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  1. Idle Thumbs Streams

  2. Idle Thumbs Streams

  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    Have I recommended Happy as Lazzaro (original title Lazzaro felice) yet? I think it's on Netflix in most cases. It's a very quiet movie so you'll have to be able to enjoy that sort of thing, but if you can, then go for it. It's stuck with me since I saw it months ago.
  4. Idle Thumbs Streams

  5. Idle Thumbs Streams

  6. Buy a Big Dog

    Big Dogs for sale, euphemistically named "spot" and painted yellow like bees which buzz. Should the Idle Thumbs Patreon revive for long enough to earn enough money to buy one of these to follow Jake around just for funsies? Vote now.
  7. Movie/TV recommendations

    As long as we're talking about Midsommar, is it scary in like a "stuff popping out" or "sudden string instruments" or "loud noises out of nowhere" sense? I can't watch movies like that, so if it's that kind of horror movie I'll have to skip it (although I did manage to make it through Get Out, albeit barely). But lots of "horror" movies (Alien, Jaws, Suspiria, The Thing, zombie movies, etc.) are fine for me. Any chance I could handle Midsommar?
  8. https://clips.twitch.tv/CarefulSecretiveWombatBloodTrail
  9. Filmmaking

    I think it's 1337 speak. Franc3sH4.
  10. Marvel movies

    In that case, there are lots of martial arts movies that aren't like that, like practically all the serious ones!
  11. Marvel movies

    I don't know exactly what that means, but I think there are some martial arts movies that aren't martial arts movies, like The Matrix or Rush Hour.
  12. https://clips.twitch.tv/AwkwardProtectivePieEagleEye
  13. Something True 2.2: Baatar

    There's no thread for the next episode 2.3, but I wanted to say: very good American accents in that one!
  14. Spelunky!

    Delayed until next year.
  15. Marvel movies

    I doubt that's what the next film will focus on, since the previous two Spider-Man films right before the MCU ones (The Amazing Spider-Man and TAS 2) were partially focused on that. Incidentally, since I'm mentioning those movies, I'll also mention that I enjoy both of them. I'm a big weirdo because nobody else seems to, but I think Andrew Garfield does a really good job, he has excellent chemistry with Emma Stone, the "Spider-Man swinging around New York" sequences are the best out of all the movies, and although he doesn't get much to do, Jamie Foxx is a great pick as a villain for the second movie.