cos I don't want you to know the whole plot up-front.

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Wow I didn't know Paperman was out! Looks like it only came out yesterday.

lol that was EXTREMELY corny!

I have the pixelated one right here, but what with it being so much dicks and shit, though, I didn't link it. Still cool.

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The new Pixar short that will run before wreck it Ralph

That is not a Pixar short.

I_Smell already has some of my favorites in recent years. Here's some others, mostly old, which people may like:

These guys have done some crazy work combining 2D and 3D.

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(I'm not allowed to post more than two videos at a time, I don't know how you guys got away with it.)

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Though he's since added two additional shorts to this to make a feature-length triptych, Don Hertzfeld's "Everything Will Be Ok" remains the most powerful animated film I've ever seen.

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Hedgehog in the Fog is a really famous Russian animated short and I love it:

When I was in high school, loving Russian crap was everyone's favorite ironic pastime. The Russian Winnie the Pooh is legit good stuff though (so is the hedgehog short but good grief how many surplus Soviet hats did high school students even need?)

Here's a few other gems:

Café Allongé


Yellow Cake


Crater Face (this is the best. If you can only pick one to watch let it be this)




This Land is Mine (tbh I think Nina Paley is insufferable and her politics obnoxiously smug and idealistic, but she's pretty good at making weird animations)


Going to the Store


The External World (I may have lied and this may actually be the best)


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