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  1. Women Directors

    Yes, but "everyone thought X" strikes me as literally the opposite of divisive, right? My impression is that Letterboxd reviews are not a particularly representative swathe of opinions about a film. I think this is a fairly idiosyncratic view.
  2. Women Directors

    Leave No Trace is divisive? I thought it received universal critical acclaim? Wikipedia says it's the second most reviewed movie in all of history to receive a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. I watched it last night and loved it.
  3. Spelunky!

  4. Kickstarters

    The released games I've backed are Wasteland 2, Shadowrun Returns, and Pillars of Eternity, all quite fine (the former two got bonus/deluxe/director's cut/whatever editions for free). The unreleased games I've backed are Star Citizen, Tangiers, and the Pathologic sequel/remake. Star Citizen seems to be chugging alone quite fine. There's no way it'll ever pull off half of what it's aiming for, but you could get a fine game with just a quarter of what it's aiming for. Pathologic seems to be doing fine too. Tangiers is mostly one guy who seems to have had all sorts of life issues and it's seemed dead many times, but then sometimes an update pops out, and anyways every single thing from the campaign to the latest update always looks fantastic. So although I have my suspicions about it ever coming out, if it ever does come out maybe it'll be neat!
  5. Netflix Originals

    I think the only three Netflix originals I've seen are Annihilation, Okja, and Mute. Annihilation is wonderful. I saw it in theaters and I'm glad I did, because the sound in that movie is out of this world. Okja is one of my favorite movies of all time. I love the director and this is by far my favorite of his films. Nobody pulls off tonal shifts as often or as well as he does. And I love Paul Dano in everything he's in. Mute is dogshit. Someone needs to stage an intervention for Duncan Jones because he's basically just been spiraling downwards with all of his movies. I really hope he hits rock bottom and bounces, as opposed to just, like, getting worse and worse. But it's hard to imagine him getting worse than Mute. It's also such a shame 'cuz he's fallen so far. Moon was tremendous and Source Code was fine. I haven't seen Warcraft: The Movie Based on the Hit Video Game but I can extrapolate and guess that it's mediocre. I've heard Mudbound is good but I have yet to see it. The Other Side of the Wind perhaps does not count but I've heard it's tremendous. 13th is good from what I hear. And the Coen brothers have never made a bad film, so I'm sure that will be great.
  6. Cyberpunk 2077

    In this case it's because vast swathes of hardcore gamers are bigots, including the community manager himself, who I guess is a gamergator from what I've heard. If you hire gamers to do gamer things, then you'll get gamer things, bigotry and all!
  7. Cyberpunk 2077

    They fuck up so badly in so many ways. Like, they're bad at PR (remember the whole "we're shutting down GOG" shit?) and they just can't stop being tremendously transphobic at every possible opportunity, including opportunities they invent for themselves just to fuck up when there was no reason to fuck up in the first place! And what's better they always just make it worse with their "apologies." Like I mean come on this would be a bad look for Linus Torvalds, and it's coming from the PR team? Is there really nobody in Eastern Europe who you can find to run your twitter account better than this?
  8. The Good Place

    She's also on the latest episode of the official podcast, which is a great episode (although they're all great episodes).
  9. The Good Place

    I don't think they have to blast through anything, let alone the stuff they're blasting through. I think the show very consciously wants to keep moving at a fast clip. I remember after like, two or three episodes came out, the Internet was afire with people saying "pretty fun so far but this premise is going to get old fast." And then the show has gone through like, eight seasons worth of stuff since then. Eleanor revealing to everyone that she's not supposed to be there, everyone figuring out they're in the bad place, the neighborhood getting rebooted a bunch, Michael deciding to be good, Michael actually committing to it and not just turning out to be tricking them, the neighborhood getting shut down, the trip through the bad place and the jump into the portal to see the judge, everyone being tested by the judge, everyone being reincarnated on Earth, Michael and Janet interfering in Earth, the study breaking down, the humans discovering Michael and Janet are supernatural and learning everything, the group committing to do as much good as possible: all of these things could've happened at the end at, or been stretched over, a season. But the show definitely isn't interested in takings its time.
  10. The Good Place

    Episode 4 (actually 5, since the first episode was two episodes) is probably my favorite of the entire series so far. Megan Amram is definitely my favorite writer on the show, I think.
  11. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

  12. RTX 2000 series GPUs

    Sure but that makes the gaming cards ideal for rendering things without corners, like spheres.
  13. Spelunky!

  14. Mafia III: Django Unchained

    I don't get it. What is "her kind?"
  15. Movie/TV recommendations

    Parks and Rec and The Good Place are from the Brooklyn 99 guy, so maybe check those out?