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  1. Movie/TV recommendations

    I can recommend not watching Kingsman: The Golden Circle. As a fan of the original I was hoping the sequel could capture the same magic and the answer is hell no. It's boring and unfunny and it has none of the interesting stuff from the first movie. I can however recommend Beasts of No Nation which is gorgeous and harrowing and chock full of tremendous performances.
  2. Apps struggle with kids! Should I give in?

    I mean yeah it's a broad question, but so what? I'm not a parent, but if I were, I would definitely wonder about whether to allow my kids to use iPhones/iPads, and if so, how much to let them use them, what sorts of things I'd let them do, etc. It's a tough issue!
  3. Apps struggle with kids! Should I give in?

    People these days use the term "apps" to refer to programs.
  4. mother!

    It was very deliberately comedic, although not because of Lawrence's performance. The comedy is the absurdity of all these people showing up in her house and doing crazy stuff and her husband's reactions and so on. That sort of preposterousness, and the other crazy dream logic stuff (like the house descending into a warzone) was my favorite stuff in the film. I do feel like it'll take another viewing or two to really think through all the stuff. Everyone seems to be latching on to the Biblical stuff but to me it also seems like a movie about art and creation and muses and sexism. Throughout the film everyone treats Lawrence like shit, with the exception of Bardem, but he's the one who is ultimately the shittiest to her, because he's using her for this cycle of creation where she has to go through hell every time. She's constantly being bombarded with sexist language, being ignored and disrespected, etc. I don't think the symbolism being on the nose is a bad thing or that movies need tons of mystery to be good. I appreciate that the film is not up its own ass trying to be inscrutable. It's okay to make movies that are about things without hiding the fact that they are about things. If it doesn't take sixteen viewings and an MFA to understand your movie, that's okay with me. Anyways I liked this movie a lot. I could stare at Bardem all day.
  5. Don't forget to link the Idle Thumbs Minerva's Den playthrough with Gaynor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48N27eTePC8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMin72FViWg
  6. New people: Read this, say hi.

    why your letters big
  7. Socialism

    Hypothetical questions about what would be the most effective mode of organization in a situation we aren't in are largely impossible to answer, because even knowing what is going to be most effective in the real world is a problem so difficult as to be almost insoluble in certain cases. Speculation about a hypothetical situation is even harder because even more of the relevant variables are unknown and unknowable.
  8. Socialism

    Also the short version is that the difference between a labor union and a corporation is that a corporation's accountability is to its shareholders/owners, whereas a union's accountability is to its members. This means that corporations are not democratic and unions are democratic, or in other words if a corporation is fucking you over, you've got fuck all recourse unless you're rich enough to buy it, whereas if a union is fucking you over, you can vote to alter its policies. For the same reason democracy is a preferable way to run countries (it keeps the leaders accountable), it's a good way to run businesses (by similarly keeping them accountable). No other method of governance has an easy way to remove leaders who are not acting in the interest of their constituents.
  9. Socialism

    I guess I'm having trouble seeing how, when, or why anyone might have claimed that any public policy of any complexity whatsoever won't inevitably have consequences that were unforeseen.
  10. This is a real ketchy's-catch-can situation.
  11. I think you're misreading Kolzig's post. I don't think it implies that you have to play the DLC before talking about the base game.
  12. Socialism

    I don't think all socialists claim that socialism is perfect or that there won't be winners or losers or that socialism would fix everything if only the powerful would listen. In fact it's hard to imagine how you could even conceivably attribute these sorts of views to socialists in general if you were even slightly informed about socialism, which if nothing is extremely up front about how the bourgeoisie will be the losers and the proletariat will be the winners, to the point where "you'll be up against the wall when the revolution comes" is a common enough joke.
  13. Socialism

    I think it's worth at least reflecting on the degree to which capitalist countries do actively undermine socialist countries. For instance, the United States fought wars in Korea and Vietnam in an attempt to stop socialism from spreading. It toppled or attempted to topple socialist governments (including democratically elected socialist governments) in places like Guatemala, Brazil, and Chile. And those are just the most egregious examples of a single capitalist country. I think there's a wide variation in what socialists think and say - it seems a little overhasty to attribute this view to every single socialist or something like that. I have bad news for you if you think that you'll find a group of people on reddit or tumblr who are not fact-averse. I'm pretty certain it is possible to retain one's sanity without losing all conviction whatsoever.
  14. it's good
  15. Ditto. Nick's YouTube recommendations for humorous cooking shows are really hitting the spot.