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  1. I've been playing through the original Outcast on and off for a while and although it's definitely super clunky, I don't think I would ever describe it as "the slightest stone in his path will make him grind to a halt and you'll need to awkwardly turn around 90 degrees to circumvent the obstacle," so either you're overstating things or the remake made things worse or I have a high tolerance for bullshit. I wouldn't say the original is unplayable, so if the remake is unplayable, something's up.
  2. Wolfenstein II: It's a Blastkowicz

    I've only played through the second game once, but I picked the salty Scottish man and I very much liked what I got. I've also heard one or two others say he's the better choice, so it sounds like they did a good enough job that everyone has different opinions about who is the neater choice. I've played through the original game both ways and nothing much changes when you pick one or the other. I think a lot must change in the second game, though, because there were way more story cutscenes featuring my Scottish dude, and presumably those are different with the kid.
  3. Cuphead!

    I watched one streamer, who I've seen play I Wanna Be the Boshy and other tough platformers, have a tough time with Cuphead, and I've seen Chris play platformers like Spelunky before and Chris said he had a pretty tough time with Cuphead, so that suggests that it's pretty fucking hard. My impression is that it's hard enough that I probably wouldn't enjoy it a ton, which is one reason I haven't bought it despite the fact that it seems like one of the most beautiful games ever made.
  4. Assassin's Creed Origins

    The original didn't really seem like a little game. They went all out on it from day 1. It couldn't have been cheap to make the original - it's been an AAA franchise the whole time.
  5. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

  6. I had a random thought about movies

    Looks like the same dress to me.
  7. Idle Thumbs 313: Takeless Jake

    I really enjoyed this article about Cuphead.
  8. Blade Runner 2049

    The miniatures for this movie are insane:
  9. Your argument requires just as many "ah, but this is specials" as mine does. How do you explain the fact that the non-lethal solutions are almost universally so terrible as to make death almost preferable? How do you explain the fact that you have a magic talking psychic heart that seems to exist to generate an infinite number of reasons to murder nameless NPCs? How do you explain the fact that even if you go entirely non-lethal, the Outsider treats you as an agent of chaos? How do you explain the fact that most of your powers and gear are oriented around killing lots of people? And, by the way, I'm not saying the game is totally fine with murder, but your point about the game being caught between showing murder is wrong and wanting to let you be maximally violent is a bit off-course. The game's stance on murder isn't so much that it's wrong and you should feel bad for doing it and why are you even playing Dishonored (it's not Spec Ops: The Line) but that it has a bunch of pretty gruesome effects, like more bodies for the rats to eat. I think that's a pretty reasonable stance to take on murder. Frankly the game has more or less the same take on non-murderous revenge, given the generally dour tone of everything, the severity of most of the non-lethal solutions, etc. As you point out, it's sort of a gothic revenge fantasy game.
  10. I'll grant that the game endings (unlike most of the rest of the game) support the "non-lethal is better" thing but I honestly don't see why that's a huge deal for someone playing through the game, unless everyone except me watched the ends of games on YouTube before playing. You have no way of knowing what the ending of the game looks like, so how can you say the game's trying to keep you from using all your lethal weapons, or your Lethal Weapons 2 staring Mel Gibson?
  11. Though that might be well and true, that is pretty dismissive of what is supposed to be an excuse for your mistake that helped make you look more on the ball. "How dare you try to make excuses for me? Your job is to make me look as much like an idiot as possible!"
  12. That's like saying Call of Duty doesn't want you to kill people because when you shoot them, blood flies out, they cry out in pain, and then they die, and all of those are negative signals for behavior. I mean yes if you do dark and violent stuff then you get dark and violent results in Dishonored, but that doesn't mean the game is saying "don't do it." As for the people berating you that @Gormongous is mentioning, this gets into spoiler territory: I haven't really thought a lot about this because I never really saw the point behind the criticisms people made, but the more I think about it the more I think this game is really unjustly denigrated for the chaos stuff.